Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Professor Hornet VS Butterwolf- A short story

My Itty Bitty turns eight tomorrow. I can't believe how much she's grown. She's become an uncontrollable ball of laughter, energy and attitude.

So for her birthday, here is a story I wrote, just for her.

Professor Hornet vs. Butterwolf

Pea leaned down over the railing of the top bunk in the bed she shared with her big sister. It was dark in the room and from her window she could see it must be well into the night.

She could barely see her sister, but the odd sounds coming from below her meant that her sister was asleep. Pea stilled in her bed and listened to the sounds of her house. She could hear something from the living room, but whether it was her parents or just the cats, who knew?

The noise that had woken her came again and she dug out her stuffed wolf from under a mound of mismatched blankets. Its eyes glowed red and Pea touched her nose to the stuffed animals and the light faded.

She was being summoned, she had to leave, but she had to make sure her parents were in bed first. Her mother had a rather annoying habit of checking on her before she retired for the night.

Slowly she climbed down, not worried about waking her sister, that girl would sleep like the dead. She’d slept through every adventure Pea ever had.

She stepped over toys and clothes and placed her ear on the beige colored door. Little pitter patters sounded from the living room, then a thunk. Pea froze, pretty sure it was only her cats, but she still needed to check. Opening the door she walked out into the hall and with relief saw the lights off, but the eyes of several cats were suddenly on her.

Pea went back into her room and got ready. She pulled her brassy curls into a high pony tail and shrugged on her outfit. A black leotard with a neon purple skirt, black boots that came up over her knees and purple fingerless gloves. Over her face went a purple and black mask that resembled a butterfly and on her head she attached purple and black wolf ears.

Digging in the back on her closet she grabbed her belt and pushed an insignificant brown button. A hole opened up and she slipped down in it.

For several fast seconds she slid down and around through a long enclosed slide, air moving over her. A large smile plastered on her face as she tried hard not to squeal in delight. Then the slide stopped and dumped her in the middle of a feather mattress in a dark room.

“There you are, quickly now.” A computerized female voice said. Lights came on and illuminated a room that was simple, just a concrete square with a large shimmering computer in one corner and a pink and silver scooter in another near an arched door way.
“Oh don’t complain, what’s going on?” Pea asked, coming closer to the computer, who Pea called Sue, and began studying all the charts, graphs and words scrolling over the screen.

“We’ve word that Professor Hornet is causing problems, you are requested to intervene.” The voice from the computer said again. All the data on the computer screen stopped and an address appeared.

“Alright,” Pea said, sighing, why couldn’t her arch nemesis work during the day? She yawned and mounted her scooter, the door in the arch opened and she sped out into the night.

Her scooter was special and with each tap of her foot across the ground sparks shot out the back allowing her to go quickly through the streets, so fast she was simply a blur.

It took only a few minutes to reach her destination, a park several streets over from her home. The night made everything creepy, it was dark and shadows encroached on every building and tree.

Pea tried to shrug off these feelings, she knew this place, knew the trees and the benches, she could see the faded colors of the play set and smell the fresh air as the wind blew through the night.

Tapping her mask a film lowered over her eyes and she waited until they adjusted to the night vision. Another tap to her wolf ears heightened her hearing. Parking, and locking her scooter she made her way deeper into the park.

A low buzz filled her ears, as did a sickening fluttering sound. Pea followed these noises, certain of what she would find.
Hiding behind a bush she found Professor Hornet, making a mess near the great slide. Professor Hornet was a curious creature. He had the head and arms of a man and the body of a hornet, including a pointed and dangerous stinger and a set of tiny wings.
He seemed to be building a huge grey nest attached to the slide.

This will not do, Pea thought to herself. This would hold millions of hornets and that could hurt, if not kill a lot of little kids. Pea didn’t like that idea at all, her baby brother played at this park.

Gathering all her courage Pea jumped from the bushes and growled loudly at Professor Hornet, “Stop!”

He spun around, brown hair plastered to his large bulbous head, round glasses perched on the end of his thin long nose. His eyes were blue and beady.

“Butterwolf! “ He swung his back side towards her and she jumped out of the way, his stinger barely missing her.

“I will not allow you to build this nest here.” Her hand went to her belt and she pulled out a can, pointed it towards Professor Hornet and depressed the nozzle.

The hornet man screamed and placed his hands over his noise, “No, not Stinky Butt Spray!” He howled, dancing backwards, his senses blinded by the ghastly stench filling the air and permeating his clothes and skin. It was like moldy cheese and rotten eggs had a nasty baby.

He spun around and acid liquid squirted from his stinger, some splattered on Pea’s skirt and made a hissing sound, causing tiny holes to appear.

“Ah frack, another skirt wasted.” Pea complained, glowering she rushed forward, jumped on the giant hornet man and put her face in his. Taking a deep breath she belched and the sound radiated through the entire park. Letting go of her nemesis she ran over to the start of his terrible nest.

Professor Hornet was stumbling around behind her, gagging from her Belch of Rudeness.

Pea raised her head and let out a howl, it was a loud mournful sound, like that of lonesome wolves all over the world. A sound that would terrify campers and confuse city people.

The nest trembled beneath the roar and began to disintegrate.

“No!” Professor Hornet yelled, rushing towards the nest.

A beep sounded from one of her wolf ears and Pea squeezed the tip.

“Butterwolf, wrap this up, the local authorities are on their way.” Sue’s voice came through clearly.

“Ok Professor Hornet, enough’s enough.” Pea said, facing her nemesis. He looked very angry with her and she knew, with enough time, he could come up with some awful revenge.

“This isn’t the end Butterwolf!” He turned to run.

“For tonight it is.” Pea said grabbing something from her belt. She flung her hands out and sticky gooey thread flew from them and wrapped around Professor Hornet, he stumbled and fell over, face into the playground’s wood chips. He was covered the orange good, from stinger to head, feet and wings. Only his nose and eyes appeared.

“You will stay until the police come.” Wiping her hands on her ruined skirt Pea made her way back to her scooter. Glad she could go home and back to bed, she really hoped she could sleep in. Crime fighting was exhausting.