Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Baby Bump Update # 1

So I know this blog normally sticks to political and personal opinion stuff, but occasional I do blog about my personal life.  So once again this is my blog and if you don’t like what I have said here you can…I don’t know…choose NOT TO READ IT.

Any way over the next four months I am going to be doing Baby Bump Updates. You may care, you may not. Of course I will still be blogging whatever the fuck I feel like it in-between, but I just wanted to give you a warning that the blog may be swamped with baby crap until this little ones arrival in September.

I am currently just barely 21 weeks pregnant, the morning sickness is basically gone, aside from if I go too long without eating…Or if some other weird thing has happened. For example really fatty foods have a tendency to come back up and the baby HATES Taco Bell. Which is funny, since Evil Lia loved it.

I have only gained five pounds and find myself struggling to remind myself that the extra weight is all baby and even though I feel fat and ugly once this baby comes I will lose 20-30 pounds and can start working towards my weight goal again.  I have also developed acne for the first time in my life, so that combined with gray hair and turning a year older has made me feel a special brand of ugly.

We had an ultrasound two weeks ago and  received and 90 % chance that this is a boy, so my husband is quite excited, I however have a bit of fear in this regards. First off I have raised two daughters so a baby girl would simply be easier for me, and I have a perfect name picked out. I am terrified I won’t be able to raise a boy properly and cannot find a name I 100% love. So far the choices are Jareth, Rowan and Nicodemus…. My husband vetoed Demeterius (A Shakespeare name) and Mihail (a name from Vlad the Impaler’s family line). 

I also pretty much hate ALL boys’ clothes. So far I have bought four onsies that don’t make me want to cringe; thankfully I have found several sites full of baby Doctor Who stuff, while expensive much better than the crap I located at Target and Babies R Us.  I also hate the color blue, so I have decided to go with fall colors for the baby, crimson, gold, bronze, orange etc...Etc...

I really wanted a home birth with my brilliant midwife, but after a consultation with Dr. Silver and reading his letter we have decided to have a natural birth at a hospital because I am a plus size VBAC and my c-section scar doesn’t look great and I won’t know until 32 weeks if they will even allow me to try a vaginal delivery. I just hate to tell my midwife because she has been so great.  However this will set Boo’s mind at ease because he is quite concerned about something horrible happening during labor.

I was recently diagnosed with a bladder infection which is all kinds of uncomfortable and I was in the hospital for it on Monday the 5th, not a great way to spend Cinco de Mayo. 

I feel the baby move all the time and it always brings a smile to my face to feel him kicking, punching and squirming in there. I know many women who don’t like being pregnant and I am not one of them. While it takes too long for me, I do enjoy the sensation that a tiny person is growing inside me.   With Monkey going into fifth grade and Evil Lia starting Kindergarten I am very much looking forward to a new baby in the house.

 I am also looking forward to sharing this adventure with a good man who I am not worried about cheating on me or leaving me and ditching our children.  I think everything is going really good and my family is very strong right now, in fact things might be better now than they ever have been.
So that’s all for now. Wish me luck!

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