Sunday, June 12, 2016

Shooting in Orlando-When will it be enough?

After a great weekend with my in-laws I woke this morning to find out 50 people were killed and 50 more wounded in a mass shooting at Pulse, a LGBTQ bar in Orlando Florida. As I read the articles; mother's talking about last text messages from their kids, people on twitter wondering if their friends were alive, banter back and forth, was it hate or Isis? I felt tears well in my eyes.

I am sick of reading about this shit, sick of the men shooting their ex/partners due to entitlement, sick of people killing out of hate, whether against a wonderful community like this or because they think they are saving "babies." Sick of domestic terrorism. When the FUCK is it enough America?

Is this what is comes down to? Are we a society of hate now? We hate people so much that the next logical step is to take out a gun and kill that which we despise/fear?

This shooting is horrible, I wish I could help, donate blood, do SOMETHING. But I'm quite far away so all I can do is offer my unconditional love and support for those involved and affected.  I can offer my words and my activism.

This could have been people I know. This could one day be my child,dead. I think about this as I write. This could have happened at a gay bar here in Utah and people I may know might now be the ones dead or hurt. This might have happened in California where many of my beloved LGTBQ friends live, and party.  One of my daughters ( or my son) could grow up, come out and be at a bar where some psycho decides, "hey, I don't like gay people so let me bring a semi-automatic in and kill a bunch of other human beings." I could be the mom getting the call at 3 am that her son or daughter is now dead.

And guess what? SO COULD YOU!

The worst part? Nothing will change.  If second amendment spouting gun toting people were not willing to concede to a few logical and sensible new gun laws after Sandy Hook, why would this new tragedy change anything? Nope, republicans will give their half assed apologies and continue to suck the NRA's dick because they want money more than they want people safe.

This shooting proves again that it's not criminals with illegal guns we need to worry about, it's law abiding citizens. This guy wasn't a criminal until this morning. And there was a GOOD GUY with a gun at Pulse, he didn't stop this from happening, he tried to help but it's not like the movies. Real life doesn't work like Die Hard or any of a thousand action movies where the hero is a blue collar dude who knows how to use a weapon and manages to defeat the bad guys. In real life that guy: DIES.

We need harsher gun laws in America. We are the only first world country with this level of gun violence, because all the other's have learned from tragedy and reacted accordingly.

I've said it once and I will say it again. If you are a good guy with a gun you won't mind registering, licensing and in depth criminal back ground and mental health checks. Because, you aren't planning to do anything illegal with your gun, right?

This shooter had a AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. These types of gun and certain types of ammo should be outlawed. There is no reason for a civilian (not a cop or on active military duty) to have a weapon like this. The only thing a gun like this is good for is killing people, end of story.

There should also be a limited to how many guns one person can own, I'm thinking three, unless you have a collectors license.  Felons should not be allowed to buy guns, anyone who has been convicted of domestic violence shouldn't be allowed to buy a gun and if you've been arrested in the past three years for domestic violence you shouldn't be allowed to have a gun either. Because statistically if your ex is going to kill you he'll do it in the first year after you leave his dumb ass. And lastly, everyone interested in purchasing these metal death machines should have to take a class first and prove they have passed it. A) That they know how to handle and shoot their gun and b) They know the safety precautions.

Oh! And every gun should come automatically with a gun safe.

I know I've forgotten some rules, but hey while these may seem extreme and piss people off... I DON'T GIVE A FUCK. If you didn't see the headlines, 50 people were just murdered by someone with a gun.

Lastly today I want to touch on this.

Not all Muslims or Islamic people are terrorists. It's unfortunate that during this time period of Trump induced Muslim hate this killer had to be Islamic/Muslim because it will fuel the racist fire against this group of people. Just like not all white Christians are KKK members? Get it? Please treat this ass wipe as a singular person and do not group his whole race or religion in with him, they do not deserve it.  I am sure Donald Trump is going to use this to further his platform on how Muslims should not be allowed in the USA and it makes me want to vomit.

