Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Babies Babies and More Babies

If you follow this blog then you know I am a advocate for natural birth and against unnecessary medical intervention. The USA has the highest maternal death rate of any first world country and women here are far to eager to schedule a c-section when one isn't even needed rather that try to do what the gods created their body for....push a baby out of the vagina!

But this post is not that kind of rant. This post is a happy post. Boo and I are having a baby. We are 12 weeks along and due September 13th. We are very excited and Evil Lia has already proclaimed she is getting a baby brother....Though we have about another four weeks until we know for sure.

I am pretty sick,tired and emotional, so that's always fun. lol

We already have a midwife and a wonderful Doula
and this time I shall be birthing this baby either at home or at a birthing center. So I wanted to give a tiny bit of promotion to the wonderful women who shall be helping us. So if you are in Utah and pregnant you should contact them.

Mary the Doula
- Who was there during my eldest daughters first birth and I am currently taking her wonderful child birth classes

Birth Rite Midwifery
- Our midwife Marci and the beautiful birthing center she has created.

Bright Blessings!

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