Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spot Light Post: Kimberlee Kelley with Younique

Today is a spotlight post for Kimberlee who sells Younique cosmetics. Please give her your full attention :)

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Name: Kimberlee Kelley

What is it that you do?:

I'm a Presenter for Younique

Where can my readers find your stuff? Website, store, facebook, twitter account?:

You sell younique makeup, correct? Please tell us about it, company, and why this makeup is different than what you could buy at the store:

Yes, I do. This company and makeup is different because they care about their customers and care about making them happy. Also this make up is natural and it NEVER tested on animals.

Have YOU used it?:

Yes, I use it every single day

What is your favorite product and why?:

Their BB Cream and 3D Fiber Lash Mascara.
I love their BB Cream because it has amazing coverage, it feels light weight and it blends great.

I love their 3D Fiber Lash Mascara because it's not fake lashes it makes my natural lashes super long and full and it's really easy to use.

Why this particular product? What made you say, “I love this product and want to try and sell it to my friends and family?”

Because of the way they treat their customers and presenter. And their makeup is amazing.

What makes you passionate about selling this? :

My love of their products and each new one I try makes me fall in love more.

How do you get people to buy? What’s your approach, your sales technique?:

I just tell them about the amazing products and way I love them.

Is this your only job?:


If you could describe this product using only three words what would they be?:

Simply amazing products

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