Friday, August 21, 2015

Do You Hear the People Sing.... About Today's Hot Political Issues

So I made a few polls and put them on various social networking and quiz type pages, to see how people that may not be asked their opinion about hot political topics would respond when asked in an anonymous way.

I am happy to report that roughly 100 people answered my questions and I am pretty happy and shocked by the responses given. So here are the results.

1)What is your stance on abortion?
85%  Chose pro-choice and pro-abortion while 15% chose pro-choice anti- abortion.

You may be asking? What? Huh?? Well as I have been saying all along, you can be  pro-choice and anti-abortion. It is simply a matter of stating, "While I don't agree with abortion and will never have one myself, I am for a woman's right to have complete control over her own body and healthcare options."

2) If gun laws simply changed so that you had to register and license them like you do a car, would that be ok?
86% Said Yes while 14% said No.

Now , one of the people I spoke to about this refused to answer simply because gun laws are not quite this simple and he found this question not complex enough as a  yes or no answer. Which is totally fine, I feel that the majority of yes from this question goes to show how many American's are ok with the idea of more regulations as long as the government is not trying to actually TAKE your guns.

3) Do you consider yourself a racist?

100% said no.

 I wonder if anyone actually labels themselves a racist,voluntarily?

4)Who do you like more?
7% John Oliver 21% Stephen Colbert 57% Jon Stewart and 15% Other

5)Do you believe that there has been more violence by police officers against African Americans as of late?

15% said yes and 85 % said No- because we just didn't see it before, now it's all over the news.

6)Do you know what Universal Health Care is?

75 % said yes and 25 % said no

I find this alarming, so many people are against Universal Health Care, but a lot of them don't even know what it is.

Here are a couple of great links if you are someone who doesn't know what Universal Health Care is.
What is UHC
Facts About UHC
Successful Accounts of UHC

7)Did you have sexual education in school that spoke about birth control, stds and consent.
42% Said yes, but not consent. 
14% Said Yes
21% Said No
23% Said Abstinence Only

Again, very scary.  Sexual education is very important and it is important it covers all kinds of topics including stds, birth control and consent. In Colorado they just finished a six year study where they gave free IUD's to teen and young women. Teen pregnancy dropped 40%!! While Teen abortion rates dropped by 42 %. The best way to stop abortion is to make sure everyone is educated on how to make babies and given access to safe and affordable birth control. 

8)Where do you get the majority of your news?

Internet won at 78%

9)Would you rather read an article on the Kardashians or one about Politics

Politics won at 68%

10)What kind of birth control do you or your partner use? Where do they/you get it?

52% Use the pill and obtain it at pharmacies or Planned Parenthood.
15 % had some sort of surgical sterilization
10% Used condoms they got at the store or online
15 % an additional type of hormonal birth control like the shot/patch/ring obtained at the dr. office or Planned Parenthood
6%  Said they did not need birth control
2% Used natural planning

11)What do you think of Kermit and Ms. Piggy's break up?

Overwhelmingly people think it is a publicity stunt. lol

12)If you (or your partner gave birth) how did it go?

C-section 42%
Induction/Epidural 14 %
Natural/Epidural 15%
Natural/No Drugs 7%
Other/Never had a baby 22%

More proof that the C-section rate in our country is WAY too high. The World Health Organization states the C-section rate in America is double where it should be. Please remember when having a voluntary C-section that this is MAJOR abdominal Surgery. C-Sections should only be used as a last result, when it is medically NECESSARY. 

13)What are your feelings towards the Death Penalty?

35% Pro
21% Against
44% On the fence

14)What religion are you?

70% Said either none, undecided or atheist
20% Were some form of Christian
8% Were a branch of Pagan
2% Were Muslim

15)Are you concerned about Global Warming?

The Majority at 71% said yes

This is good to know since Conservatives are constantly trying to tell us it's not real.

16)Bacon, Ham or Sausage?

