Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I am a Married Woman Now

I got married this weekend! Feb. 8th 2014

His mother cried when she hugged me.

I was told how beautiful I looked over and over.

We were married at a lovely venue with black, orange, purple and green center pieces and garlands made from book pages. We stood between two black tress with orange and purple lights while a slide show of libraries and book pages played behind us, it was so pretty and so Boo and I.

I wore a black lace dress with a necklace that quoted Dracula and a mini purple top hat. He wore a black suit with a purple bow tie. I had six bridesmaids plus my daughters while his brothers all stood up for him.
We wrote our own vows.

I quoted River Song from Doctor Who.

He told me how much he loved me.

There was dancing, cake, laughter, pictures…. It was perfect. We were surrounded by family and friends, I have never been so happy. This was my real wedding, not that thing I did before…This is my true husband, and it is almost as if I had never been married before.

We spent two nights downtown, had room service, ate at a breakfast buffet, lounged around, watched TV, laughed, talked, and slept. He got a migraine and was up half the night which was funny, afterwards…You know the whole “I have a headache” bit.

We went shopping, went to Sushi, and there was a huge fire downtown, which was interesting.

We received lovely presents and I cannot wait to send out thank you cards.

We hung out with my parents on Monday since they had to go back to California Tuesday; we had a nice quite day. Though I wish my mom could have stayed longer.

The girls have a father now who will never leave them and loves them more than I thought would be possible and I have a husband who is brilliant, perfect and kind. I know we will have ups and downs but I also know we will work together to make our life happy, content and forever.

It is such a wonder to be to be able to share my joy with you all, I know I sound sappy, but this was a long time coming. So many ups and downs, so much drama to get to this moment. I wish this sort of happiness on all of you out there.

Now we will begin a new chapter, he wants to adopt the girls and we want to have a baby.

Bright Blessings.

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