Monday, March 28, 2016

Who Should You Vote For...or better yet who you should NOT vote for

So, I haven't really touched on this subject yet. The craziness that is who you should vote for. I have been watching and reading a lot about all of the candidates and what follows is my personal opinion.

I am a hard core liberal democrat. So we shall discuss the whole Bernie vs. Hillary thing right now.


At the end of the day if you don't want a Republican in the white house you must vote blue no matter who is the Democratic nominee. If you do not vote because your specul snowflake didn't make it through you are part of the problem and NOT the solution.

I am sick of watching Democrats fight with each other, it is pointless and demeans our political party to have so much in fighting. I understand everyone has their own opinion in regards to which candidate they like and why. That's fine. If you would rather Bernie was president, cool beans. If you think Hillary would do the job better, yay for you.  However in the end all that really matters is a Democrat is in the white house, the other options are..frankly? Frightening.

"But Renee, who do you prefer, really?" You might ask. Well honestly I am SLIGHTLY more for Hillary. Simply because she is a woman, has a vagina and has the support of Cecile Richards and abortion and women's healthcare is my number one platform.  I do understand the appeal for Bernie and like a lot of his ideas. I don't, in my opinion, think he has what it takes to be president. Though these things don't matter because come election time I will vote for whoever is the Democratic nominee, and if you are a Democrat, you will too.

You will also stop name calling, and being a douche to other Dems who think differently than you. We are NOT the GOP, we should behave better than they do.

Here are some interesting articles about both candidates I think you should read.

Hillary Clinton is fundamentally honest

New Yorker Article on Sanders

I like Bernie but there are red flags

The Socialist Senator - great article from when he was first elected

Why Hillary is supported by Planned Parenthood

Ok, now for the meat of my post and something that is going to get me some heat.

 I would vote for Trump before Ted Cruz or John Kasich.

Starting with Trump here is Jon Oliver taking him down.

Here is why: Trump says nasty things, he wants to ban all Muslims and build a stupid wall blah blah blah. He is a raving lunatic making money off of stupid Americans who think it's OK to be racist, crass and uneducated about...well pretty much everything. He is a horrible person and would be an awful president. Honestly I think he did this as a joke and when he realized people bought his bullshit it went to his head. I mean his ego is bigger than Trump Tower.

 Here's the thing though. He basically has no chance of implementing what he talks about, everyone hates him. The Senate and Congress are not going to approve any of his crazy ideas. Instead we will have four years where NOTHING gets done. Now I know, you're thinking, "but that's bad!" and yes it is....However.

Ted Cruz, is a guy that has already  helped make things worse for women in the United States and is so far right it's ridiculous. He has no room for any compromise.  He might be hated by a lot of people, but he still got elected to Senate. He might have an uncanny valley face that makes people shudder, but he supports and tries to push through laws that are terrible.

Here are some examples of the awful things...well just awful things.
 Pro-lifers For Cruz - which is headed by a insane asshole who is on the board for the Center For Medical Progress, you know the group that put together all those fraudulent Planned Parenthood videos.

He has tried to appeal the Affordable Care Act.

He is VERY anti-abortion and women's birth control and reproductive rights. Supports HB2

He is against legalization of Marijuana.

He is against same sex marriage and civil unions.

He is pro gun rights to the extreme.

He is apposed to increasing the minimum wage.

He doesn't believe in global warming.

Tried to approve the building of the Keystone Pipeline.

Tried to eliminate all limits on direct campaign contributions to candidates for public office.

If he gets into office he will pass bills on all these subjects. And because the Senate is very Republican they will probably work and be passed into law.

Or we could wind up with John Kasich, a threat to all women's healthcare and rights and also against gay marriage.  I'll leave it to Samantha Bee to explain why he's dangerous, because I couldn't say it better. Though all of this information is readily avaialble if you don't like my dearest Sam.

So please, don't vote Republican. Vote Democrat whether you are #feelthebern or #imwithher

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