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What it Looks Like When you Make Abortion Illegal

* WARNING: I have posted a graphic picture at the bottom of this article. It is hidden unless you click the show button. I will warn you again in case you missed this first warning. It is NSFW.

Women have been having abortions for centuries, it's true whether you want to believe it or not. Roe vs. Wade did not make it so women started "killing babies" it made it so women stopped dying from botched back alley abortions.

Abortion is not a concept to simply pop up in the last 100 years either. Women have always found a way to get rid of babies they do not want or cannot support.

Ancient Greeks used an herb called silphium, which is now extinct, they also used pennyroyal and hellbore. Most historians don't think abortion was illegal or punished at this time, either. Though what was more common was to birth a baby you didn't want and simply leave it somewhere to die. Girl children more often than boys were treated this way.
Some interesting history

In the early 1800's birth control was not available in Victorian England, so while abortions were illegal for the first time in English history women were seeking them on a regular basis. Midwives, real doctors and hacks sold all kinds of pills and assistance in getting rid of unwanted pregnancies.
Abortion in Victorian Times

In Russia and Japan abortion has been legal for decades, though this is mainly due to the fact the countries had/have strict laws in regards to the availability of birth control and sexual education.

Here in American (and many other countries) abortion spent too long being illegal. Many women died from botched abortions and doing anything they could to get rid of a fetus.  What many  people do not understand (or possibly don't want to understand) is that sex is a) natural and b) fun. That not everyone has access to sexual education classes or birth control that is either cheap or free and cannot afford to spend 60 bucks a month on a package of pills. Some women are raped, others pressured into sex. Sometimes it's simply a mistake, failed birth control know what? Or it's none of your damn business.

There is this thing, and I've harped on it before, called bodily autonomy which means you have rights over your own body. It's why a corpse cannot have it's organ's harvested unless, while alive, the person agreed and signed off on it. Most of the time they STILL ask the family's permission first. You cannot give women less rights than a corpse.

Women are not hosts to their babies, we are not an incubator for a tiny fetus that leaches off our systems and cannot live outside the body. We are not disposable.

I want to share with you a story you may not have heard of. In fact, as pro-choice as I am... I hadn't heard this tale until today and did some research.

It's the story of a woman called Gerri Santoro.

Gerri was married at 18 to a man she didn't know very well.  Her husband abused her so often their daughter remembered it long after her mother's death.  In 1963 Gerri left her abusive husband, taking her two daughters with her.

In 1964 she met and fell in love with a much older married man, her supervisor at work. She got pregnant. Gerri was 28 years old. When she found out her ex husband was coming to visit she feared her pregnant state would mean he would either kill her or take her children from her.

She tried an herb to dispel the pregnancy and it didn't work.  Her sister pulled together a substantial amount of money so that her sister could go away to have an illegal abortion.

Instead Gerri and her lover checked into a hotel and he performed an abortion on her, inserting a catheter into her uterus. Gerri soon began to hemorrhage. Her lover abandoned her to die and her body was found by the maids in the morning. Her sister had to go to the hospital to ID her. Her lover was eventually arrested and went to jail for a little over a year.

A photo taken of Gerri was used in Ms. with the headline Never Again to promote need for legal safe access to abortion.

Article on Gerri

Gerri Santoros

Below is the iconic photo of Gerri, naked and dead after bleeding out on the floor. I respect the family and understand this image is horrible and should not have been used without their permission in the first place. However, now it has been used by abortion advocates for decades. It's awful but THIS is was illegal abortions look like. Someone's sweet, ordinary mother...dead on the ground. Just click the show button if you have the stomach to see it, I doubt many do.

If you don't like abortion don't have one, but don't tell others what they can and cannot do with their own body. You can be pro-choice and still think abortion is wrong....for you.

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