Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spot Light with Noa Cassidy with Cassidy FX Studios

This is the seventh (and if I am not mistaken final) post in my series featuring local people from Utah that showcase a special ability. Whether it's selling something on etsy, acting, making costumes or even teaching birthing classes, these lovely people enjoy what they do and some even do it on the side of full time jobs and families. If you want to be featured please send me an email at damianarose777@gmail.com

This gentleman is my brother-in-law. He is a sweet, interesting and quirky guy who does special effect make ups and prosthetics, like the kind you find in movies, tv and haunted houses. He is quite talented. So introducing Noa!

Noa Cassidy
Cassidy FX Studios

What type of business: ie what do you sell/make/do?:

We offer a variety of Prosthetics as well as masks, blood, props, gestures, and character makeup.

Website/store address/contact information/pricing/Where you perform. Where can my readers find you, see you!:

Cassidy FX Website

You do special effect make up, correct? What made you interested in this? How long have you been doing it?

I have always loved movies and behind the scenes. I became interested from going to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. I have been doing makeup for about two years

Do you have formal education in regards to this specialty?:


How do you come up with ideas? What’s your inspiration? Your process?:

My inspiration comes from every day life, dreams good and bad, and horror movies. I usually just think of an idea and go right to sculpting with clay. I don't really use reference pictures or sketches, because I find that I over think a concept when I do a lot of pre playing my design. I kind of see where my hands take me.

What’s your favorite thing to do?:

My favorite thing to do is paint masks as well as run Foam Latex.

Is there anything you don’t like to do? :

I hate doing beauty makeup as well as Mold making.

You told me you had done some work at a Haunted House, which ones and what were you responsible for?:

I have worked with the Castle of Chaos and I am responsible for the Resident evil themed rooms of the haunt this past October.

Is the goal for this to eventually be your full time job? How close are you to making this happen?:

I would love to make this a full time job, but at the moment we are just not able to make that happen. We are working with a few haunted houses around the United States on signing contracts to be a supplier of prosthetics as well as blood, props, etc. We are also launching a variety of kits for those that have a true desire to learn and want professional quality materials and techniques that will not break the bank.

Who is your favorite special effects artist and why?

I have many favorite special effects artists, but my top three would have to be; Rick Baker, Greg Nicotero, and Stain Winston. The reason I like these artists is the fact that they achieved amazing effects back when it wasn't an easy thing to do. They are responsible for many of the industry standards we have today. Another reason is that they have been apart in creating a lot of the movies that inspired me to get into the Special effects. Movies like; Mexican Werewolf in London, Jurassic Park, Aliens, and many others.

What movie or TV show has, in your opinion, the best use of makeup and special effects without resorting to only CGI:

The Walking Dead is one of the TV shows that I feel uses a great balance of the practical as well as CGI. Movie wise there are many great examples. Movies like; Hell Boy, Evil Dead, and the first Jurassic park just to name a few.

Does your wife and family or friends allow you to try new techniques out on them? How do you find models, do you use yourself?:

I have learned its extremely hard to ask someone to set in a chair for two to three hours to see if something works or not. The best model is my self, as well as anyone that volunteers. I am always looking for models!!!!!

Thanks Noa! Here are a few other great examples of Noa's work.

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