Monday, September 9, 2013

Re-Homing Awareness

Today I have come across something that it so disgusting that I just had to post it and bring awareness.


Now with “decent” people re-homing is simply finding a new home for your pet when you can no longer take care of them and don’t want to leave them at a shelter.
You can look at legitimate re-homing here:

A trend with children has recently been brought to light through investigative reporting.

People are adopting children from other countries and when they realize the match is not good or they cannot handle the child they are simply giving them away to other families. These parents have the new families sign notarized guardianship papers and just hand over their children. You can simply place and add in a re-homing group or forum and BAM place your adopted child in a new home.

Now maybe at this point you still are not quite as horrified. Well here it comes. The new families these children are being re-homed in are awful. They are abusive, dirty, low income, and the adults are usually mentally instable, mean, and in some cases have had their biological children taken from them. Sometimes these new families have other children in their care who have also been re-homed (you know like a dog). It is no wonder Russia has currently banned the USA from adopting their children.
If you can stomach it here are some articles about children who have been re-homed. I gotta say the punishments are sorely lacking for adults who do this to children they adopt."

What kind of asshole goes through all the trouble to adopt a child then abandons him or her to people they know NOTHING about, or honestly AT ALL.? Adoption is serious and before you adopt a child you need to really think about it. Wanting a child is not enough, you need to consider that the child might have physical and mental health issues you and your family will have to deal with. They are a human being not a cat.

Look, I can understand having issues with an adopted child. However there are so many options and services geared towards helping people who have adopted children. This includes the ability to abandon those children to social services and place them back up for adoption if need be. I can see where it might be hard to love a child who is difficult and integrate a child older than say three or four into your life. However, THIS is what you sign up for as an adoptive parent. Try therapy first! Ask other parents of adoptive kids for advice, join a support group, if you are religious talk to your priest/bishop/pastor…etc..etc… Do not just take your child on a two hour car ride, drop him or her off with strangers and wipe your hands off in good riddance.

I live in Utah…Here are some adoption support sites:

Additional Story on the horror of re-homing:

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  1. Oh, that is awful! A child is not just for Christmas!!


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