Friday, January 30, 2015

Please Vaccinate Your Kid- Yes I went there

(Warning; this is a touchy subject for many and the commenting rules still apply, if you don't know them please read them.)

I have a four month old at home that cannot get the MMR vaccination, so I am kind of freaked out about the recent Measles outbreak stemmed from parents taking their kids to Disneyland when they are either a) sick or b)not vaccinated.

Look I know this is a hot topic with people like Jenny MacCarthy stating how bad vaccines are and how they will hurt your kids and blah blah blah. Personally this mom thinks it's all bull shit. I have two healthy daughters fully vaccinated and a son who is getting his shots on the normal schedule, aside from a few cranky days and fever they are all fine.

I know moms with kids that are autistic, before you use that as a reason to not have your kid vaccinated please know that the study linking the two has been debunked and was actually fraudulently created. No mom of autistic kids I know blames vaccinations.

I know that there can be side effects from vaccines. The CDC states that in small cases kids can have seizures, which is usually a side effect of the fever that the vaccine can cause. Sometimes there is some swelling and in major cases there can be severe allergic reactions. However I feel that these are small compared to what your child CAN know like deaf, blindness, being crippled or even...dum da dum dum DEATH. Yea, your kid can DIE from pretty much all the diseases we vaccinate for. Yes the argument to that could be "My kid could die from the vaccines too!" Uh, check the research this RARELY happens, in fact it is MORE common for a child to die from a disease they are not vaccinated for than the side effects of said vaccines...Your choice I guess.

However what is NOT your choice is to put other people's kids in harms way.  Vaccines do not always work, so we have developed this little thing called herd immunity, but this only works if EVERYONE is vaccinated. That includes you adults, get your booster shots, or if you have no idea if you ever received the shot, go get it! My four month old should not die because you decided it was YOUR RIGHT to not vaccinate your kid. Honestly I feel to attend school your child should HAVE to have all their immunizations, there should be no loop holes. Also now that we have seen this fiasco in Disneyland, places like this should request immunization records from those that visit there.

It is 2015, measles should not be a thing again...Is this Oregon Trail? Man I loved that game as a kid and beat it every time, but I lump measles in the same category as dysentery or getting alkaline poisoning from bad water. But I guess you do have rights, the right to choose which awful disease your unvaccinated child dies from, but please don't choose it for mine. If you won't vaccinate; home school, don't take your child to public places and don't let them come in contact with other children. Before we know it there will be huge hospitals up on hill sides catering to those with diseases we thought long gone, like polio and tuberculosis.

So while I am normally all for making decisions for your children that YOU feel is best, this is a subject where I think the term, "not only thinking about yourself." is best used, yes what is best for your child should be top priority, but when your child could pass along a disease to children who are immune compromised, are too young to get the vaccine or a whole slew of other reasons some children cannot be vaccinated, then what is "best" for your child is really about your ignorance.

Sorry if you don't like this, but seriously F you. Vaccinate your damn kids.

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy Eleventh Birthday Monkey Princess

My daughter.

On Feburary third 2004 my life changed forever, late that afternoon, after over 24 hours of labor I held my eldest daughter in my arms. She was tiny, just over seven pounds and 20 inches long. This perfect pink all over and as Lorelai Gilmore says, "she even smelled pink." She was soft, fuzzy with a tiny cry, little hands and dark eyes that stared at me like I was her whole world.

I was not even 21 yet, while a lot of my friends were going to school, partying, dancing, dating. I was being a Mama. I did manage to go to the club and get drunk after my 21st birthday. I have had a lot of parties and fun, but always with my Princess, my little monkey sleeping soundly in her room/crib, or tucked away with a baby sitter for the night.

What astounds many people is that I have never been without her. I moved from my parents house to Utah, 6 months pregnant and then had my Monkey, my baby girl. I have never really lived alone, not like my husband and several of my friends, there has ALWAYS been someone for me to look after.

My days became about feeding, changing, spit up, bath time and teething, soon followed by first steps, first words and then chasing after an adorable toddler.

When she was six months old when we took our first flight home to California, then again when she was nine months.

I bought our home when she was about ten months old, the home we still live in, and she ran through the sparse living room, the Princess of her own castle. We added furniture, cats and friends to our home and while sure there was fighting and there were tears there has also been an enormous amount of love and laughter.

I dealt with all the trials that come from being a mom; sleepless night, potty training, loss of teeth, birthday parties, a little girl repeating bad mommy words,the issues between working full time and daycare, realizing she has outgrown another pair of pants, fevers that won't go away, questions like, "Are these enough Christmas presents?" and "How do I teach her to tie her shoes?" or "Do I make my own baby food or buy it?" and how bout, "What happens if I am late picking her up from daycare?" I learned how to make up dinner lists and grocery shop...While I knew the basics of cooking I taught myself how to cook better, healthier foods, as well as comforting junk food.

There have been midnight tea and cookies, late night marshmallow roastings with scary stories, day times full of CSI and NCIS, afternoons lazy with Dora the Explorer and mornings exciting with the prospect of a zoo or museum.

I cried at her first day of Kindergarten, burst with pride when she was accepted in the dual immersion program, have been hesitant over crushes on boys, petrified as she started walking to school by herself and over joyed with her grades.

She has taken two weddings, a divorce and the birth of a little sister and brother like the true Princess she is. She is talkative, beautiful, smart, a bit moody, learning to use sarcasm properly, funny, messy and a typical girl loving pink, Barbie and fairy tales.

We have spent five nights at Primary Children's hospital, two when she had Bronchitis when she was two and three when she swallowed a battery at seven.

I have dealt with her being bullied and a misunderstanding where she WAS the bully.

We have done therapy, immunizations, talks about sex, rape, homosexuality, women's rights, alcohol , drugs and equality. Anything and everything she asks about or is confused about. She reads everything from silly books about night fairies to children's religious books and her pagan primer. She does ritual with me and her aunt and when she see her grandparents attends church, while her voice isn't the best she loves to sing.

She is precious to me (as are all my children) like nothing I ever thought would be. I don't censure her, we are honest, I try and make it clear she can talk to me about anything.

She has never wanted for anything, I always make sure that no matter what I have to do she is clothed, fed, has books, toys, TV...When she turned ten she got a basic flip phone, specifically for safety.

Maybe she's a bit spoiled...But I figure growing up with a single mom the majority of the time, having to deal with her crazy little sister, and us never having enough money to put her in sports or dance or go away to summer camp, she doesn't have a computer of her own or a smart phone and our house is old, warrants a little spoiling. I want her to look back on her childhood and know she was loved, adored, wanted and be happy have good childhood memories.

 She is growing up so fast...too fast.... she reads at a 9th grade level, she pouts and storms off to her room, she is into clothes now and has self esteem issues, she is becoming a teenager, a young lady.

She turns 11 in 16 days, I hope she knows how special she is, how much light she has brought to my life and to everyone's life who knows and loves her. I never thought I wanted to be a mother and now I cannot think about my life without being one...being hers.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl.