Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spot Light Katie at Turtlehawk Knitting!

This is the second post in my series featuring local people from Utah that showcase a special ability. Whether it's selling something on etsy, acting, making costumes or even teaching birthing classes, these lovely people enjoy what they do and some even do it on the side of full time jobs and families. If you want to be featured please send me an email at damianarose777@gmail.com

Today I am showcasing Katie from Turtlehawk83 Knitting. She makes hats a scarves ( I own quite a few) they are pretty, soft, decent in lengths and the hats fit well are snug and warm. The best part? She can pretty much make ANY custom order.

Let's Get Started. Here is Katie!

Name: Katie Vance

What type of business: ie what do you sell/make/do?:
I knit scarves and hats

Website/store address/contact information/pricing/Where you perform. Where can my readers find you, see you!:

Turtlehawk83 Etsy
Slow-and-Steady-Wins-the-Race Facebook

What made you want to start knitting?:

Hadnt done in awhile, wanted to relearn. Looked relaxing. And I wanted something to do with my hands while watching TV

How long have you been knitting?

This time around? A couple of years. I think I first learned when I was about 10 or so. I went home a few years ago my my sister Heidi was doing it and she re taught me. My Pop made me knitting needles with woods and glass beads.

I know you have a full time job, when do you find time to knit?

On the bus usually. On my breaks sometimes, sitting around watching TV....I just got a new apartment not much to do there but read or knit.

What kind of things do you make, what is your favorite thing to make?

Scarves, hats. Hats are a little more fun - they're quicker. I can usually make a hat in about an hour, scarves take a couple days.

How are you planning to challenge yourself with this hobby?

Branching out to baby blankets, socks.... hopefully.

Have you ever thought of branching out to crochet or embroidery?

Crochet yes. That's the next challenge really. Embroidery, no. I just don't have the needle skills for that. But I can cross stitch.

How do you find inspiration with colors and projects?:

Just depends. I've got a couple of friends who have asked me specifically for certain items, (like a sports team scarf) and then a lot of times I just used the leftover colors in a different combination.
I try to make the "projects" even so I have a good on-hand supply, make one scarf, make one hat.

Is the goal for this to become a primary source of income? When you make money with your scarves and such, where does it go?

Gods, I wish. I don't think I have the hand strength for it to be a primary source. Scarf money goes to food, more yarn...gas money when I borrow my best friend's car. :)

You do Custom orders, right? What kind?
Hats and scarves, you can choose any colors and I can do them usually with two different yarns if you want, block pattern or mixed in. I can also put on pictures, sports teams, cartoon characters etc...etc.. Any any length of scarf, though 60 inches in normal.

Can you knit and do other things? Like watch TV or listen to music? Do you lose concentration easily?

Yes actually. Listening to music is best, I kind of zone out and the stitches just fly. TV not so much, I can but I usually get distracted by the pictures.
Lose concentration? Sort of. Depends on what's going on. I count my stitches so if someone is talking to me sometimes I'll lose count. Same thing goes with the TV. I have to watch what I'm doing which is why music is best.

On your pages your items have unique almost magical names, why?

I am pagan so a little magic goes into everything I make. On custom orders I can put in patience, calming, anti- cold, pretty much whatever. In the ones I made because the mood takes me it's just my normal happy, soft, warm vibes. Plus I pick the colors based on how I feel and what they remind me of. Anyone can own a green and gray scarf. However, if you buy from me you can own an Alchemy Scarf and have a little fun thrown in.

Here are some samples of Katie's work:

This is my daughter wearing the Rainbow Dash scarf and hat combo Katie made her for Christmas

This is the Egyptian Scarf from her Etsy Shop

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spot Light Carrie Jordan at Happy Fish Tarot

Today marks the first installment of series I am doing showcasing people in Utah doing their own thing; whether that's selling on esty, acting in the local theatre, owning their own business or running a charity organization. I am planning to do one or two a week for the next four weeks. So stay tuned!

This week I am featuring Carrie Jordan from Happy Tarot. She is a young woman who lives in Salt Lake and connects with people through social media to do Tarot Card Readings. I am pretty excited for this one, since I have read cards for 15 years and enjoy talking to my fellow Tarot lovers.

So with that in mind I introduce you to Carrie, enjoy.

Carrie Jordan

What type of business: ie what do you sell/make/do?:
I am a creativity and spirituality mentor and tarot reader.

Website/store address/contact information/pricing/Where you perform. Where can my readers find you, see you!:
I do not have a physical store. Instead I am all over the internet! My website is happyfishtarot.com. I'm also active on Facebook: facebook.com/happyfishtarot and Instagram instagram.com/happyfishtarot and Twitter https://twitter.com/happyfishtarot

When did you become interested in Tarot? How long have you been reading the cards?:
About five years ago, I was in the midst of a “quarter life crisis.” I felt out of alignment with myself and I couldn’t clear the haze keeping me stuck. Around this time, I felt an inexplicable urge to get a tarot deck. I was only vaguely aware of what tarot actually was, but I followed the hunch and got my first deck. As I worked with the cards, I saw my own psychic landscape mirrored in them. Tarot helped me find the conviction to confront the layers of gunk that had been keeping me stagnant. After studying and bonding with the cards for about four years, I launched my business just over a year ago.

