Friday, May 23, 2014

For Alicia- A poem of my Niece

My sister gave birth to a healthy baby girl. 6 pounds and 18 inches long. Such a tiny thing. It hit our family harder than we thought to place her with others. She is a joy and a beautiful baby and we are sorry to let her go, even if it is for the best.

They are naming her Alicia after our grandmother.

So Alicia....just in case you ever need to know, my muse came to me in the shower and I wrote this for you.

From Here to There

Long feet, tiny hands;

Multiple hearts surround you with warmth and gold bands.

Not unwanted, wanted more than we knew;

You leave us for the best but our hearts are blue.

Little girl, so small and so us;

Smells like concentrated baby sister, sour sweet and such a fuss.

So wanted, cannot let go;

Right now to keep you the quality of your life would be low.

Let go we must;

In others care we trust.

Into hands stable and true;

Love and family is now times two.

Not lost, found, from our hearts to theirs and back again;

Over time all will mend.

Your Mama’s nose, so your grandma’s too;

Hazy blue eyes, what color shall you choose?

Pale pink skin and tiny pathetic cry;

Hold you forever love you until we die.

This was just fate and meant to be;

Tiny baby girl one day you shall see.

Never away or far from our thoughts;

Small and precious sometimes love isn’t enough.

Blonde lashes and hair, lips the size of a dime;

We are all family bonded by blood and by time.

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