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Spot Light Post: Pure Romance by Breanne Fisher



Breanne with Pure Romance

What kind of business are you running? Name, what you do, what do you sell?

I sell Pure Romance by Breanne. I hold in-house parties to educate women on the benefits of relationship enhancement products. I sell the highest quality products from lotions and lingerie to bedroom accessories.

How do you feel selling intimate items? Were you embarrassed at first or did it come naturally?

I feel very confident about selling intimate items. I don’t feel that anybody should be embarrassed about anything in the bedroom and my aim is to help everyone understand that it isn’t scary. It really feels so natural to sell everything Pure Romance has.

Why this particular company and not say, Mary Kay, Scentsy, Tupperware etc...

This company actually spoke to me as a person the most. From the items like Coochy to the more fun toys it was so well rounded. I have been to multiple parties for other companies but none of them have ever been as much fun or informative as this.

What is your favorite item?

My favorite would have to be Coochy. I use it basically daily. It’s good for shaving as well as it can be used as a conditioner. The current scent I’m all over is Peruvian Cocoa Berry. Limited edition at this point and so good!

I also want to mention one other because I pair it right along with Coochy. It’s Basic Instinct. It’s uses pheromones to create a signature scent that is all you. Even the men can use it. It’s fascinating to find out what some men smell like. The best thing about this is that pheromones are something that people tend to like so when you work somewhere with customer service this makes people feel more agreeable towards you.

How do you find it is best to approach people concerning items like lube, sex toys and lotions. Do you find new customers get anxious or embarrassed?

New customers don’t usually get embarrassed about the lotions at least! Lubes are not something I have any issues with yet. Explaining the benefits of having lube in the first place usually helps more people understand why they should be using it pretty much every time as it is.

Toys are something I let them know about but the best thing about this is that if they are uncomfortable with it at all we would simply do a mild party and we wouldn’t even show the toys. They would still be available for people to purchase in the private shopping room and they are in the catalog but nobody will be forced to see anything they don’t want to.

Is the goal for this to stay a side business or go full time eventually?

The goal right now is to keep it as a side business unless something goes bad at work. I am hoping within a year or two I can make this a full time thing and be a full time mom right along with it.

Do you have any funny stories or anecdotes you'd like to share?

I have had one party so far where someone that was there was so adamant that they would HATE so many of the products I had and they didn’t want to try anything that I passed around. Once all the other ladies at the party started to voice how awesome something was that lady was throwing herself over all of them to get at the product. Her wish list ended up being the longest out of everybody’s!

I personally feel like items such as these can be really fun in bedroom, whether alone or with a partner. That sometimes it's great to change it up a bit, that it's good for people, what do you think?

I agree with you completely. Many of the products can be used alone or you can play together. There are also some that are actual couple toys and those are very popular and they can spice up the bedroom for couples who feel the spark isn’t there as much anymore. When you don’t have somebody, who better is there who knows what you like but yourself? Releasing all the endorphins that you can from this helps you so much and can honestly keep you in a much better place emotionally.

Is it better for you for people to schedule a party or just buy directly? Why are parties important?

It’s always better to do a party. When you host a party and you get $150 from the guests you get a free gift just for letting me show off everything to your friends and use your home. Then for all the orders that do come in you get 10% hostess credit. Most people that host parties end up with a pretty hefty amount in hostess credit and get even MORE free gifts. Anything that you don’t get for free I give a discount on that as well. Depending on the month and the date in the week depends on the discount. There is also a $6 shipping fee with every order that is place that night. You could order the whole catalog but it would only be $6 because that is a flat rate. That is if I have the product or not. If I don’t have it, I’ll get it to you!

When you order from the website you don’t get the hostess discount you would get plus the shipping is $7.95 and you are guaranteed to have to wait for your products to ship to you.

What happens at a party?

At the party we all get together, have some snacks and then I start my presentation off with a game so we can learn everybody’s name and talk about how fantastic the hostess is. Then we do the full presentation where I explain everything that I have brought with me to show you. You are of course welcome to ask any questions during this time. We try out some products. Everything above the waist! After everything is over we go back to the private shopping room where you can ask any personal questions you might have if you are a little shy about the people knowing about your life. It is mostly, of course, for shopping! You will receive all the goodies I have on hand in a bag that night and anything I don’t have I will get for you within 1-2 weeks.

Websites and Contact Information for Breanne

Website: www.pureromance.com/breannefisher
Phone: 801-739-1619
E-mail: breannelfisher@gmail.com

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