Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I am Thankful Part 4

Thanksgiving is two day away and I still have to get a pie, rolls and egg nog… Yikes! However with this holiday so close this will be my last I am thankful blog. The first thanksgiving is a history lesson basted in conflict. Sure it’s about pilgrims and Native Americans eating together, peace, harmony and all that bull shit. However, can you really look at the story and not remember how badly the pilgrims FUCK the Native Americans afterwards?
For me I simply have to take this iconic American history tale and turn it into a season to remember all that we are thankful for….not that I ever forget…But like Christmas it’s just a time to make sure we realize how blessed we are to have things and people in our lives that make a positive impact. So Happy Thanksgiving to all! Even if you are not in America, there is no reason not to give thanks.

This past seven days I have been thankful for:

My Writing- I feel like I am a good writer. I haven’t been mainstream published yet, but my self-published novels on amazon sell pretty well. If you are interested you can go look them up.

Rose Blossom- is a YA vampire paranormal romance

After Realm - is an urban gothic retelling of the 12 dancing princesses

Princess of Death- is a dark epic fantasy

Servant of Death- is the sequel to Princess of Death (Four Part Series)

Witchy Wonderland- Is a magical erotic a romance…erotica means LOTS OF SEX.
Unchaste Phantasies - a short story collection of erotica.

Pleasant memories of my sisters- My sisters and I don’t always get long or agree, in fact I usually just feel left out of their lives completely, but I do cherish the good memories I have of them.

Modern Medicine - We have so many advances in medicine it really is a great thing….However I was thankful for medicine this week because I have had to world’s worst cold for six days and the only reason I am a functioning person is for the blessing of cold medicine. Now if only they could find a damn cure.

My dad- I have two dads (soon to have a third…father-in-law!) My biodad who is the blood and bones reason I am alive and my step dad….I am thankful for my step dad because he married my mom, taking on three little girls, all who had emotional issues and baggage following the divorce. He has helped me with homework, paid for my food, healthcare, home, clothes etc..etc.. He was there when each of my daughter’s was born, put a new roof on my house and answered all kinds of panic laced calls like, “What should I do if the shower is clogged?” and “the roof is leaking, how do I fix it?”

My grandparents- I have been very blessed in this aspect. I grew up with many grandparents. My real dad’s parents, I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with, but I do have some fond memories of them. My step dad’s parents are still alive and I communicate with them as often as I can. My mom’s mom is alive (though really not doing well) and she was like a second mother to me at times, helping when life was stressful and always being there. My family isn’t big, but the family I have is well loved and I am thankful for them.

Four Day weekends- I don’t feel I need an explanation for this lol

The internet- Again, if you are reading my BLOG I shouldn’t have to explain this.

So have a very happy thanksgiving, eat and be merry…But don’t eat green bean casserole, that shit is evil.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Reclaim the Princess

Reclaiming the Princess
Mulan is NOT a Princess lol
I want to start out with a disclaimer: I am not saying Princess Culture isn’t a bad thing. It totally can be, sexism and equality are ALWAYS things women will struggle with and this is depressing. However I think that treating little girls (or boys) who want to be a Princess with an attitude of negativity is not quite the way to handle things either.

Recently on websites like jezebel and other liberal and feminist sites I see a TON of princess bashing. Negative statements in regards to girls who like princesses and topics that are anti-princess.

Sure when I hear Princess I think, pink, ball gown, crown, prince charming, sparkles…But I also think, fairy tale, strong, independent and powerful, make believe. (Key Word Here)
As a mother it is up to me to explain to my daughters that being a princess is fine as long as the word BEAUTIFUL does not define who and what you are.

Children should be allowed to play with what they want (provided it is not dangerous or inappropriate i.e mom and dad’s sex toys lol) and idolize who they want. As parents it is our job to make sure WE are teaching our children values and morals and not allowing TV and movies to do it for us.

My youngest daughter loves Pocahontas but she also thinks Doctor Who is bad ass.
My eldest daught
er loves Barbie and Sleeping Beauty; she also wants to be like Abby from NCIS. Who am I, or anyone else, to tell her that she can’t like Princesses because they are demoralizing and anti-feminist blah blah blah.

