Monday, October 21, 2013

Sexist Search Engines

So the United Nations Women Campaign has a new add. Where they take a women’s face and leave her mouth as a search engine box and duplicate the horrible things that come from real searches.
Try it on Google, try it on Bing. I guarantee you find awfulness. I did it myself and was shocked at the gender inequality that is found in something so mundane.

Do it yourself and post the results YOU find in the comments.

When running this search the top six were:

Women Need To
-know their place
-know about men
-stop hating
- be forked
- feel desired
When I searched Women Cannot the tops answers were
- Be priests
- Vote
- Be trusted
- Have it all
- Speak in church
- Sleep
How about searching Women Shouldn’t, also pretty awful
- Fight in combat
- Have rights
- Whistle
- Play sports
- Wear pant
- vote
When running this about men it was an interesting/scary comparison.
Men need to
-feel desired
-be loved
- feel needed
- learn to talk
- grow up
- chase

Men cannot:
- Be left alone
- Get hard
- Build muscle after 35
- Multitask
- Live on bread alone
- Be faithful
Men Shouldn’t
-hit women
- get married
- pay more for car insurance
- wear women’s clothes
- eat soy

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Back Dated Friday Five!

I really do love this Friday Five thing, but with love, work, kids, and life sometimes I don’t get to do it on Friday. So here is the last three weeks!

1. When (and why) did you last intentionally throw food onto the floor or ground? With my kids at the park, we were feeding geese

2. To whom did you last throw a canned or bottled beverage? Ummm…I actually have no idea. I threw a milk bottle at my ex-husband about three years ago lol

3. When did you last throw a ball? I threw a piece of paper wadded up into a ball for my cat a few days ago. He likes to play fetch

4. When someone throws you a set of keys, how confident are you while those keys are in midair that you will catch them and be cool doing it? half and half. Sometimes I am like Geena Davis in ALOTO and sometimes I am like eeek those will hurt!

5. What’s something you regret throwing away? I don’t really regret throwing anything away. If it has been thrown away there is a good reason for it.

6. What was the last t-shirt you acquired because it identified you as a member of a specific group? (you know, like a faculty t-shirt if you’re a teacher, or a class t-shirt if you’re a student, or a volunteer t-shirt for some event you helped with…) I bought a Dr. Who t shirt which ID’s me as a whovian lol…I bought a shirt that had the Discover Card logo on it so I could “dress” down at work about four years ago.

7. What was the last event for which you filled out a HELLO MY NAME IS nametag? I have no idea, probably a party and probably for fun

8. Besides websites and personal computers, how many things do you have passwords or combinations for in order to prove you’re authorized? I have a key card to enter certain places at my work…. I used to have an entry code for my daughter’s day care.

9. What was the last thing you wrote your name on so that people would know it belonged to you? My training manual at work

10. What was the last thing you put your name on so people would know you supported a cause, or were a member of a side? My friggin blog and about half dozen petitions. One of my BFF’s held the Rally to Improve Birth this year and I signed my name to that

11. How would you describe your skin? Peaches n cream, fairly soft, covered in freckles

12. As a teenager, what was your acne like? Not horrible…I have decent skin

13. When did you last escape something by the skin of your teeth? I have no idea

14. What most recently gave you goose bumps? My fiancée, and in a good way ;)

15. When did you last burn yourself? Oh about a month ago and cooking.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Servant of Death Give Away!

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

The I am so glad it's Fall Book Promotion!

Good Fall Everyone!

In celebration of my favorite time of the year and the fact that the 1.5 of the Three Provinces Series, Servant of Death come out at the end of the month...

Princess of Death Will be free for five days starting this Saturday!

Please pick it up, tell your friends and pass it along!

Enter the world of Sumerian mythology...

Ereshkigal was born in the dark, destined to have powers over death and destruction. As the princess of a land divided into light, grey, and dark, she will never be queen. Instead, her parents dote on her younger sister Ishtar, who was born in the grey land.

After meeting an intriguing demon prince, Ereshkigal embarks on many adventures including visiting a haunted plantation, an attack by zombies, and defeating an evil sorceress. These trials lead her to start a revolution to free her land of darkness from the stifling oppression brought on by the grey and light.