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One of Utah's Biggest Embarrassments- Porn, Fetal Pain and Transgender Bathroom Issues

So all over my social media feeds in the last few months has been a surprising amount of fear mongering, uneducated statements and bigotry. Basically just a bunch of ridiculousness. And a lot of it is in Utah, where I live, and a lot of it is being said/done by Governor Herbert.

Let's start off with the earliest of what I find to be three bad choices in the past few months.

1)Utah Gov. Gary Herbert signs resolution calling porn a 'health hazard"

First off, please....This is what Utah people should worry about? Not our homeless problem or the fact we didn't take the Medicaid expansion? I mean my sick sister who doesn't have a job cannot get Medicaid unless she deals with disability, even though she has an illness that means she cannot work and needs to take 100's of dollars in medication every month. Yet-she does not qualify for Medicaid in Utah.

Kids are still starving here, there are SO many other things that could be called a health hazard. Like, for instance, the rise in STD's because children are taught abstinence only and getting birth control is harder than it should be. Or the high teen pregnancy rate, also because of the latter.

Can porn be an issue? Yes, when you are dealing in harmful pornography like kiddie porn or snuff films. Or if your relationship is suffering from it.  I know a ton of people who watch porn and are not awful sexual sadists out for their next "score." I think the Meth problem in Utah is more deserving of time and attention, or how bout the binge drinking that happens here?

When you try to limit what people can do, that's when they will do whatever they can TO DO IT.

Example: State Liquor stores and so many Mormons constantly telling you (whether directly or not) that alcohol is a big bad evil and you should NEVER drink it and if you are going to drink it stock up now cause the store will be closed from 10pm to 10 am every day, all day on Sundays and Holidays. Once people break away from their religious up bringing most hit the booze and hit it hard. I can't tell you how many ex Mormons I know with drinking problems.

Porn is the same way. You tell people it's evil and they are supposed to not only ignore the urge to masturbate but also not look at nudie pictures and BAM what's the first thing a boy does at 18? Get himself some of that awful porn because hey, if mom and day and the GOVERNMENT say it's horrible it must be some really good shit, right? Of course right.

You want porn "addiction" to stop? You stop making porn and masturbation a taboo subject.  It's not any where close to a health crisis, and honestly? Makes Utah look really stupid.

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2)Governor signs ‘fetal pain’ bill into law

In Utah women having abortions over 20 weeks will now be required to have anesthetic or analgesic administered to the fetus.  This law is bullshit, another way for the GOP to control women and punish them for having sex.

a) There is NO scientific proof that a fetus at this stage has developed the ability to feel pain.

b) There is no procedure for giving a fetus pain killers. One doctor against this law even stated the Governor is basically asking her to perform experiments on her patients.

c) Women rarely get abortions this late and when they do it is a traumatic experience because it means the mother has been given a terminal diagnosis for either the fetus or herself.

d) Now an expensive procedure is even more expensive.

e) There is no law stating that a fetus or baby must be given anesthetic or analgesic during birth and that process would be painful too, don't you think?

f) Women sometimes get pain killers for an abortion over 20 weeks. With basic science about pregnancies that means pain killers the mom takes? Well they cross the placenta and the baby gets them too.

"Little or no evidence addresses the effectiveness of direct fetal anesthetic or analgesic techniques," according to the research in JAMA. "Similarly, limited or no data exist on the safety of such techniques for pregnant women in the context of abortion. Anesthetic techniques currently used during fetal surgery are not directly applicable to abortion procedures."

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3)Gov. Herbert: ‘we will not hesitate’ to fight order on transgender students’ bathroom access

President Obama and the Department of Education and Justice sent a letter out stating that schools with Transgender students must allow those student to use that bathroom of their gender association. Which means what gender they are, not what sex organs they were born with.  Of course our Governor is going to try and push back against this. Mainly because he's republican and not because any actually facts back him up.

People need to get over their fear of the Transgender community. First off educate yourself on the difference between biological sex and gender identity and secondly understand that a transgender girl is not using the bathroom with your precious daughters and shoving a penis at them. In fact trans-gender people, especially women are some of the most harassed, bullied and most likely to be raped and murdered. In fact because of their transgender status they probably won't undress in front of your special snowflakes (and even if they do, get over it) and they won't appreciate being spied on to see if they have the "right parts."

This is just like all the freak outs about the transgender community using public bathrooms. If a pervert wants to molest a child, it won't matter if there is a law stating he/she cannot go into the bathroom of the opposite sex. They will do it any way. Transgender people are not perverts out to rape your wives and daughters and there is NO proof that a law stating they can use the bathroom of their associated gender will cause MORE perverts to crawl out of the wood work.

If YOU are the one worried about someone else's genital YOU are the pervert not the lady peeing in the stall next to you.

I have a daughter about to start middle school. Know what I told her? "Be kind to everyone, especially if they are different than you." "Do not look at anyone genitals, all you should care about are your own."  "Unless you see someone in danger or you are in danger mind your own business in the bathroom and locker room."

I've seen a ton of parents threatening to pull their kids from school if Utah obeys the President. To them I say two things.
1) Good, less bigots-in-training to hang around my kids
2) Have fun home schooling, go look up some of the awful things that happen to home-schooled kids including, molestation, rape and other forms of abuse. Plus good luck with working while you do so, cause home schooling is a LOT more work than people think.

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Hope Everyone had a great weekend! Thanks for reading!

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