Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Christian Blogger States: If Your Wife Hates Sex, Just Don't Look At Her Face

In response to THIS:

BTW : If you can't take a joke or don't understand satire please MOVE ON.

Men- are you sometimes too tired, too drunk, or too old to get a boner when your wife wants sex? Maybe you are not as attracted to her as you were when you first got married, I'm not saying you don't LOVE your wife, but hey it happens to most men sometimes, yes?

Well that doesn't matter. You must please your wife, whenever she asks, whenever she wants it. It doesn't matter if you spent all day at work or if you just got done mowing the lawn. This is a woman who launders your socks, has your babies, cares about whatever mundane task has consumed hours of your day. She loves and respects you; so when she needs the sex you are obligated by God to give her the sex.

They make many different kinds of enhancements to help you if you feel you are falling short in your duties to perform at the standard she requires. Pills, pumps, drinks, creams, even doctors whose radio ads tell us over and over again how they can help you out if you are not getting it up like you used to. You wouldn't want to disappoint your wife, would you?

 It is common knowledge that women want sex more than men, I mean if she isn't getting it from you, who is she getting it from? Women are insatiable and only controlled by their vagina's, in fact orgasm addiction can be an issue with some women.  If you can't get your member up and at-tum then feel free to use your tongue, fingers or toys until such a time you are at full stamina again.

It is a SIN for you to turn away your wife, she owns you through those wedding vows you made. Even if you are not enjoying it, or don't want it, you must act like you do and comply. How would she feel if you made love to her with an annoyed expression on your face? "Fake it till you make it" guys.  You are the horse she has bought to ride when she wants to. Even if you can't climax yourself it is your duty as her husband to see to her pleasure.

Women- does your husband have issues getting into it when you want to have sex? Do you sometimes come home from the park with your kids or a tough day at the office or even school and want to jump his bones simply to have him agree but be unresponsive and feel like he is just trying to get you off as soon as possible so he can go have a beer or go back to bed?

Look, we know you love your husband, but sometimes he is going to be going against God's will by not wanting to have sex with you. We know, hard to believe, right?  There is a simple solution to this: Have him fuck you doggy style or in any position where you don't have to look at his dumb bored face. Focus instead on his hands on your hips and his thrusting, the way his skin smells or hell, just focus on you, because that's what this is all about: YOU.

Maybe he can't get it up for numerous reasons, sometimes they may be legitimate, but mostly it's just his whining.  Even if his dick won't work, other parts of him are more than capable of taking care of your needs, gently remind him of that and if he still doesn't understand then take a more forceful approach.

God says it is a sin for your husband to neglect your physical needs, if he is uninterested in sex or refusing you outright he is going against the Lord and may need to be punished. Just remember it is not your fault and suggest that your husband may need to spend some time praying over the sins he is committing against you and God in refusing to lay with you like husband and wife.

Remember: He is a horse you purchased, you don't need permission to make him pull your plow.

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