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Spot Light with Luri De Souza- Actress with Birdcage Theatre

So starting June 1st I will be spotlight people OUTSIDE of Utah. I am still accepting requests from those of you IN Utah, but you won't be priority, sorry :( The people I am showcasing are pretty awesome, from selling a variety of products to acting. I am pretty excited about this months showcase. I will be doing one a week, every Monday. If you want to be featured please email me at

Today is an old friend of mine Luri. She is an actress and a singer, mostly seen at the Birdcage Theatre in Oroville CA. So please read on and enjoy!

Also credit where credit it do. The photo of Luri pointing the gun is by Dean Gurr at Creative Imaging.

Name: Luri de Souza

What is it that you do?:

I am a housekeeping manager by day, but I do acting, singing, and many other things for my local community theatre, The Birdcage Theatre.

Where can my readers find your stuff? Website, store, facebook, twitter account?:

Birdcage's facebook page Birdcage Theatre Facebook Page and the website well as my own facebook page. If you would like to see me perform, come on down to the Birdcage!

You are an actress, correct? What plays have you been in and what Theatre Companies have you worked for?

I acted in several plays, The Beverly Hillbillies and The Hostage were my biggest productions, I played Granny and Meg Dillon, the female lead roles. I also appeared in Baja Fever as a voice actress, Pinter Perfect as a villain, and I assistant directed The Outsiders and Play On. The Birdcage Theatre made me fall in love with acting, and it is the only theatre company I have acted in so far, although this summer I will be appearing in Hock's Melodrama's production of No Mother to Guide Her.

You sing as well, tell us about your experience with singing on stage, do you prefer to act and sing in a part or will you take roles that are strictly acting:

Singing was and will always be my favorite performing art. Singing on stage in a production is so different than singing with a band or choir. I am the type of actor that fully becomes my character while on stage, so I feel that I cannot use my preferred type of singing because it often clashes with my character. I do enjoy the occasional role that includes singing, but I would rather keep the two separate. For me, singing is an emotional and almost spiritual experience, where acting is far more serious and professional. In the end, the roles I take are the ones that speak to me.

What made you want to act?:

I have a friend that kept asking me to go and audition for a play, because I am constantly reciting random poetry and prose. I never actually ever wanted to act, or thought much about what it would be like. When I went down to audition for my first play, I thought I had done a terrible job! To my surprise, the director called and offered me a lead role. On opening night, the exhilaration I felt is what hooked me, and I keep coming back for more!

Do you have any formal education in acting/singing:

I have no training with acting. I began singing around fifth or sixth grade in choir and other programs around school. I sang in several choirs all the way into college. While in college I took voice and music theory. I have also been the singer in a band, but I don't think I can count garage bands as formal training!

What is your favorite character you have played?:

My favorite character was my last, Meg Dillon. Meg was a brassy, foul mouthed Irish prostitute. The writer, Brendan Behan, and really done a wonderful job writing the character to be multidimensional. One minute I was chasing someone around hitting them with a broom, and the next I was crying and reminiscing about lives lost during the Irish war in 1916. I got to do an accent during the role as well, which was a whole bunch of fun.

Granny in the Beverly Hillbillies was a blast as well, I got to be a cranky old woman. The two hours it took to do my makeup every night and the horrible, hot wig weren't that fun however.

Who are your idols in the acting community? What gives you inspiration?

Surprisingly, my actors I idolize are all at my theatre. I'm not saying famous actor aren't awesome (I love Gary Oldman), but the people I work with around Birdcage regularly blow me away. Cheryl Turnbough is fantastic, Samantha Sanz, Wade Gess, Dennis Perri, there are so many wonderful actors there. The opportunity to learn from them is one of the things I love most.

If you could star in a current or past TV show which would it be?:

This is a hard one. I'm going with Carnivale. The storyline was strange and moving, and the attention to detail was superb. The people who created the show really did their research when it came to dustbowl era America. Exquisite piece of art.

Do you still enjoy going to see plays and concerts, even though you know what goes on back stage?:

Definitely! The funny thing with theatre is that you can tell when mistakes are made during a show. I probably wouldn't notice it as much if I hadn't directed. I love plays, concerts, and any sort of performing art!

How would you describe your acting style?:

The second I step on stage, I stop being Luri and completely become my character. I try to feel out who they are, think about what they like or dislike, flesh them out more in my head. It really helps me to become immersed in the role. I am also very serious and no nonsense when it comes to my acting.

Are you doing anything currently? And if so, what, where and how do we buy tickets!:

Next I will appear in Hock's Melodrama : No Mother to Guide Her. It will be in July at the Monday Club in Oroville California. I am playing Lottie, a small role (I very happy about this, I needed a break after my last play). I will announce of Facebook when tickets go on sale!

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