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Spot Light- Marie Brian THE Cotton Floozy!

This is the sixth post in my series featuring local people from Utah that showcase a special ability. Whether it's selling something on etsy, acting, making costumes or even teaching birthing classes, these lovely people enjoy what they do and some even do it on the side of full time jobs and families. If you want to be featured please send me an email at

This awesome gal makes snarky embroidery, which is fun, a great gift idea, and so much different than some of the "normal" stuff you find being embroidered. Without any other nonsense I introduce the Cotton Floozy!


Marie Brian aka The Cotton Floozy

What type of business: ie what do you sell/make/do?:

I make and sell subversive hand-embroidery.

Website/store address/contact information/pricing/Where you perform. Where can my readers find you, see you!:

I have a blog where I suck at blogging, but on that site you'll find the links to all of my stuff, like my Etsy store, my Facebook page, and my instagram.

My Blog



Me on Etsy!

When did you start sewing/doing  stitch? Who taught you? What were some of your first projects?:

I first learned how to stitch when I was a kid and I hated it. My mom taught me. I was very dismissive of anything I deemed "domestic." I don't remember any of my first projects.

Why do you love it? Why sell it and spend time making things for others to hopefully buy?:

I no longer hate stitching. Now I love to stitch. I love to express my snarky, contrary nature through embroidery. I love watching people laugh as they buy my stuff at arts and crafts festivals.

Why the snarky stuff instead of, I don't know, kittens or flowers?

I have no interest in kittens or flowers unless they are ironic, humorous, or inappropriate.

Where do you get your inspiration from?:

I am inspired by everything around me that I consider to be awesome. I love stitching pop culture references, like quotes from Buffy or Doctor Who.

What’s your process? Do you need to focus or do you stitch while binge watching on Netflix?:

Stitching is great because I am able to multi-task. And by multi-task, I mean sit on my ass, stitch, and "power-watch" Netflix shows.

I know you have kids, have they shown any interest in what you do? Have you taught any of them how to embroider?

My kids have zero interest in learning how to stitch. I'm not going to force them, either. If they ever want to learn, they know where to find me. On the other hand, they often are my extremely helpful assistants at craft fairs.

Do you buy stuff similar to yours or do you just make anything you want: If so who are some of YOUR favorite sellers?:

I buy stuff from other people or do trades with people all the time. I especially like to buy cross-stitch, because I don't do that type of needlecraft myself. My favorites are Watty's Wall Stuff and Lady Jane Longstitches.

What is your favorite pattern? The pooping bird, cereal killer? Do you decorate your own home with your creations?:

I think that my favorite pattern is "Not murdering you is a full-time job." That, or my Pennywise the Clown embroidery. My house is full of my embroideries. Especially the guest bathroom, because I like my guests to be entertained while they're pooping.

Is this your only job? (Besides the never ending mommy gig):If so do you make enough money to offset supplies?

Yep. Stitching is pretty much my only job. Sometimes I get paid to teach embroidery workshops.

Do you take custom orders? Has there ever been one you turned down because of what they wanted? What was it and why?

I do take custom orders! My queue is usually pretty long. I haven't ever turned anyone down. People have canceled a custom order if they can't afford the price I quote. I hand-stitch everything, so that can sometimes cost more than people anticipate.Fortunately for my customers i now have another stitcher, The Socially Awkward Stitcher who can do custom orders in half the time.

Here are a few additional samples of Marie's great work!!!

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