Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Baby Bump Update 3 and Women's Rights.....again

Baby Bump Update # 3

So I am now 37 weeks pregnant and ready for it to be over.  Jareth has dropped down and is engaged and I am having tons of false labor contractions known as Braxton Hicks, preparing my uterus for labor. I am eating dates and drinking red raspberry leaf tea as well to help the process.

I am tired all the time and when I am not hungry I am nauseous.  I am currently two pounds lighter than I was when I got pregnant, but since I am plus size that isn’t that big a deal.

My best friend Turtle threw me a bomb ass baby shower this past Saturday and I got some amazing gifts from my friends and family, Boo’s family especially since they are all so damned crafty.

Boo tells me he is finally ready for the baby to come and is excited. I will be excited to not have to pee six times in one night. LOL Boo freezes at night and the electricity bill is ridiculously high since I am always so dang warm.  Also he would really like me to make Tacos for dinner and the thought seriously sickens me,
I have written a birth plan, we are doing a non medicated VBAC and have enlisted my good friend as a doula. I am very much looking forward to another natural birth like my first daughter.

So please little baby, it’s time to come now. Your mama is miserable and needs to no longer be pregnant.

Now onto something else:

I have been very sickened by watching the news and politics again. I hate harping on women’s rights over and over but I am tired of seeing more abortion and women’s health clinics being shut down and people thinking that it is any body’s business but the person making the decision about abortion and birth control. Personhood laws are crap. I am a pregnant woman and I can state with certainty that this baby was not a person until about two months ago. Even then, had he had something horribly wrong with him, like his skull was missing I would have had an abortion.

This is not just an American problem. A woman in Ireland tried to commit suicide rather than have her RAPISTS baby! And the law system there made her have it. She is currently under psychiatric care and has had no contact with her baby. What kind of world are we living in that a woman who is raped does not have the option to terminate thepregnancy? I will answer that. The kind of world where if you HAVE the kid your rapist can than sue for visitation and custody, that’s right.

Also I am sick to death of people bitching about women who breast feed in public.  Who cares? You damn pervert! Let the lady feed her child and if it disgusts you turn away. No one makes you put a blanket over your head when you eat and Goddess knows enough humans eat like sloppy gross pigs.  It is NOT offensive, it is simply a woman feeding her child, a child that a bunch of people would bitch about if she let scream because he or she was hungry.  If I have to see guys without their shirts on (most that SHOULD NOT BE) the American people can deal with a woman breast feeding her baby.  We don’t need to cover up and we don’t need to go somewhere else. It is a natural healthy thing to do and NO ONE should  have any say in it except the mother and child.

Well that’s my update and rant for today. Hope you have a lovely rest of your week and Bright Blessings

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mourning my Grandma

My grandma passed away Sunday August 3rd almost exactly a month shy of her 88th birthday. She had been in a home for a while and was slowly declining. At the end she was doped up on pain killers, didn’t speak, couldn’t feed herself or even get out of bed, so it was a good thing and her time.

I have not felt as sad as I thought I would, mainly because I have been preparing for this for over a year now and I know my grandma. I know she would have hated and been embarrassed to have other people take care of her.

My grandma was a feisty stubborn woman who raised my mom and uncle by herself and worked at the Alameda Hospital for over 30 years and didn’t like being taken care of. She watching cooking shows and even once told me she enjoyed Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. She was from Puerto Rico and came from a rather poor family. Her mother, Dolores could see the dead and speak to them. My grandma was always afraid of that and didn’t like to talk about it. Grandma was a fairly devote Catholic.

For me my grandmother dying is weird because she has always been there. My whole damn life.  From birth to 31, my grandma has helped me financially and emotionally she attended plays, recitals and graduations. She has fed and clothed me, taken me on vacations and shopping trips. There have been birthday and Christmas presents as well as “Don’t tell your mom” money.

My very favorite memories of my grandmother are:

When we were little (before 1997) she lived in a two story blue slightly rundown apartment in Alameda We visited her at least once a month. We would drive down with my mom and when we got there grandma always had rolls and roast beef and turkey so we could make sandwiches.  Then we would go shopping or sometimes to the beach.  We would have dinner at Sizzler and ice cream at Lourdes, and then come back to grandma’s house. Her apartment was a studio with a semi large kitchen and bathroom and we crowded into it, playing with our toys and a variety of odd stuffed animals my grandma always had all over the house.  In the morning we would have cereal with strawberries covered in sugar and hot chocolate, which my sisters and I would cram with as many marshmallows as possible. We would make sandwiches and pack them up for the three hour trip home.

Grandma has bought me Pleasures by Este Lauder (perfume) every Christmas from the time I was 16 until 30. Last year was the first year and knowing how depressed I was about it my mom and Boo both bought it for me.

My grandma always had a very specific smell and she had this old fashioned pink body powder container with a large white puff that my sisters and I would play with.

She had a Puerto Rican accent and I loved to listen to her talk, she would often lecture my mom about not eating right. She called me her Little Precious, because my mom was her Big Precious.

We went to Disneyland when I was about nine and I was so afraid of the deep scary voice in the Haunted Mansion ride she stood outside with me and waited for mom and my sisters to get done. When L and K came back excited I was so upset and then mom took me back through. I remember Grandma sitting with me on the bench just telling me that it was ok I was afraid but that she thought I would really enjoy myself.

There are so many more but I can’t think of any right now. I just had to put into words what an amazing, loving, funny and wonderful woman my grandma was and how much she will be missed.  My baby is coming within days of her birthday and I feel especially blessed knowing Jareth will make his entrance only a month or so after my grandma departed. Hopefully she sees him on the other side and sends him through safely with her blessings.