Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fake Hymens and Purity Balls

Fake Hymens and Purity Dances.

It is amazing the weird products created for women. I find creepy things all the time that I am supposed to use of myself, put in myself and enjoy having done to myself, most sound freaky, uncomfortable and weird…Like eye jewelry and permanent make up tattoos.

I am sure there are some odd products for guys too, however in the male end of things I mainly see adds for penis enlargement and hard on medication…So if you have seen a male product that is just so bizarre you wanna share it here, please do.

However today I want to discuss two things I find very strange in this modern day culture.

This first is this


It is a fucking fake hymen! You insert it and it makes you tighter, when your partner penetrates you it leaks a small amount of fluid that looks like blood. OMG, gross.

I can understand this being used in countries where going to your marriage bed a non-virgin would get you stoned or worse but c’mon. ANY WHERE ELSE THIS IS HORRIBLE. (Well its horrible EVERYWHERE honestly.)

Do we really live in a day and age where being a virgin is important and coveted? I mean really? Guys ask yourself this, do you seriously wanna bed down with a girl who doesn’t know what she is doing, cries, cringes and basically doesn’t want you to touch for the next hour or so cause she is bleeding and sore? Yeah… I didn’t think so. (Not that this ALWAYS happens FYI.)

I mean sure, we all have to be virgins once, and men may not want to marry/boff/kill (thanks 30 rock) slutty girls…. But I have been a virgin and I wouldn’t go back to that for anything and I don’t think my boyfriend would like it either.

I can also see this as being used in some very realistic role playing…. “Please be gentle with me I don’t know what I’m doing.” You know the rest…. Still I can’t help feeling this is a dirty (and not in a fun way) sick item to be able to purchase. If my partner ever asked me to use one they might find themselves single again really soon.

Virginity isn’t bad, in fact not giving it up to the first person who you feel sexy tingles for is probably a good idea, but it also isn’t a special “gift” for a “special” person to unwrap. Women have a dark cloud hanging over themselves because their worth is often times wrapped up in the idea of an intact hymen, this is wrong. What if you were raped? Or you lost it horseback riding, falling on a fence or during gymnastics? Or what if you simply have a healthy active sex life and enjoy your body?

This product, the people that make it and the website are funny, gross and offensive all at the same time.

Now let us talk about this:



Purity Balls/Dances/Rings

In case you don’t know what I am talking about here is the gist. In many conservative and Christian households (many not all and not only) fathers present their daughters with a purity ring (or even nastier a key and lock combo…ewww)…This ring means that the father has control over the daughter’s virginity and in theory the ability to present said ring and daughter to a man who he deems worthy…you know…eventually.

Many times the giving and receiving of this jewelry takes place on a daddy/daughter date or dance where the girls and their father’s dress up like its prom.

While daddy/daughter dates I don’t so much have an issue with as long as dad and daughter are in street clothes and just spending quality time together. I do find these balls to be eerie and disturbing. There are commitment to purity ceremonies and all kinds of ritual like acts to get girls and their fathers to promise to keep the girl’s purity safe.

This is overly sexual for me, it borders on inappropriate. I get not wanting your daughter to go around whoring herself out, I can even understand wanting her to wait until she gets married. I do not understand why you have to dress up, make it a huge deal and sign paperwork.

A father should not really be that into his daughter’s sex life. As a mother I want my daughter to feel comfortable talking to me about sex and boys, but I also don’t want her to feel ashamed and worried because I have made this HUGE deal out of it.

Can you imagine the guilt if the daughter has sex with a boy a few years later, or is raped? What is to stop a father from taking a very dominant over bearing stance now that he is in complete control of his little girl’s virginity?

Tell me, why aren’t boys made to do the same thing? If you want your daughter to sign a pledge to keep her legs together until marriage shouldn’t your sons also pledge to keep it in their pants equally so? Another thing, this is strictly for heterosexual girls…cause you can’t possibly lose your virginity to another woman, right? NOT.

Again this idea over sexualizes the father/daughter relationship. We have long since passed the time when dads owned their daughters until the “right” man came along. I find purity culture just trying to strangle liberal females and place all women back where they were 50 or more years ago.

I have included some pictures… so enjoy, and if I don’t post again until after Christmas have a happy Winter Holiday.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Witchy Wonderland- FREE ON KINDLE

Hey everyone my Christmas Erotica is Free on Kindle today and tomorrow


This is an 18 k word romantic erotic novella (Erotica mean there is a LOT OF SEX) porn for women lol

Alexandra spent her whole life knowing that on Yule, the year she turned 21, she would marry her childhood playmate and friend, Roland Valentine. In their coven, arranged marriages were just the way of the world and something she was afraid of and yet looking forward to.

Alexandra knew Roland wasn’t keen on the idea of being forced into marriage, something he makes clear on their wedding night. Despite how amazing they are together in the bedroom, Alexandra realizes she will have to fight to win his love. And she doesn’t want to spend Christmas, much less the rest of her life, with someone who is convinced all they can have together is magic and great sex.