As a feminist myself I take offense to women who say things negative against Disney princesses and other princess paraphernalia. I grew up on Disney and my body issues don’t have anything to do with Snow White’s little waist, they are more about the covers of magazines I used to see in all the stores and being told fat girls are not pretty. I actually enjoyed the times I could lose myself in a fairy tale…because the girls all seemed to have happy endings.

Now I know what you’re saying…They all end up with Prince Charming, doesn’t this reinforce the damsel in distress mentality, that all women need a man?

I guess it can…I mean if the only thing your kid EVER watches/reads/listens to is stories where the princess is rescued and gets married. (Though that’s just love and there is nothing wrong with WANTING to get married and have a family).

As a young girl I also liked She-ra, Rainbow Bright, Mary Poppins and Bedknobs and Broomsticks, at no time did I go:

“Huh I wish I was fighting a war where no one can know who I really am. I wish I could poop colored lights, Man it would be SWEET to have an umbrella that talked back and gee wiz I sure wanna be a Spinster with a mean cat.” (Okay MAYBE that last one.)

Stop taking the princess thing so seriously! They are fairy tales! They are cartoons; they are simply for pleasure and enjoyment. If you really are worried about your daughter thinking she can only be pretty and rescued then introduce some stronger female role models into her life and tell her she can have both. Women can be whoever they want to be, love whoever they want to and do whatever they want to do.

So fight back for the Princess! Take it back, own it! Like in the Vagina Monologues and Reclaiming Cunt, Reclaim Princess, it can be what you want it to be, it doesn’t have to be the image of the pretty stupid girl who is constantly waiting for some man to save her and has to be thin and perky.

She can be a Zombie Princess ( my daughter was one year), Princess of the Dinosaurs, Princess of Bath Time…or better yet she can be QUEEN…Remember, Princesses usually become Queens, and Queens are AWESOME.

The following is a list I created of Disney Princesses and why I think they are a good role modelS. These are my personal opinions BTW. When I mention skills like cooking and cleaning please do not be offended. I think EVERYONE should have these skill sets.

Snow White- survives a night in the woods by being resourceful and using her skills talking to animals to for help, has skills: cooking and cleaning, tames and puts up with seven angry dirty men, has a good kind heart and is friendly.

Sleeping Beauty- is rebellious and does her own thing, even if that is simply dancing and making animal friends, is friendly, is kind, doesn’t want to conform to rules, i.e. freaks when told she has a destiny she HAS to follow, I mean WTF. Wears blue.

Jazmine- outspoken, sarcastic, smart, witty, doesn’t like to obey predestined rules. She is passionate and friendly, loves her father. Like, she runs away and tries to take control of her own life! (Not that we want our kids to run away, but you get the drift.)

Ariel- has hobbies, doesn’t want to conform to society, makes friends easily, enjoys figuring things out for herself, a rebel. (Yes, yes…a girl giving up her voice for a man LAME…But come on she is only like 16! Who doesn’t do stupid stuff at SOME point?)

Cinderella- hard worker, she does what needs to be done…I mean she might not like her living arrangement but she makes the most out of a bad situation, makes friends, is kind even when others are horrible to her. Has a good skill set; cooking, cleaning, laundry, caring for farm animals. (Even I can’t do that.)

Rapunzel- reads, sews, plays chess, climbs, paints, pottery, candle making, cooks, cleans…She does IT ALL. She is educated, interesting and adventurous while still being sweet, selfless, friendly and fierce. (Plus she has gotta be a weight lifter with all that HAIR!)

Tiana - sarcastic, has common sense, has business sense, she is friendly, though a little more abrupt than some of the other princesses and has her feet planted in the ground…No nonsense attitude. (Doesn’t believe in magic at first, even while a FROG is talking to her.)

Merida- active, strong, passionate, a little too rebellious, she can take care of herself, though she really needed to take at least SOME time to brush her hair. She has hobbies, she is athletic, and she is fearless. (Needed to respect her mom a bit more though…)

Pocahontas- strong, she knows her own mind, she loves animals and equality, she can take care of herself and enjoys nature. She is peaceful and loving but knows there is a time to take control; she is a bit wild and rebellious, knows how to row a canoe and swim. (Doesn’t wind up with a Prince or any love interest at the end of the first movie.)

