Thursday, November 10, 2016

What a Trump Presidency Means to Me

* I will not argue with Trump supporters here and you will not change my mind- so don't bother commenting just to argue or be an asshole. 

I thought about this for days. Would I write something? Should I write something? Could I even put into words how I feel?

I cried when Hillary lost- I cried the day after and My two year old son patted my head and asked, "Are you ok?"

When I told my 12 year old daughter Hillary lost, she just looked sad and said to me, "I guess America just really didn't want a female president." I couldn't argue with her. I saw way too many people hate on HRC because she was a woman.

I didn't cry because my candidate lost, that would be foolish. It goes so much deeper than politics. Had this been any other election and a Democrat lost to a Republican  I would take my medicine like a good girl, be a bit annoyed and move on.

But Donald Trump is not just another Republican candidate. He is a hate monger, a racist, a sexual predator and braggart. His campaign was filled with words that made people like the KKK and Putin back him.  He brought out the worst in the American people and was proud of it.

I get why he won- he spoke to Americans who think the system is broken and wanted a change.  However he never said HOW he would get them their change instead he just yelled a lot and his followers yelled back.

He is a billionaire that blue collar Americans think will change things, which I find ridiculous. He is like any other white rich man. He gets away with things no one else can including; paying less taxes and getting out of lawsuits. However, I do understand what the appeal was to many people, primarily middle class white baby boomers.

With his election the USA has basically been told it's ok to be racist and hateful. It's alright to use racial slurs, tell Muslims to not wear their Hijab and Hispanics that a wall is going up and they will all be sent "home". Don't believe me? It's all over the damn news already. It's on facebook, twitter, in schools, written on walls and being forced into people's faces.

Horrible Moments Since Trump Was Elected President

By electing such a man POTUS the USA has made it clear that minorities such as the LGBTQ community,  non- Christians, the disabled, women and people who are not white do not matter. People now live in fear.

Before you say, "stop being so dramatic" hear me out. People have a right to be afraid. This isn't simply a conservative president, this is a president who said all Muslims should be banned, that a wall that would cost billions of dollars should go up between us and Mexico, who said it was only "Locker room talk" when he bragged about how he could "Grab a woman by the pussy" without her consent. He can and will pass laws making it legal to discriminate against anyone he pleases and because the House and Senate are both red right now they will go along with most of it.

Goodbye Affordable Care Act
Goodbye Roe vs Wade
Goodbye SSI and Medicare
Goodbye Gay Marriage
Hello employers who can legally fire you for any reason they want.
Hello women dying from illegal abortions.

I am fearful, not only for myself but for my kids. All over the country, in the past few days, kids have been bullied at school for race an ethnicity.  My daughter's school district had to send out a warning because so many incidents were reported.   (BTW it is not ok to bully ANYONE for ANY reason. Even if they voted for Trump.)

Ever wonder how Nazi's took over Germany? It was because people looked the other way and believed lies.
"Adolf Hitler over powered Germany, by mastering rhetoric, the art of persuasion. He persuaded people by making speeches and putting on a show to “wow” people. For example when he made speeches at the Zeppelin field, he had installed hundreds of spotlights to go on while he made his speeches. As all the lights shine up, it was hard for people not to be impressed about such an event. As outsiders viewed it, they wanted to be a part of it because it looked so intriguing. Germany believed that Hitler wanted peace; little did they know he wanted to wipe out all of his political opponents and majority of the non-Aryan race people."

You know that it wasn't just practicing Jews that got taken to camps, right?  That even people whose families converted to Christianity  generations before were rounded up, sometimes people who didn't even know their Great Great whatever was Jewish.  Other minorities died in those camps too. It all started out as an idea the people of Germany weren't totally against and then blew up into something so large a war happened.
Non Jewish Holocaust Victims

Have you read A Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood? Well you should because it's not too far out there anymore.

It may seem far fetched to you, and I hope it is. I pray all my fears are irrational. I will be the first to eat crow should Trump become a great president and super nice guy.

But without proof of that here's a worse case scenario:

 Let's start with Mexicans.
First you start off with deporting people who were here illegally, then you move on to those with VISA's and revoke their VISA for some lame reason or another. Next you send away the children of illegals, those who were given citizenship under the Dream Act and also those who were born here. The government will simply pass laws to back this up, but by this time not much can be done about it and those that try- well we won't got into that.  Finally, because people are awful, it's anyone who is Hispanic/latino. Not only does the government no longer care if you're actually Mexican but the people in your neighborhoods won't either. One brown skinned person simply will simply look like the next.

Yes it sounds kind of crazy and conspiracy theory like. But then again, thousands of people voted for a man who convinced them he could actually get Mexico to fund the building a wall that would cost billions of dollars and that he could ban all Muslims from entering the USA.

America already has a history of putting people we don't trust in internment camps. The Japanese, and 2/3 of them were American citizens. While this was going on white Americans turned on pretty much anyone who was Asian. You can find many anecdotal accounts of Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean people being harassed during this time frame.

You don't think Trump might decide Muslims deserve to be rounded up and interred in camps until ISIS or the conflict in the Middle East is contained? How long before he turns on anyone who isn't Christian? We may all be terrorists in disguise, right?  For me, this isn't far fetched.

I am Puerto Rican so my family has always been citizens (though it's surprising how many people don't know that.) However in the end it won't matter. I've never before worried so much about sending my very Hispanic looking 12 year old to school. Nor have a ever felt relieved that my 7 year old looks as white as she could get- until this week. Every time they come home from school I worry one of them will tell me they were bullied or threatened. As a parent I already worry so much and I already worry about bullying. I am sick to my stomach that my children are growing up in an environment where the President will be ok with hate and intolerance.

Do I hate my friends who voted for Trump? No, I don't always understand their reasons but I don't hate them. I mostly assume they don't think Trump will go through with his really bad ideas and choose to ignore his hate speech because of something else about him they liked. Also they mostly thought Hillary was a corrupt and vile person (that's a rant for another time). Do I understand how they could back someone who had his company sued twice by the justice department for refusing to rent to black people or who said, "When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. They're not sending you. They're not sending you. They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people." Yeah- not so much.

13 Racist Things Donald Trump has Said

I don't understand how a woman who has had NO criminal charges brought upon her is worse than a man who is currently going to trial for fraud and for raping a child in 1994. However I don't hate them, it is their right to vote for who they choose. I do however have a request:

If you did not respect Obama as president the past 8 years you cannot ask me to respect a man that I find this repulsive and vile. I cannot respect or endure a man who has had women come forward because he sexually assaulted them. (And don't argue with me over this. Women DO NOT come forward about sexual assault because they are treated as slutty liars when they do. Also I don't wanna hear about Bill Clinton cause Hillary is NOT responsible for her husband.)

In conclusion; I am sorry if you don't like what I've said or I've offended you. I'm sorry if you think I am a crazy liberal who is full of drama and butt hurt her candidate didn't get elected. Cause guess what? I am sorry for you- if you truly cannot see what a horrible monster has been elected to office and how awful things might get before they get better. I hope the glass house and bubble you live in never gets broken, because I've seen hate and discrimination my whole life. I don't want to see anymore for anyone.

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