Monday, September 30, 2013

GoodReads a Dictatorship

Oh Dear Lord Good Reads….

Now when I go check the novels I have written I see this super intrusive site comment

Hey, you have some reviews! That’s great news. Goodreads reviews help readers decide to read your book. Read more about reviews.

Looking to get more reviews? Try a free giveaway.
For more suggestions of great ways to use Goodreads, please see our author guidelines.
For more about how our reviews work, please see our review guidelines.

If you see a review you feel violates our guidelines, please flag it to bring it to our attention. You’ll see a flag icon when you mouse over the bottom right-hand side of a review.

And I have been informed per their new guidelines that even a simple THANKS FOR READING can be flagged and considered spam.

You can no longer shelve and author or write a review because the author behaved badly or acted like an ass, goodreads took down numerous reviews and shelves without even notifying users and the upheaval on this site and so many of my friends blogs isabso fucking lutely ridiculous.
Goodreads is a site for readers…Sure as an author I love to put my books on there and ask people to read and review… I do NOT talk back or argue with people who do not like my novels, that is their personal opinion and honestly a bad review can boost book sales just like a good review can...People always want to know if the book is as bad or good as the review says it is. Primarily, though, goodreads is for people who read and love to share their opinion.

This type of censorship is utter bullshit and shows Goodreads comforming to the peer pressure from sites like Stop the Goodreads Bullies, who honestly are just angry authors and trolly commenters who got their shit handed right back to them. I am friends with most of the people they complain about and can honestly say they are all educated, interesting and nice people.

I was worried when Goodreads was bought by this kind of shit would happen. Are they now going to tell me I cannot swear in my reviews like does as well?

This is a social networking site, like facebook, as long as it does not cross guidelines like personal harassment (i.e stalking, publishing real life facts like addresses and death threats etc..) or delve into things that are illegal (i.e. child pornography) it should not matter if you have a shelf like:author-is-a-jerk or refuse to read a book because the author is anti LBGT rights and add that to your review.

I will not leave the site because honestly I do not have the time to re do my profile and my book lists somewhere else, but I have a lot of friends who are and I am going to miss them. If enough of them leave I will have no choice but to follow, what is the point of using goodreads if it turns into a cemetery where the only inhabitants are trolls, sock puppets accounts, bitchy authors and users who simply do not care about what happens on it?

The amount of outcry on the new goodreads policies should be enough to show the company what a bad move they made upsetting a good majority of their users.
As an author and a reviewer I cannot tell you how ashamed I am for goodreads that they have decided to censor a site that I have spent years enjoying.

For Shame Goodreads.

Best of luck to all my fellow bloggers and authors.

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