Sunday, November 22, 2015

Imaginary Boyfriends

Imaginary Boyfriend,
what a funny word for those fictional boys and men you have crushes on during your life time.... (However different from ACTORS you fantasize about.)

I didn't even know there was a term for that until a few years ago. Watching Empire Strikes Back with my husband last night made me start thinking about it, all the Imaginary Boyfriends I have had over the years and still do.

Imaginary Boyfriends are great, they allow you to be nerdy, funny, geeky, dorky, day dream about and obsessed over someone who doesn't exist and get a tiny thrill out of every time you come in contact with them....Whether book, tv, movie, or video game. They allow you to form attachments to other people, "You love The Tenth Doctor, Me Too!! OMG!" or hate them "No way is Sam better than Dean!" All in a fun cheesy way.

I don't love my husband less, even though I have these imaginary crushes, it also doesn't mean our relationship lacks something..In fact there is NO deeper meaning to a fictional crush than just that. It is a made up person you adore. Just like being a fangirl doesn't always mean your life is sad or boring, it just means this is something that interests you. With Imaginary Boyfriends it's a someone instead of a something.

My first Imaginary Boyfriend? Luke Skywalker, to this day when I am trying to fall asleep I create imaginative worlds in my mind where I am Roxana a young female Jedi who meets and falls in love with Luke and he, of course, returns the favor. The Day Dream hasn't changed since I was 12.

From ages 12 to 20 Luke remained and was joined by; Dracula, Iolaus from Hercules, The Vampire Lestat, Eric Marquand from Maggie Shayne's Twilight Phantasies, Alan Grant from Jurassic Park and Doctor Mike Horton from Days of Our Lives.

As I got older these Imaginary Boyfriends didn't stop, they just seemed to grow along with me. Sirius Black became a head liner in fan fiction and was my main fiction squeeze for many years. Then I was introduced to Dr. Who and  The Tenth Doctor was the be all and end all of my dorky heart's existence.

In the last year I have added the delicious Dean Winchester to the list as well as Cullen from the Dragon Age Games and Garrus from Mass Effect.

However, even after all these years and realizing what a whiny loser Luke could be....He's still my first and I clutch my horrible old Star Wars novels with fierce jealousy......

So who are YOUR Imaginary Boyfriends? (Or Girlfriends for that matter?)

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