Belle- a reader, quiet, introverted, friendly, kind, good natured, a bit rough around the edges, likes to explore, wants adventure, doesn’t flip her lid at the talking furniture, keeps her word. (Rescues her prince instead of the other way around.)

Sure they all have some issues…but this is just like REAL PEOPLE. They also are not the only fictional Princesses out there, some are even more awesome….Princesses do NOT have to be like Bella from Twilight.

Princess Leia (Star Wars)
Princess Mia (Princess Diaries)
Princess Fiona (Shrek)
Princess Ozma (Oz)
Princess Buttercup (Princess Bride0
Princess Cimorene (Enchanted Forest Chronicles)
Princess Anya (Anastasia)
Princess Odette (The Swan Princess)
Princess Adora ( She-ra)
Xena Warrior Princess

And again if you need some perspective think about this.
If your daughter loved my little ponies would you have the same issues? There are Princesses in that too. It’s all pink and sparkly and very much geared towards little girls. Honestly I would rather watch Little Mermaid than another episode of My Little Ponies…Twilight Sparkle, yuck.

If your son played with GI Joes would you worry that all he thought men were capable of was fighting, battle and other macho habits?

In the end children need to grow up knowing that everyone is equal and we can all do whatever we want with our lives…Whether we idolize Snow White or Jem (did I just date myself?). Whether we are into Monster High or Barbie (My eldest likes both!). Teaching children the difference between play time and real life is a parent’s job…just let them be kids…

Here are some links. Most are doing what I mentioned at the front of my blog. Taking a Stand that this thing called Princess Culture is Horrible.




Raising a boy in Princess Culture


Standing up for the Princess (Kind of)


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I Am Thankful Part 3

I am Thankful Part Three

This November I really am trying to think about all the things that makes my life worth living and all the great things I have in my life that cast a positive spin on things.

Here is what I was thankful about the last week:

My FiancĂ©e- he has shown me that family can be loving, welcoming, warm and drama free. He has taught me that I deserve to be loved and am worthy of a soul burning, passionate and comfortable love that I don’t have to worry about. He is a good father and companion, is brilliant, dorky, perfect and best of all, completely mine.

My House- sure it’s old and messy and needs about 1000 repairs and upgrades…but I have brought babies home to that house, I have watched my daughter’s grow in that house. There have been parties, crying friends, laughter, sex, fights and well…my LIFE in that house. I bet each of my friends has a positive and negative story they could tell about my house…Oh and it’s NOT haunted, so that’s a plus.

My Mom- she is one of my best friends, she is always there for me and always laughs at my stupid jokes and ridiculous comments. She is honest (sometimes brutally) and I can depend on her to snap me out of irrational thought processes…I don’t know what I would do without her.

The Weekend- yeah not as emotional as the past three but come on! Can you imagine a world where you never got a day off. On Friday I am always so grateful that I have two days to unwind and breathe.

My Phone- again super shallow, but my phone allows me to communicate with all the people I love and that is important to me…It also allows me to know the count down to the doctor who 50th anniversary special, which is ALSO very important. Lol

My Daughters- they truly are some of the brightest points in my life. My Princess who is moody, kind, quiet, sweet, sarcastic and helpful and my Monster Child who is funny, abrupt, loud, mean and adorable. Being a mother is one of the most amazing aspects of my life.

Magic- I am a witch…Last night I was reading Tarot about the wedding and feeling power course through my veins. I am thankful there is magic in the world, whether you believe in it or not.

What are YOU thankful for this week?
Bright Blessings

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I am Thankful Part Two

I am Thankful Part Two

Well the first part went over really well, over 50 views! I guess people do like reading about good news…or I have creepy stalkers…You never know. Lol

I have been pretty stressed, with wedding planning, family drama and work being on super busy over load….It is nice to think about those things that make me happy, grateful to be alive and are just good and pleasant.

Especially after reading about people dying all over from gun shootings and even MORE stupid abortion laws and everyone complaining about Obamacare. GIVE IT UP PEOPLE. Health care for the masses is a GOOD IDEA, give the president a break…sheesh, so the website sucks, it’s getting better…. *sigh*

So here is a list of things I was thankful for this past week and some fun stats and anecdotes to go along with them!

My Job
I work at Healthport.
I process medical records for Intermountain Health Care
I hate working cause I really just want to get a book published mainstream, but it’s not a bad job, just a lot of work and stress.
The money is good.

