Sunday, May 21, 2017

My Thoughts While Watching a Handmaid's Tale

I finally got around to watching a Handmaid's Tale. I was waiting to watch it with my husband, but I'm kind of glad I didn't.

Possible Spoilers though.

So here are my thoughts as I watched the first two episodes.

Episode One

- This makes me feel very uncomfortable

- I don't like seeing families torn apart

- I've had an abortion, I'd be in a camp or dead

- This is pretty accurate to the book

- This is the best acting I've ever seen out of  Rory Gilmore

- The "sex" scene is so disturbing and realistic and made me sick to my stomach, which I believe is the point

-  They've made is so modern, that girl just said Uber. It makes it twice as scary

-The imagery is great and powerful

Episode Two

- Simply looking forward to your daily walk and shop, puts my own life a bit more in perspective

- I really like how they've add modern touches and slang/wording, it hits home in a very specific way.

- I don't know how often I can use the word uncomfortable in a blog post. With every word there is a pit in my stomach, because this could happen here.

- If I hadn't had a cookie in years I think I still wouldn't accept a macaroon, those things are nasty. Glad she spits hers out.

- I like June's smile, like her secret fuck you smile.

- It's bad enough Handmaid's have to have their head in-between some frigid bitches legs while they are basically being raped. But to have some privileged chick straddle them while they push a baby out would be a God Damn nightmare.

-If they are that worried about babies dying why have they gotten rid of hospitals? Home births are safe, but not when 1 out of 5 babies die.

- I don't know I can this anymore, it's painful and good at the same time. I can't imagine someone taking my baby from me. I'm glad I chose to only watch two episodes, it's like a horror movie, I'm going to need a cheerful show after this.

- I'm hungry

You should watch this and you should be afraid.

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