*I got the information he was Muslim from several online sources. If this is not accurate please let me know and I will correct it.

Bright Blessings to all the families of those injured or dead from this massacre. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


  1. Okay let me start by saying that it's absolutely disgusting how quickly a tragedy like this becomes a fog room to push political agenda. Also the problem here isn't guns it's Mental health we have a horrible Mental Health Care system in this country I would really blame the product of that on other things before we begin over legislating something we should try enforcing the laws that we already have. Most of the guns in these situations were purchased illegally or stolen and yes it's still illegal if the FBI drop the ball on the background check. I find it kind of odd how this happens in the cities with the most gun control in place. So please before you just start pushing more and more and more legislation let's try pushing for the laws we have to actually be used.

    1. I appreciate you're insight but disagree.

    2. You can't blame all shootings like this on the mentally ill. Sometimes it's just an asshole with a gun. I agree the mental healthcare system in the USA in flawed. I actually touched on this after Sandy Hook. In this case he got the guns legally, which in mass shootings in the USA happens a lot. Florida does not require a permit to buy a gun or any waiting periods and the back ground check is laughable when they actually do it. So this happened in a state with very lax gun control laws. Yes we should enforce the laws we have, but we have very few actual gun control laws. If you want a gun for personal safety or hunting, what harm is there in making sure you have to pass a few more hurdles to get it?

    3. I wasn't saying all of them, but very few have not involved mental health. Why put new hurdles in place when the hurdles we have aren't being used? Why would new ones be any different?

    4. In the case of sand hook he stole them from his mother, that is not legally obtained. As far as the background check, that further illustrates my point of how the current rules are not being used.

    5. The current rules are not used because they are vague and each state is allow leniency to do what they please in regards to firearms. I don't think just a simply back ground check is enough. Right now there is not a standard rule for permits, registration, licensing and there is nothing to stop someone from buying a gun same day, and don't get me started on the sales between private owners. You say we need to enforce our current gun laws, but we don't have ANY real ones to enforce. A pawn shop can sell a gun to whomever they want without caring if the person buying it even knows how to use it. The second amendment tells us we have the right to own a gun, fine. But we should all strive to do so legally and responsibly. I know plenty of gun owners who have no issues with registering and licensing and back ground checks. As for the rest of my suggestions, honestly they are just common sense. The government needs to make gun control laws standard across the board and everyone should adhere to them, right now that is not the case.

  2. You really need to brush up on your knowledge. The laws are federal, when someone is unfit, legally or mentally, it's is sent to the fbi, it's their job to put that into the system. When you purchase a firearm you go through the atf background check against these records the fbi is supposed to compile. In the case of person to person sale it's illegal to do so with out going to an ffl dealer and going through this process, it's against federal law to do otherwise. Your weapon is automatically registered at this time, these are all changes Obama has made in the last two years. As you can see the rules are quite streamlined across the board.

    1. As I said there is no standard rule for permits. As of 2015 40% of all gun sales can be completed without background checks because federal law doesn’t require checks for firearm sales between private parties.Only 5 states ban assault rifles while the rest only have basic regulations or no regulations. In a federally regulated gun store the background check takes seconds and then you are out the door. Even a background check for an employer takes longer than that. And the states are not forced to share mental health information on people for those back ground checks, so the only ones that show are are ones deemed major. Which is very vague. So yeah, gun laws might be federal but they are federal like abortion in, states still try to do away with laws they don't like or change and stretch them as far as they can.

    2. And no, not all states require person to person registration. Many states have repealed that law. Some states that do require registration don't have a database within that state to actual use the registration. Here in Utah you don't have to register private sales, no back ground checks on person to person sales and no permit is required, though we do like it when people certify. The executive order Obama put in is still in process as of Jan 2016.


  3. should all strive to do so legally and responsibly.

    I applaude you for this

    1. Thanks, love the calm, collected and educated debate :) However I am off to bed. Thanks for stopping by.


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