Bacon wins at 79%

I did have one person message me and tell me they liked them all so this question was hard to answer. I know if my 6 year old daughter had taken this she would have picked sausage. 

17)Should School Lunch be free?

85% Said Yes.

I am actually confused about the 15% of people who said no. During the summer kids eat free lunch at parks and schools, but then during the year they have to fall into a certain income to qualify for free or discounted lunch.  At the discounted rate at my kid's school district, with it is 117 dollars a year in school lunch, times that by 2 since I have 2 kids. If I had to pay full price at 1.50 a meal it's about 270 dollars a year for one kid.  This really adds up, plus if you forget to put money on your kids account we have seen what happens! In some schools they take your kids lunch or refuse to let them eat.    Now I have heard they put a stop it this, but the fact it happened a couple of times at all is troubling. So how bout instead you decide to pack your kid a lunch?  Well watch out! Don't pack it like the school wants and they may send home a nasty note to shame you instead. 

Free Lunch for all kids is a possibility. We know it can be done, just look at Boston.

18)Would you feel safer knowing your child's teacher carries a gun?

73% Said No and 27% said yes

One person commented that they said no, simply because a teacher cannot guarantee that children will not somehow get access to the gun. Another person told me they chose no because there was no guarantee the teacher even knows how to use the gun.  Both are good reasons to say no, aside from the accounts of teachers shooting themselves.



19)Do you think school testing of children helps or hinders?
Helps at 29%
Hinders at 57%
at 14% of people who didn't care

Standardized Tests are a nuisance and do nothing more than stress your child out.'t-Measure-Educational-Quality.aspx

20)How do you stand on the legalization of marijuana?

Unsurprisingly 87% Pro

21)What's your favorite pizza topping? (Yeah I threw this one in for fun...It can't ALL be serious)

30% Pepperoni
14 % Mushrooms
13% Olives
12% Spinach
10% Sausage
21% Other

22)Have you ever had an abortion? (This includes if YOU were the father)

57% No
43% Yes

23)Do you know someone who has HAD an abortion

83% Yes

Wow between # 22 and # 23 that is an astounding number...Not as many anti-choice people around as conservatives would have us believe. 

24)Dogs or Cats?

50% Cats
45% Dogs
5% Other

25)Are you or have you ever been on Welfare?

No at 64%, Single parent  w/welfare 28% , Two parent w/ welfare 8%

I won't go off on welfare here. I have a whole blog post about it.

26)Do you understand what an EBT card is or how it works?

92% said yes, but scarier is the 8 % that said they knew what EBT was but not how it worked.

EBT is the card you get the government can put money on like day care, financial aid and foodstamps. Here in Utah (and most places) it CANNOT be used to buy energy drinks, anything hot from the deli, booze or cigarettes, on the foostamp side. You also cannot use the financial aid side to buy booze or cigarettes either, unless you want to pay to take money out of an atm machine and use cash, but it does charge you up to 3 dollars to do so and only certain atms (here in Utah) will allow you to withdraw from a EBT card). Again please see my blog post about welfare.

27)Do you know whether the state you live in took the medicaid expansion with the Affordable Care Act?

64% said yes
36% said no

Please educate yourself.  Instead of saying, "why doesn't Obamacare cover this?" Make sure you know your facts, like what is the Affordable Care Act and Did My state take the medicaid expansion(Utah did not), what is the medicaid expansion?

28)Do you work for a company whose insurance will not pay for birth control?

71% no
29% Yes

The fact that ANYONE works for a company that can refuse to pay for birth control is ridiculous. Especially since the only reason you can refuse it, as a company, is buy opting out of the Affordable Care Act by way of religious reasoning.

29)Are you ok with gay marriage being legal and the LGBTQ community having the same rights as everyone else

100% Said yes :)

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. See you back here next month where I will be doing a series about women and breaking stigmas surrounding periods, pregnancy, sex and abortion. 

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