Sunday, August 27, 2017

30 Day Writing Challenge- Flash Fiction

I got behind in my writing challenge. I am posting it across my two blogs just to shake things up. Fantasy on the book blog, fiction on this one.

Today I am giving you flash fiction. Which means mini stories of 100 words or less. I used to do this all the time back in my Harry Potter Fan Fic days.

An Old Enemy

Valentine’s Day, pink and purple, hearts and lovers everywhere.
I hate this holiday, it feels like my own personal arch nemesis.
I have no love and no one loves me.
Stores advertising cheap chocolate in stiff heart shaped boxes.
Restaurants promoting two for the price of one romantic dinners.
Every year I hide in my house, alone in my room, watching horror movies.
This day reminds me that everyone I love or who has ever loved me is gone.
I won’t do it anymore.
I step off the curb.
I don’t even see the taxi.

Not Quite Identical

Only Debbie got the invitation to Brad’s birthday party.
It was unfortunate but Mom knew that even though they were twins they were also different people.
Identical in every way, but personality.
It wasn’t a surprise Debbie would be invited over Allison.
Allison threw a huge fit, as only an eight year old could. She held onto Debbie’s hand and refused to let go.
Mom was surprised when Debbie left the house without hearing Allison’s wails.
About half an hour later she went into the girl’s room and found Allison locked in their closet, curled up and asleep.


Grandma was crazy and no one liked to visit her.
She smelled of peppermint and so did her apartment.
She claimed it was a cure for everything.
Peppermint drops, oil, even air freshener.
Her house smelled like Santa should live there.
She told me that if you combined peppermint with a long hug all your troubles would vanish.
So when I broke the wristwatch she gave me for my birthday I expected hard candy and an overly long hug.
Instead I found her dead in her bed.
She’d been dead over a week and no one noticed.
That damn peppermint.


Sweating, heart pounding, can’t keep up.
Skinny girl on the TV in skin tight work out gear, all yellows and blue.
Words on a page, scribbled in frantic hurry.
Bag under the bed with additional instruments to help the goal.
Binge and purge.
Love food, hate food.
Step on the scale, step off.
Take a crap.
Get back on the scale.
Start at the beginning and repeat.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Are you scared? Cause I am- North Korea and Trump

Recently the news has been flooded with reports that North Korea threatened to bomb Guam. Right after that our idiot in chief decided to deal with North Korea in a way other presidents have not. By threatening military action, whether or not NK actually does send a bomb towards the USA.

I am terrified.

Trump is just like the leader Kim Jong-un. A bully and a moron.

By taking this tact Trump has said, "come at me, I dare you." And it will be the American people who suffer for it. NK will send a bomb, to New York or maybe San Francisco or Seattle, possibly Hawaii and then we will have no choice but to nuke NK and there will be war. I don't think China, Japan or Russia will be happy to have nuclear fall out so close to their countries.

Ever since this Cheetos dusted burrito took office things have gotten scarier and scarier. The government hates women, the poor and anyone not white and they have made this very clear in their policies, their words and the laws they try to pass.

And now with this our allies are alarmed, stock is falling and the president keeps inflaming the situation. His bullying tactics and threats are not going to get NK to back off, or run away in fear. His words are going to get Americans killed. We should not be begging for Trumps staff to restrain him.

This is not a business negotiation, this is people's lives and the fate of our country. Honestly even if it was a business deal I wouldn't want this man making the decisions.

This golden haired chicken has nothing America needs and the fact he even became president is like we are living in the darkest timeline.  He is a liar and he is petty. In the face of conflict like this we need a diplomat, someone with patience and someone with a team behind him that are trustworthy and not a complete bag of dicks.

I looked at my kids last night, I told my family I loved them and I sat on the coach, with actual fear pooling in my belly as my husband and I discussed what we would do is a nuke hit San Francisco or Seattle.

This isn't the Bay of Pigs or the Cold War. This is not an event I've only read about in history books. This is our life, this is now. The people who live in this country must stand up, we must fight against this tyrant who lives in the White House. We cannot be silent in the face of evil.