I have done tarot readings for over 15 years so I know about it, my readers may not however, give me a brief history/overview/explanation?:
The tarot is a deck of cards which has been around in various guises for hundreds of years. They were the basis of a popular card game in Renaissance Italy. Tarot was adapted by occultists in the 18th century and was also, of course, used for divination. I think the appeal of tarot is that the images tap into different themes of the human experience. I see tarot as a type of map of the psyche. There are certain archetypal experiences which all human beings seem to inherently connect with. Tarot lays these archetypes out in symbolic images. When we see these images, we are naturally able to connect them with our own experiences, our own stories.

Are you pagan? Do you interact with the pagan community here in Salt Lake?:
I would not call myself pagan, no. I am a self-described spiritual mutt! The more I dive into the tarot world, though, the more interaction I have with people who are actively pagan. I’m fascinated by this concept because being pagan doesn’t seem to mean one specific thing. It’s such a broad, multi-faceted landscape. The pagan community seems to encourage a wide manner of spiritual exploration, and I think that’s great.

I favor the Rider Waite deck myself, what deck and spread do you use most often and why?:
I learned using the Rider Waite Smith deck and it has always been one of my favorites. This deck was pivotal in the history of tarot, and it’s so richly layered. I actually have three different versions of the RWS deck because hey, deck collecting is one of the most fun things about being a tarot reader! Aside from the RWS, I have a wonderful bond with a deck called the Wild Unknown Tarot. It is stunningly gorgeous imagery – sparse, yet endlessly evocative. As for spreads, well, the sky is the limit! People seem to either love or hate the Celtic Cross, I am fond of it. But what really lights me up is designing my own spreads. When I read for clients, I almost always create a custom spread to suit the scope of their needs.

What made you decide to make this your full time job?:
A holy trifecta: I have a deep connection with tarot, I have a deep desire to help other people get unstuck, and I have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Do you have people come for serious one on one life coaching and fortune telling? Or do you find yourself mainly as a fun event at parties?:
I take what I do seriously. I do think of myself as a life coach or mentor who happens to use tarot as a tool in her practice. My business is primarily online, and I am an avid blogger. Most of my clients initially connect with my writing and social media presence and are then inspired to work with me. This is awesome because people get a feel for who I am and what I do with tarot before we sit down to make magic happen together. Now, this isn’t to say I’m not up for lighthearted readings from time to time! But I’m not big on fortune telling – I try to focus more on guidance, inspiration and empowerment.

A lot of people associate tarot card with witches therefore with evil or the devil, have you come across any prejudices? Have family or friends reacted badly?:
I have not dealt with much of this, luckily! I’ve had some skeptical and surprised responses, but most of the people in my life are open-minded.

I won’t read for my girls until they are 16 and certain people who I find darker than others. Have you ever refused to read for someone and why?:
Except under very rare circumstances, I do not read for anyone under 18. So far, I have not had to refuse to read for anyone – though I have had to dispel some myths and explain that I don’t predict the future. When I started my business, I wrote myself a code of ethics and I encourage people to take a glance at it before they purchase a reading with me. So far so good!

Why tarot? Why not tea leaves, palm reading or runes?:
It may sound odd, but predictions have never been tarot’s main appeal to me. I don’t have a problem with anyone who DOES use tarot or other means for predictions, it’s just not something I think I can (or want) to do. I don’t know a lot about these other arts (although I have friends who read tea leaves and runes) so I don’t want to sound like I’m dismissing them, but tarot seems more dynamic and complex to me. I’m interested in spirituality, psychology, mythology, art and human development. I haven’t found any other tools that mash up as nicely with all of these as tarot does. Tarot suits me well!

Thinking of asking Carrie to do a reading? Here is her most recent client feedback!
"I don't really know how to sum up all the things my reading makes me feel. I wanted to share it all with you, but it's one of those things that shifts under my feet, changing and deepening each time I read it. There is so much there for me to come back to when I am struggling, so many perspectives to appreciate, so many reminders to let go and be me. It's really an incredible gift you have given me."

Sunday, April 19, 2015

For Fun: The Definitive Rank of Disney Hero's

Part 3 of 4

Hey All!  Fun posts back! lol So today I am making a list of Disney Hero's. Again none of these hero's are animals...That's for part 4 of 4, and they are only from Disney Movies that are animated, that I have seen. Also this list includes the Princes, based on what their role in the movie was, not how dreamy they are. So if I missed one fee free to tell me who, where they should rank and why. And once again the is for fun, so laugh and live a little!

