Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I am Thankful Part 4

Thanksgiving is two day away and I still have to get a pie, rolls and egg nog… Yikes! However with this holiday so close this will be my last I am thankful blog. The first thanksgiving is a history lesson basted in conflict. Sure it’s about pilgrims and Native Americans eating together, peace, harmony and all that bull shit. However, can you really look at the story and not remember how badly the pilgrims FUCK the Native Americans afterwards?
For me I simply have to take this iconic American history tale and turn it into a season to remember all that we are thankful for….not that I ever forget…But like Christmas it’s just a time to make sure we realize how blessed we are to have things and people in our lives that make a positive impact. So Happy Thanksgiving to all! Even if you are not in America, there is no reason not to give thanks.

This past seven days I have been thankful for:

My Writing- I feel like I am a good writer. I haven’t been mainstream published yet, but my self-published novels on amazon sell pretty well. If you are interested you can go look them up.

Rose Blossom- is a YA vampire paranormal romance

After Realm - is an urban gothic retelling of the 12 dancing princesses

Princess of Death- is a dark epic fantasy

Servant of Death- is the sequel to Princess of Death (Four Part Series)

Witchy Wonderland- Is a magical erotic a romance…erotica means LOTS OF SEX.
Unchaste Phantasies - a short story collection of erotica.

Pleasant memories of my sisters- My sisters and I don’t always get long or agree, in fact I usually just feel left out of their lives completely, but I do cherish the good memories I have of them.

Modern Medicine - We have so many advances in medicine it really is a great thing….However I was thankful for medicine this week because I have had to world’s worst cold for six days and the only reason I am a functioning person is for the blessing of cold medicine. Now if only they could find a damn cure.

My dad- I have two dads (soon to have a third…father-in-law!) My biodad who is the blood and bones reason I am alive and my step dad….I am thankful for my step dad because he married my mom, taking on three little girls, all who had emotional issues and baggage following the divorce. He has helped me with homework, paid for my food, healthcare, home, clothes etc..etc.. He was there when each of my daughter’s was born, put a new roof on my house and answered all kinds of panic laced calls like, “What should I do if the shower is clogged?” and “the roof is leaking, how do I fix it?”

My grandparents- I have been very blessed in this aspect. I grew up with many grandparents. My real dad’s parents, I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with, but I do have some fond memories of them. My step dad’s parents are still alive and I communicate with them as often as I can. My mom’s mom is alive (though really not doing well) and she was like a second mother to me at times, helping when life was stressful and always being there. My family isn’t big, but the family I have is well loved and I am thankful for them.

Four Day weekends- I don’t feel I need an explanation for this lol

The internet- Again, if you are reading my BLOG I shouldn’t have to explain this.

So have a very happy thanksgiving, eat and be merry…But don’t eat green bean casserole, that shit is evil.

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