Monday, June 8, 2015

Spot Light: Oliva Evans with Nerium International Anti-Aging Company

Welcome back for another spotlight of a great person who had struck out on their own. June is my last month for spotlights so if you want to be included please email me at I am spotlight ANYONE who does ANYTHING like; have and etsy shop, act, sing, own/run their own business or even sell something like candles or tupperware.

With that in mind let me introduce Olivia and her Anti-Aging Business


Olivia Evans

What is it that you do?: 

I own my own international anti-aging business.

Where can my readers find your stuff? Website, store, facebook, twitter account?:

You sell Nerium, a skin care product, correct? Please tell us about it, company, ingredients etc…:

Nerium International is an anti-aging company. They were first to market three years ago with breakthrough anti-aging skincare- a night cream. Two years ago they launched a day cream. Last year a body cream. This year an anti aging supplement for the brain. All of the products are backed by scientific and published research. The company did $100 million in sales in their first year- with one product, in one country. (Just to put that in perspective, that's more than Google, Amazon, eBay, and Apple made in their first years, combined.) The ingredient list is available on the website, but basically the primary ingredients are natural plant extracts, and the product is gluten free, paraben free, etc so you're not bombarding your face with anything potentially harmful... You could eat it if you wanted to although it probably isn't delicious.

Have YOU used it?:
Yes! It targets fine lines, deep lines, emerging lines, pore size, discoloration, and uneven skin texture. I'm 23 but all skin can be improved- I use it every night!

Why this particular product? What made you say, “I love this product and want to try and sell it to my friends and family?”:

There were two things. The first was the day before I heard about Nerium, my debit card got declined at the grocery store when I was buying spinach- my job was 48 hours a week of awful treatment and I literally couldn't even afford food; I was looking for something more. The next day I was given a magazine about Nerium, and the biggest thing was the scientific research and the fact that the products have a global patent- no one can copy them like Costco or something and ruin my business. That's pretty cool. I started using the product and noticed results. Why wouldn't I share that with everyone I know?

What makes you passionate about selling this?:

It WORKS. There are real people, real science, and real results behind this company. Everyone has something they would like to change about their skin and everyone has skin- it's great to give that to people.

How do you get people to buy? What’s your approach, your sales technique?:

The company has a super easy system I follow. I plug in to the system. It's not sales, it's sharing. Plus, free trials, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and the potential for free product for life for everyone is a big incentive.

Is this your only job?:
No, but it could be if I wanted it to be. I do Nerium spare time and it's really fun and adds a significant chunk to my income.

If you could describe this product using only three words what would they be?:

I only need one- REAL!

And lastly, what makes THIS product different than all the other age defying creams and salves sold and the market today?:

First of all, it's natural. It comes from plants so you're not worried about putting rat poison on your face. Also, to do what Nerium does, you would have to buy at least 6 products from another company and it could cost anywhere from $150-$1500, if not having some sort of surgical procedure done; Nerium doesn't cost that and it's only one step (it's "man simple").

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