Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Birth of a Goblin King

Birth Story of  our son.

Our son was born at 7:27 pm on 09/14/2014, weighing six pounds 14 ounces and 20 inches long.

So, because I was a VBAC patient my doctor would not allow me to go to more than 41 weeks before scheduling an induction. I wasn’t happy with it knowing that contractions with an induction are always ten times more painful than normal contractions and my hope to have a natural birth was possibly not going to happen. Also inductions fail 40 % of the time so the increased chance of a c-section and of placental abruption goes up too.

I did everything possible to induce labor at home, I played hopscotch, jumped rope, had sex,  ate spicy food, ate egg plant Parmesan, drank castor oil (YUCK!), went for long walks, had Reiki, had labor inducing massage, used holistic medication, took primrose oil, drank raspberry leaf tea and had my membranes stripped four times.  Alas nothing worked.

Sunday morning at 7:30 am I checked into the L and D department, it took two hours before they hooked me up to the Pitocin. My husband was there as was my Doula. For three hours I handled the contractions like a champ, breathing through the pain, welcoming each rush just like Ina May taught me. I tried to relax and focus on opening up like a flower. My husband massaged my back, told me he loved me, that I was beautiful and that I was doing a wonderful job, that I was amazing. My Doula played with my hair, reminding me to stay loose, that I was strong and great. Without them I don’t know how I would have gotten through the first three hours.

My doctor came in and checked me, said I had dilated to a four and that rupturing my bag of waters would speed my labor up. I agreed and had them place internal monitors on the baby so that they could check him out and I could move around more freely. Having my BOW broken was seriously gross, just one more nasty thing that happens during pregnancy and makes me really glad my husband loves me and thinks I am beautiful no matter what.

I labored for another hour or so after that unmedicated and made no change. At this time I opted to have the epidural, I felt like I had failed, but the contractions were so painful and they were coming so close together I was exhausted and near tears, my anxiety level through the roof. After the epidural I they turned off the pitocin and I continued to labor.  After I slept for a little over an hour they checked me, still no progress. This was especially frustrating since my Bishop score had been a 6 and my cervix was favorable towards the induction.

They turned back on the pitocin and after about forty five minutes turned it back off. My baby was having lates, where the baby’s heart rate drops after the contraction, and it looked like he was not handling labor well and they were concerned that he was not going to do well if we continued the induction. My doctor, who was totally pro VBAC told me we needed to have a c- section and they were worried my baby was in distress. I asked for evidence based care before consenting to the c- section and was given it. In fact the entire staff at my hospital was pleasant and pro my birth plan and choices.

I was taken into the OR and strapped in. I was cold, anxious and nauseated. I threw up on the operating table and my loving husband who is so perfect and good didn’t even flinch, he just cleaned up the puke from my hair and the side of my face. My husband was great, he talked to me about nonsense to distract me during the surgery. He then watched them pull our little boy out of my body (which really is the oddest sensation.) Our little Goblin started crying before he was even at the clean up table with the nurses. I got skin to skin contact while Boo held him next to my chest as they sewed me up.  It was then I started to shake uncontrollably, I told Boo to take him to the nursery as much as I wanted him kept with me.

My Doula came into the OR to stay with me. I basically went into shock, I was so cold my jaw ached from trying to keep it from chattering, every part of me was frozen and shaking. I could only whisper because words wouldn’t come out in normal tones. I was taken back to my room where my mom, dad and Doula were. They had to put warm blankets on me three different times until my shaking became something controllable.

I was starving by that time, but because I had been sick so many times they didn’t want me to eat. After I held down ice chips and water I drank down two cups of chicken broth which was the best thing I had ever eaten.   It was very stressful and traumatic for me. I mean it is major surgery and my reaction to the drugs and surgery were pretty horrible, I didn’t hold Little Precious for almost more than an hour after I got into the recovery room. However my Little Precious was born perfect though smaller than I would have thought. 

The nursing staff was excellent, my husband was wonderfully supportive and my Doula a gift from the Goddess. Over all still a better experience than my youngest daughter’s birth. 

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