Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Timed Tests in School- More Test Anxiety

Time Tests = Extra Test Anxiety
I got my daughter’s second quarter report card and four of her grades went down. This is quite upsetting for me because I didn’t hear one word from the teacher that her grades were going down until the damn report card.

After researching it I found out everything is fine but her test scores are bad.
When I was in school if you failed a test you had to take it home and have a parent sign it, and when I was struggling my mother heard from my teachers. Going from an a to a c- is not normal. So needless to say I am really angry today about American Education. When your child starts to flounder in school isn’t the teacher’s job to help them and inform the parent that there is a problem? You know BEFORE the report card is issued?

Sure SEP conferences are coming up…AFTER the grades are final, where I get a lousy ten minutes to go over all my child has done the past three months, but I digress.

With my eldest I know some of it is all the changes going on here, she had similar issues after her bio dad left. The difference was:  THAT teacher seemed to give a shit and contacted me as soon as she noticed Monkey’s grades dropping and we were able to get her back on track.

Then I find out that Monkey is failing tests, I thought public schools now looked for symptoms of text anxiety. My daughter tells me she feels sick to her stomach before a test and sometimes the tests are timed so she spends more time worried about the clock and finishing then she does getting the answers right.
I hate tests to begin with since I don’t feel that they accurately represent how well my child understands concepts…more like how well my child can barf them back on paper.

So what good is a timed test actually doing for my daughter? I find the answer to be a whole lot of nothing.

Article on how timed MATH tests don’t help

Articles on why Standardized tests are unfair

Tips on How to Deal with Test Anxiety
Be prepared
Be Confident
Be Comfortable
Don’t Cram
Be Relaxed
Take a Snack
(These are all great if not impractical or impossible to do/control)

Does your child have Test Anxiety? Here are some symptoms
Rapid heart beat
Dry mouth
Test avoidance
Low Self esteem

Though honestly I think the whole education system needs a rework, where tests are not a big deal, teachers are paid more and a happier more relaxed environment is created. I guess the school system needs more money, if only the government were not doing stupid things like spending money and time on anti-abortion bills, and put money back into the economy by oh… making pot legal and taxing it like cigarettes.