Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Penis Pumps Versus Birth Control

So this is a short one, mostly just a funny interesting food for thought piece.

Did you know that medicare and most insurances will cover items like Penis Pumps and Viagra? So tell me why these are OK, but there is an argument about whether or not female contraceptives should be covered.

It is quite a nice piece of hypocrisy and just goes to show that men's sexual needs far out weigh a woman's in our society. A religious organization can refuse to give me birth control on their insurance plan but can turn around and approve a Viagra subscription and no one will complain, nothing will be said, it is not even news worthy.

Congress and the Senate can spend hours, days and years debating my right to free "slut pills" but not one word is said about how tax payer money through medicare pays for penis pumps... Maybe it's because they are primarily a bunch of men....either way I find it ridiculous and bull shit.

How can our government officials says women are treated equally when an erection is still considered more important than whether I want an unwanted pregnancy and to be in control of my own body? This isn't even about my right to an abortion it is about the right for all women to have access to birth control at free or low cost. It is the least that men can do after making us put up with their four hour hard ons.

In fact I think it should all be covered! Birth control, Ciallis, penis pumps, whatever...I don't care...But it should be equal. The fact that I have to stand up and fight for my right to have birth control covered by my health care is ridiculous and I am almost shocked we are still talking about it.

Oh and for you conservatives please remember. Birth control is not used simply so women can have a ton of sex with all kinds of people. It is used in monogamous relationships when a baby is not wanted. It is also used to regulate periods, get rid of certain hormonal symptom and helps with Endometriosis relief.
So.... Suck it.


Penis Pumps cost Medicare over 172 million dollars from 2006-2011

This amount is excessive and it would be cheaper to buy it yourself...Remember they cut your food stamps but will pay for penis pumps!

Here is a list from 2012 of sexual health services covered for men. Now not all of these are covered by all insurance. I know DMBA will not cover a vasectomy. However I have come across approvals for most of these in several insurance companies I have worked for or done claims for.  Remember that until recently the pill, plan B and abortion (which still isn't) were not readily and favorably available for females.

Samantha Bee on  The Daily Show talks about Penis Pumps

Thank the Goddess for heathcare.gov

It is still not all inclusive, the government has set limits on who HAS to cover the birth control and those private insurances decide  what brands they will and will not cover.
"Some brands and methods of birth control are covered without co-pays and some aren’t. Health plans are allowed to limit free coverage to some generic drugs and devices. All other birth control options will continue to be available to you with co-pays." - Planned Parenthood

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