1)Jack Skellington (From a Nightmare Before Christmas)
Three words: Fucking Pumpkin King

2) Hercules
He is a stubborn kid who just wants to rejoin his real parents, but loves his adopted parents. Sure he lets the fame get to him a bit, but in the end he sacrifices all for the women he loves.

3) Arthur Pendragon ( Sword in the Stone)
Forced into becoming the King of England at age eleven (?), plus dealing with a crazy wizard and his pissed off owl? Yeah this kid's got balls.

4) Tarzan
Raised by apes, manages to love his mama, keep himself clean and had great manners.

5) Li Shang (Mulan)

I don't care for this movie....sorry... but this guy knows his shit, leads his men, teaches them how to fight and about courage....Biggest down fall? Didn't realize one of his "men" was actually a girl.

6)  Kristoff  (Frozen)

I like this guy, decent sense of humor, best friend is a ... moose...elk? Whatever.... But he sticks to his guns. Always wanted to distribute ice, well gosh darn it! He succeeds, plus he was raised by magic rock trolls so SCORE.

7) Flynn Rider (Tangled)

Sure he lied and stole and was on the run from the law...but this character was funny, good hearted and quite cute (for an animated dude.) Plus he truly cared about Rapunzel and not in the normal Prince rescue Princess kind of way. He had....wait for it....CHARACTER... (Insert dad joke here)


8) Quasimodo (Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Hate this movie with a passion. But have to give props to Quasi here who does all the work and still doesn't get the girl in the end. Gotta love his spirit.

9) Peter Pan
The boy who doesn't want to grow up so he brings his Lost Boys a mom....However in the end all the games and pranks and temper tantrums do not matter. He still send them home to the real world with Wendy.

10) John Smith (Pocahontas)
Okay first off let's forget that in reality he was a 30 year old guy perving on a 13 year old girl. In the Disney Movie I really enjoyed his character. He learns and grows and begins to understand and accept a culture that is not his own. Plus he gets hurt and can't even stay with his girl friend, and in the sequel they don't get to be together either. He has to let her go and she wind ups with another stuffy white guy with a boring name.

All the feels
11)  Mowgli (Jungle Book)
Kid is raised by wolves, bears and panthers...Is hunted by crazy snakes, evil tigers and narcissistic orangutans....still turns out normal

12) Aladdin

So he lies to the woman he loves, that's not ok...but Aladdin grew up on the streets, his only friend and obnoxious monkey. That takes guts and smarts. I find this character all about being able to make it with the odds against you.

13) Beast aka Prince Adam ( Beauty and the Beast)

Okay;he has some issues, yes? Grumpy, set in his ways, doesn't like to be seen in public (or harsh light)...Kind of like a 75 year old vampire. However he is the proof that a person can change, they can learn and grown. When he transforms back into Prince Adam he is light hearted and full of smiles! Plus dang handsome for some ink on paper.

We're getting down the bottom of the pan, the crusty stuff no one likes.  14-20 are characters I might like but based on their characters, speaking roles, plot lines and actions HAVE to make the bottom of the list.

14) Prince Naveen (Princess and the Frog)
The best part about this character is he and Tiana run a business at the end and all he really wanted to be able to do was play his music. Plus he stops acting like an entitled screw up about 30 minutes from the end of the movie.

15) Prince Philip (Sleeping Beauty)

So far down the list cause he falls in love with a girl he met for 30 minutes and then manages to get captured by some goons with the help of a damn bird... Have I mentioned three silly slightly older winged ladies have to rescue him? Plus side? Doesn't want to follow family tradition, wants to break away and make his own path...not a bad dancer.

16) Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid)

Is too stupid to realize the girl he is marrying doesn't look ANYTHING like the red head who saved him. Seriously, if you pull a  man out of the water and save him from drowning he better have gotten more than, "her voice is puuuurrrrtttyy." Plus side: has a dog he is nice to and seemed to care about his household staff.

17 and 18) Prince Charming./Snow White's Prince (Cinderella and Snow White)

Eh cause they are boring: dance, put slipper here. Fall in love near a well, kiss dead girl= Happily ever fucking after.

19) Pinocchio

I hate hate hate hate this movie. First off the kid lies the whole movie away, even after a big blue fairy tells him what will happen if he does. Then he runs away, is abused by a creepy gypsy guy and sent to an Island where he can drink and party all he wants but the down side is he turns into a donkey. It only gets creepier after that. He never appreciated his "dad" or friends until the very end...Blech.

20) Kuzco (Emperors New Groove)

Wow this movie sucked. Mainly though this character was pretty unlikable. Whiny, moody, entitled...he couldn't even make llamas cute. LLAMAS! The whole time I wanted his side kick to push him off the cliff, let the bad ass bitch have the kingdom.

Hope you enjoyed!!