Friday, February 17, 2017


Not even a month since Dictator Trump became president (Steve Bannon's bitch) and already I feel like 2017 might be worse than 2016.  He's already established he can and will do as many horrible things as he wants to our country and the republicans and the idiots who voted for him are cheering/enabling it.

From his Muslim Ban to thinking upping the taxes on Mexican imports will pay for his dumb wall, our country is starting to look a lot more like Nazi Germany than I would like. Not only is he basically sucking Putin's dick at this point but he's alienating our actual allies like Australia and England.

The man is a fascist, and the staff surrounding him are no better. In fact I believe JK Rowling must have prophetic powers because Voldemort, death eaters and Dolores Umbridge all could make an appearance in his cabinet or by his side the the American people would not be surprised.

American's need to stand up for our core principals and values, we must resist! All people are welcome here, all races and religions, all nationalities and well....ALL. Or have we forgotten that we stole this land from the Native Americans and the Puritans who came here were in fact escaping religious persecution? Have we learned nothing from our own history?

Why is is so hard to believe that all Americans deserve to live the best life they can, whether that includes a little help from the government or not? We deserve to be paid a living wage, have affordable healthcare and be able to access that healthcare. Our children deserve to breathe clean air and have a planet that isn't trying to kill them. Our kids deserve public free education that actually teaches them facts and science. We each deserve to practice (or not practice) the religion we choose, love whom we want and marry without government interference. The rich should help the poor and no one should be discriminated against for ANY reason. Why are these concepts hard? Why are humans so awful to each other? HOW THE FUCK DID THIS ORANGE DUSTED BURRITO GET ELECTED PRESIDENT?

With everything else going on in my life this year I haven't been as active as I would like in trying to improve our country and be apart of the resistance. Aside from ACLU and Planned Parenthood donations I haven't even been able to attend one protest, but I think about it all the time. Every time my phone goes off I wonder if it's another facebook alert telling me another horrible thing Donald Trump is trying to get away with and I wonder, is this how Hitler got his start?

My husband and I had a serious conversation yesterday about how we hoped we would be the kind of people who would take in those in need. It is a scary prospect wondering where you could Anne Frank style hide those fleeing persecution and what would happen to you and your family if you got caught.

We live in a very diverse community and my daughter has friends whose parents are either illegal or here on a green card/work visa. She has told me some of her friends are worried they will come home from school one day and their parents will be gone. What child should have to worry about that? Why don't more people see how fucked up this situation is?  People here legally are just as likely to be criminals or be on welfare (if not more so), get over your white privilege and learn to have empathy for another person!

This is not a time for any of us (the human race) to be divided. Maybe I've been playing too much Mass Effect in anticipation for the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda but Trump and his team of assholes are the Reapers and we all need to band together or they will destroy us, no doubt about it.

Please let this all be a horrible nightmare. Someone save us from this man child and the awful cronies who are helping him ruin our country.

And yet, maybe that someone is you and me. Stand up for your beliefs, fight for those less fortunate than you. RESIST RESIST RESIST

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