Sunday, July 12, 2015

My New Novel and Creative Writing

So I haven't written in over a month. Mainly because of work/kids/family and getting my book out to literary agents. That's right; queries, synopsis and first three chapters are out all over the internets in the hands of literary agents to see if this time what I've written is strong enough or good enough to receive representation. So please cross your fingers for me and if you have any ins, feel free to send them my way. lol

So I need to get started on the newest book, it's stalled out at about three chapters. Figured I would do some fun creative writing exercises for your enjoyment. It's either that or another political rant about how much I hate this country when it comes to providing birth control and safe affordable access to abortions.

I am also beta reading my best friend's novel, which is a feat since I kind of think she hoped I would just love it instead of ripping out big chunks and telling her whole sections need to be re written. However as P.N.Elrod said; a beta reader who won't tell you the truth and does nothing by comment on the good is doing you more harm than good.

I got a lot of: THE TRUTH when I allowed my Boo to read The Bathory Curse and had to rewrite a ton of shit.


1. Who is coming round the corner?

A little girl.

2. What is their secret?

Her mother told her she had to get rid of the pregnant stray cat

3. What are they carrying?

A baby kitten.


1. Why did Peter lose his temper with Joanna

Because he found out that she was a Russian Spy, but she has asked for asylum from the USA because she loves Peter.

2. Where did he go after he stormed out?

To the pub O'Tooles, down the street for a pint of beer

3. What happened to him when he got there?

He interrupted a robbery and was shot in the head. Joanna goes back to Russia with state secrets, blaming the USA for his death, even though the anger is misguided since Peter's death was an accident.


1. Who has found something at the back of the wardrobe?

An old woman

2. What have they found?

A blue bottle and a note that explains in the bottle there is a youth elixir. If the lady drinks it she will return to how she looked when she was 25 and be healthy. However she must agree to leave her husband and life at once, cutting everyone off forever.

3. What will they do next?

She burns the note and dumps the bottle out, she wouldn't leave her husband of 40 years and the beautiful life they made together for any amount of youth.


1. Who cheated John?

His boss.

2. What did they cheat him at?

He stole a design for a new Navy weapon and passed it on as their own.

3. Will John do something?

No, John has seen way to many episodes of NCIS. He knows he will be caught, so he simply finds a better job and gives his two week notice.


1. What building can you see Rose leaving?

An old plantation, she is rushing away, occasionally looking over her shoulder.

2. What is she wearing?

Her uniform, a bag slung over one shoulder, old shoes and a scarf in her hair.

3. Where is she going?

To her new home, her husband has purchased her freedom so that she and their unborn child can travel safely to the North.

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