Duran Duran took their name from a mad scientists in the movie Barbarella.
The first pop video was Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, released in 1975.
The Carpenters signature song, We’ve Only Just Begun, was originally part of a television commercial for a California bank.

Laughter is an instinctive behavior, produced and recognized by people of all cultures.
Laughter strengthens the body’s ability to fight disease.
Laughing 100 times has the same effect on the body as being on a rowing machine for 10 minutes or a stationary bike for 15 minutes.

Good Food
In the last two years dating my boo I have tried Sushi( and liked it), Indian food (and been less than impressed with most of it), Ethiopian food (which was pretty good) and have been to over ten restaurants I had never been to before, trying over a dozen foods I had never had.

Este Pizza, Sugar House Barbeque, Magic Soup (Mi la Cai-Noodle House) Yellow Finn and Wings Nuts are my favorite places to eat right now. If you come to Salt Lake that’s where I recommend you go.

Boo and I also enjoy experimenting with new recipes. He has made me fish chowder, duck, chicken wings from scratch, homemade vinaigrette, chicken pot pies, potato soup, meat less chili, potato bacon pizza, corn fritters and a long list of other stuff. While I have tried my hand (some good, some not) at several greek and german dishes as well as paleo ones, low fat recipes and other dishes.

Good Weather
There is enough energy in one bolt of lightning to power a home for two weeks
It is possible to see a rainbow at night
The winter of 1932 in the US was so cold that Niagara Falls froze completely solid

Boo and I will be married in less than three months

Our wedding is themed literary with Halloween colors; black, green, purple and orange

I am wearing a black lace wedding dress and the flowers are all made of old book pages

We are planning to honey moon in March in San Diego.

Well I hope I made you warm and fuzzy inside. Bright Blessings!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November Fourth was my 1 year Blogoversary! GIVEAWAY

I cannot believe I friggin missed it! I can't believe it's been a year since I started blogging on here and I still love it! lol

A year later and I have 53 followers

61 posts

and my page has been viewed almost 5 thousand times!

So because of this occasion I have a special surprise for all of you who read my blog.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Share it if you want!


Bright Blessings and hopefully another years.

Every year I Blog I will up the amount of the gift card. :)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I am Thankful Part One

I am Thankful

I know that it’s a popular facebook trend to write every day what we are thankful for. But what if we took it a little further? I have decided for November once a week to show case the things I am thankful for with a little history behind them.
This week I have been thankful for
-My car
-My friends
-My cats
-My Books

I am NOT thankful for a country where women are still treated as second class citizen and abortion is still a topic of debate. I am NOT thankful that I feel helpless because aside from this blog and the occasional donation there is not much I can do.

I have read so many disturbing articles of late that make me sad and angry, school shootings, mall shootings, women who spend thousands of dollars trying to get out of state for abortions, stupid laws made by simple minded ass hole conservatives…. That this November I needed to take a deep breath and a break. I am planning a wedding and it is stressful. My sister is pregnant and it is stressful, money is stressful… everything seems bleaker than normal in the world of politics.

So here are some fun facts to take our mind off of all this anger and darkness swamping the land.

People had to sit still for eight hours for the first pictures to be taken
The cigarette lighter was created before the match
It takes six months to build a rolls Royce and 13 hours to build a Toyota

Snoring occurs only when someone is in non REM-sleep
Most of what we know about sleep we've learned in the past 25 years
In insomnia following bereavement, sleeping pills can disrupt grieving.

The average person reads less than one book a year (NOT ME)
People who spend time mostly reading become more sociable than those who do not.

A group of cats is called a “clowder”
Cats make about 100 different sounds. Dogs make only about 10
Many Egyptians worshipped the goddess Bast, who had a woman’s body and a cat’s head

My Car
Is named Mels after Melody Amy’s best friend in Dr Who since when she becomes River Song she uses psychedelic red lipstick
Is a Red 2007 Toytoa Rav 4
I only have her because my BFF wrecked my other car. LOL

My Friends
Between my close friends and I we have a total of thirteen children.
All of my BFF’s have either had a child out of wedlock or have been divorced at least once, except the lesbian…go figure.
Out of all of my very close friends only two of them are Christians

Bright Blessings!