Friday, April 8, 2016

You Are NOT My Doctor

I am online a lot, I pursue blogs, and websites. I can frequently be seen in the comments sections of Huffington Post, Jezebel, Wonkette and Buzzfeed.

I enjoy reading all kind of articles on all kinds of topics, but I especially love seeing posts about body love. Plus size bodies, thin bodies, scarred, disabled, different races, tattoos, hair color etc..etc.. I enjoy seeing people of all shapes and sizes enjoying life and their bodies.

Now, I do enjoy it about plus size people more, since I am a fat girl. (No, that's NOT a dirty word. Thanks Jes Baker) I don't get to see people who have my body type in the media very often and I applaud all those wonderful women who are at the for front of the body love movement. 

What I want to write about is this: I have seen a trend appear that I find disturbing in the comments sections. People who use health against those who are plus sized. Statements like, "you are glorifying obesity, at your weight you will get diabetes so you really should eat better and hit the gym more."

First off, why are these people even commenting if they abhor fat bodies so much? Why are they even reading the article and looking at the pictures? Possibly because they admire something in these people that they themselves do not have? Are they secretly attracted to the body they are looking at? Are they just a hateful troll that enjoys making fun of others? I would NEVER comment negatively on a picture of someone else. That person has just done something incredibly brave and even if I don't like what I am looking at I can appreciate that fact.

The second part, and the meat of this blog entry is this: YOU ARE NOT THEIR DOCTOR. If you are complaining to a fat person about their health and are not their personal medical doctor you are simply just another troll and are almost as bad as the ones that say super mean hurtful things.

It is a proven fact that BMI has nothing to do with health, this is a ridiculous and old concept that has been torn down quite a bit in recent years. It wasn't even created by the healthcare field.

A few articles on this

Skinny does not equal healthy just as fat doesn't equal unhealthy. Are their unhealthy fat people? Sure! But I know plenty of skinny people with tons of medical problems, just like I know fat people with medical problems that have nothing to do with their weight and some that do.

I have always been fat. Combination of bad eating, a love of reading more than sports, good booze, three children and a lack of time and money to change what I ate or where and when I exercised.
My weight has ranged from 235-325 over the past 15 years. At no time have I had a weight related health issue. My last check up put everything at great levels; blood pressure, cholesterol etc..etc.. my doctor said my health was perfect. I have asked her not to speak about my weight unless she feels it is effecting my health.

So when you look at the plus size men or women on the internet you don't know their health history, this is the same with the skinny model. She might be healthy, but she might be anorexic, or have a family history of diabetes or a dozen other things. Again,the same thing with a football player, a ballet dancer, a rock climber, an actor etc..etc.. You do not know them, you are not their doctor.

You are also not their nutritionist or personal trainer. You don't know what these plus size men and women eat or if they are working out. Did you know you can eat healthy, go to the gym and still be fat? Yup, truth there. I know a lot of people who hit the gym three to five times a week that are plus size, but can run a mile in less than 15 minutes, while I know thin people who haven't been the gym in years that couldn't run a mile under 20 unless chased by werewolves.

I have changed my own exercise and eating in the past five years, simply because I have anxiety about getting older and, well about everything really. It  feels good to move.  I do water aerobics twice a week and run 2 miles twice a week. I eat as healthy as our budget lets us without denying myself the occasional splurge because I am a diet industry drop out. I believe diets are awful and bad for you and you ALWAYS gain the weight back...Unless you stay on the diet forever.

But you wouldn't know that about me just by looking at me.

You know what you also wouldn't know just by looking at me? That all this talk of food and weight, years of being judged for being fat and learning through society that I should feel bad about how I look has caused me to be bulimic. Yes, I know, "no way, fat girls are not bulimic or they wouldn't be fat." Bull shit. Because I and many other women like me are.  Stressing about weight loss and what I eat causes me to binge and purge, which is unhealthy. For me exercising for fun and not constantly worrying about my weight and what I eat is: HEALTHIER.

Everyone should be allowed to love their body, regardless of size, color or how well it works.  Try and remember this the next time you are tempted to tell a plus size person they will die sooner than you because of their weight. I work at a hospital and see skinny people die of every day.

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