Thursday, October 3, 2013

The I am so glad it's Fall Book Promotion!

Good Fall Everyone!

In celebration of my favorite time of the year and the fact that the 1.5 of the Three Provinces Series, Servant of Death come out at the end of the month...

Princess of Death Will be free for five days starting this Saturday!

Please pick it up, tell your friends and pass it along!

Enter the world of Sumerian mythology...

Ereshkigal was born in the dark, destined to have powers over death and destruction. As the princess of a land divided into light, grey, and dark, she will never be queen. Instead, her parents dote on her younger sister Ishtar, who was born in the grey land.

After meeting an intriguing demon prince, Ereshkigal embarks on many adventures including visiting a haunted plantation, an attack by zombies, and defeating an evil sorceress. These trials lead her to start a revolution to free her land of darkness from the stifling oppression brought on by the grey and light.

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