Sunday, May 21, 2017

My Thoughts While Watching a Handmaid's Tale

I finally got around to watching a Handmaid's Tale. I was waiting to watch it with my husband, but I'm kind of glad I didn't.

Possible Spoilers though.

So here are my thoughts as I watched the first two episodes.

Episode One

- This makes me feel very uncomfortable

- I don't like seeing families torn apart

- I've had an abortion, I'd be in a camp or dead

- This is pretty accurate to the book

- This is the best acting I've ever seen out of  Rory Gilmore

- The "sex" scene is so disturbing and realistic and made me sick to my stomach, which I believe is the point

-  They've made is so modern, that girl just said Uber. It makes it twice as scary

-The imagery is great and powerful

Episode Two

- Simply looking forward to your daily walk and shop, puts my own life a bit more in perspective

- I really like how they've add modern touches and slang/wording, it hits home in a very specific way.

- I don't know how often I can use the word uncomfortable in a blog post. With every word there is a pit in my stomach, because this could happen here.

- If I hadn't had a cookie in years I think I still wouldn't accept a macaroon, those things are nasty. Glad she spits hers out.

- I like June's smile, like her secret fuck you smile.

- It's bad enough Handmaid's have to have their head in-between some frigid bitches legs while they are basically being raped. But to have some privileged chick straddle them while they push a baby out would be a God Damn nightmare.

-If they are that worried about babies dying why have they gotten rid of hospitals? Home births are safe, but not when 1 out of 5 babies die.

- I don't know I can this anymore, it's painful and good at the same time. I can't imagine someone taking my baby from me. I'm glad I chose to only watch two episodes, it's like a horror movie, I'm going to need a cheerful show after this.

- I'm hungry

You should watch this and you should be afraid.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Thin and Fat- It can't be them against us

Today one of my best friends shared an article that really upset her. A list about how thin people have privilege over fat people.

I read the list and identified with a lot of it. As a fat girl I struggle because I have to think about things like plane seat size, will I fit on rides at Disneyland, does this store carry my size, will the boy I like just see me as a whale, will my doctor judge me based on my weight and not my good test results?

So I agree on some level, thin privilege is a thing, but it's not something thin people did to us on purpose and we need to acknowledge that as a society we are fucked up. Too much revolves around physical appearance the the illusion of beauty.

When you search thin privilege a lot of shit comes up, from plus size bloggers complaining how their life is harder compared to their thin friends, to women who genuinely want to address the fact that fat people are treated differently simply because they are...well fat, to articles about how thin privilege is skinny shaming and articles explaining there can be thin privilege with out skinny shaming.

I think people automatically get defensive and hurt when they hear terms like thin privilege, white privilege and male privilege, it's in our DNA to defend ourselves. I so get that. How many times do I have to defend abortion as bodily autonomy or the fact that fat doesn't mean unhealthy just like skinny doesn't mean healthy?

In the article my friend shared I could see the point it was trying to make but it wasn't successful because too many of the things listed were not things only fat people deal with.

Not being able to wipe yourself when you go to the bathroom
Not being able to clean all of yourself in the shower
Not being able to tie your shoes
Being looked at an unintelligent
Being passed over for a job because the other candidate is better looking
People not believing you have higher education simply because you are a STAHM

The author added fat to each of these ex: FAT STAHM when none of these are things only fat people deal with, Some of them aren't things that even revolve around being fat. The author basically just made a list of bad stuff that has happened to her and labeled it thin privilege. Did some of her list hit home? As I already said: HELL YES. But all in all the article felt so negative I think it lost the point along the way.

I found this article to cover it  much better:

My friend is very tall, she, just like me, hs a hard time finding places who sell clothes that either a)fit her well or b) are clothes she'd want to wear.

I have thin friends with eating disorders who get told to "eat a twinkie" cause they are soooo thin or who have health disorders worse than I do. I have an aunt whose insurance is more expensive than mine because she is considered too thin.

Skinny shaming is not ok. People who are thin have problems you may not know about and while I understand the concept of thin privilege I find that it's just another way to divide us when we make lists and try to out do each other's hardships.  It can't be us vs. them. Body acceptance is about accepting all bodies and understanding there is no "good" body type.

Do I think there are some thin people who don't understand that life can be easier for them than for me? Sure, which is why we need to keep promoting things like body acceptance, healthy at every size and eff your beauty standards.

Here is an article about thin privilege written by a thin person I think is kind of brilliant

We need to learn to not hate ourselves or each other.