Can Alexandra melt Roland’s icy heart in time for Christmas? Or will she be bound to a man who will always resent her for taking away his freedom

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Twisted Science- If you didn't think Nazi's were evil before....

I don’t know if this is in bad taste or not, seeing as Hanukkah just started, but I just felt too strongly to ignore it.

My boy sent me an article that talks about the origins of the statement “women can’t get pregnant from legitimate rape.” A doctor named Stieve, under the Nazi regime, did experiments on executed prisoners (Jews and political “treason” prisoners) trying to show that during times of stress women didn’t ovulate. He did “autopsies” on dead women (some pregnant) and used their tissue, bones and cells for his research. He kept a fucking list! 187 people, eight men and the rest women of reproductive age.

First off let us discuss that the trauma in a concentration camp and the stress/starvation/conditions that those poor people suffered under is NOTHING like rape. I am not saying rape is not traumatic…IT IS! However it is very very different. A woman about to ovulate and then told, "Hey see this gas chamber? You're turn to die!" then saying “ha ha! Gotcha!” is quite a bit different and the science behind it is flawed and unethical.

Now these were things I kind of already knew; Nazi's a are and they did horrid things to people.

I did not know how many doctors at dozens of University’s played into the practice of using political prisoners or people from concentration camps for their weird experiments and “research." In fact in many University’s in Germany, Poland, Austria and Vienna tissue samples and cells from these people are still being used as educational tools. These are victims whose families have no idea what happened to them and never got a proper burial. These are people who did not consent to leaving their bodies to science. These were children and adults, men and women who were considered traitors or sub-human.

I always thought those experiments were done at the camps, I didn’t realize that doctors sometimes came and selected people to either die or do hard labor or go for their twisted “research.” A doctor named Mengele preferred twins. He would stand on a ramp choosing who lived and died and take twins. The twins were treated well (you know considering they were still in a concentration camp) until they were taken away and given injections of diseases, killed just to poke at their bodies, dyes were dripped into their eyes to see if the color could be changed, some had operations done that left them disfigured or paralyzed…these surgeries were often done without anesthetic.

This is not the history they teach us in school and it should be. People need to be aware that the Nazi’s were really bad. I mean I always knew they were villains; Holocaust, gas chambers, Anne Frank, Hitler and his perfect white blonde blue eyed race….You read brief encounters of lamp shades made from human skin and soap made from human remains and scoff it MUST be urban legend. In school they talk about the war and how long it lasted. They don’t show you lists of names and pictures of the people who were basically tortured and killed for NO DAMN REASON. Nazi's and the people who were ok with their practices were plain and simple; EVIL.

There was another doctor named Kreme who conducted experiments on hunger, he personally selected over 10 thousand people for death. Another named Hallervorden bragged he had over 100,000 brain samples all taken from people killed in the T-4 killings (I had to look it up, it was a Nazi program for killing psychiatric patients).

Doctor Heinrich Gross did experiments on children from the infant’s ward of a famous hospital, over 700 kids were killed at the hospital and he is responsible for a lot of them. He was later given awards for his research that were stripped after his death and investigations into his crimes. He didn’t die until 2002!

In the 1980’s so many of these Universities were still using the unethically taken samples people began to revolt. There were protests, rally’s, papers written, all trying to get these University’s to inspect their collects and find samples taken from the Nazi time period and find out who they were, how they died and bury them properly. Only some of the University’s complied and it took over ten years to see ANY progress. The mind set of most were to just ignore it and sweep it under the rug. Who wants to be the person that admits, “Yes many scientific studies and cures are based on samples taken from those slaughtered during Hitler’s rule.”

As of 2005 only 14 of the 31 universities suspected in using prisoners of war bodies in scientific (a term I use loosely) research have actually done full investigations into their collections. So who knows how many Nazi-era victims could have bits of themselves lingering in old basements or perhaps being actively used in education….RIGHT NOW.

Then there is the Pernkopf Atlas a huge medical book, I have actually seen many of the drawings from and that current medical students and healthcare professionals use today. It is one of the best detailed books of the human body. The guy who wrote it was a Nazi, there are Nazi symbols in the original book that have been air brushed out of newer copies and it is believed most of the bodies in the drawings were painted while the guy cut up and examined over 1300 victims of execution chambers in Vienna!

Horrifically most of these doctor (most, not all, some did serve time), saw not one year of prison time, were not persecuted for crimes and until their deaths had a everyone-was-doing-it why-should-we-care attitude. Some of the victims have been figured out and looking at their pictures turn them from numbers in a book to real flesh and blood for me. I feel sad inside and wish there was something I could do. There isn’t. I don’t have a Tardis and I don’t have enough money to make an impact. What I can do is raise awareness.

Don’t put your head in a hole, humans have done serious atrocities since we began on this Earth and Nazi-era Germany is one of them. I hope whatever Gods they believed in took no mercy when deciding their punishments.

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