Monday, September 30, 2013

GoodReads a Dictatorship

Oh Dear Lord Good Reads….

Now when I go check the novels I have written I see this super intrusive site comment

Hey, you have some reviews! That’s great news. Goodreads reviews help readers decide to read your book. Read more about reviews.

Looking to get more reviews? Try a free giveaway.
For more suggestions of great ways to use Goodreads, please see our author guidelines.
For more about how our reviews work, please see our review guidelines.

If you see a review you feel violates our guidelines, please flag it to bring it to our attention. You’ll see a flag icon when you mouse over the bottom right-hand side of a review.

And I have been informed per their new guidelines that even a simple THANKS FOR READING can be flagged and considered spam.

You can no longer shelve and author or write a review because the author behaved badly or acted like an ass, goodreads took down numerous reviews and shelves without even notifying users and the upheaval on this site and so many of my friends blogs isabso fucking lutely ridiculous.
Goodreads is a site for readers…Sure as an author I love to put my books on there and ask people to read and review… I do NOT talk back or argue with people who do not like my novels, that is their personal opinion and honestly a bad review can boost book sales just like a good review can...People always want to know if the book is as bad or good as the review says it is. Primarily, though, goodreads is for people who read and love to share their opinion.

This type of censorship is utter bullshit and shows Goodreads comforming to the peer pressure from sites like Stop the Goodreads Bullies, who honestly are just angry authors and trolly commenters who got their shit handed right back to them. I am friends with most of the people they complain about and can honestly say they are all educated, interesting and nice people.

I was worried when Goodreads was bought by this kind of shit would happen. Are they now going to tell me I cannot swear in my reviews like does as well?

This is a social networking site, like facebook, as long as it does not cross guidelines like personal harassment (i.e stalking, publishing real life facts like addresses and death threats etc..) or delve into things that are illegal (i.e. child pornography) it should not matter if you have a shelf like:author-is-a-jerk or refuse to read a book because the author is anti LBGT rights and add that to your review.

I will not leave the site because honestly I do not have the time to re do my profile and my book lists somewhere else, but I have a lot of friends who are and I am going to miss them. If enough of them leave I will have no choice but to follow, what is the point of using goodreads if it turns into a cemetery where the only inhabitants are trolls, sock puppets accounts, bitchy authors and users who simply do not care about what happens on it?

The amount of outcry on the new goodreads policies should be enough to show the company what a bad move they made upsetting a good majority of their users.
As an author and a reviewer I cannot tell you how ashamed I am for goodreads that they have decided to censor a site that I have spent years enjoying.

For Shame Goodreads.

Best of luck to all my fellow bloggers and authors.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Some Friday Five!

Alright so here is the past three Friday 5. I know I am behind, but I do love doing these little things.
Hosted by

Topically Unrelated

1. What’s something you think you could have been good at, if you’d started at a young age? Dancing
2. What TV show’s theme song do you really like? MASH, have you ever HEARD the real lyrics?
3. What’s the dumbest dare you ever took, or what’s the dumbest dare you witnessed someone taking? I once watched my sister’s friend lick a toilet seat, that was pretty nasty. The dumbest dare I ever took? Who knows, flashing someone probably, played a TON of truth or dare during high school.
4. What’s the most exotic thing you’ve eaten? Soft Shell Crab and probably some other Asian or Indian food… OH Book took me for Ethiopian food once!
5. What was the last thing you changed the batteries for? my camera

Ill Fits

1. What item in your wardrobe do you wish was better-fitting? My wedding dress, I know, stupid, but I need to lose like ten pounds to LOVE it.
2. What role in a play, musical, or television program would be a terrible fit for you but is still something you wish you could try? Christine from Phantom, I can sing most of her part but some of the notes are too high and I am too plus size to play a skinny, starving dancer.
3. Which furnishing in your home clashes most with the others, for whatever reason? All of them, my house is pretty mismatched.
4. What item in your possession are you using for something other than its intended purpose? Uh….. I use a dining room table in my garage as a shelf for things I would rather my outside cats didn’t try and pee on.
5. What’s something others expect of you that you are just not comfortable with? To keep my house super clean, it’s not dirty, but it is usually messy, I am just not that girl who scrubs and organizes and keeps everything spic and span

Film Flam

1. In The Spectacular Now, the main character is good at making everybody laugh. What social skill do you bring to a large party? I think I am the one who makes everyone laugh and feel welcome and part of something
2. In The Way Way Back, one character was supposedly there when, at the local water park, one person passed another on the huge water slide. What amazing or strange feat that everyone supposedly knows about did someone pull off in your area (or at your school)? I have no idea what this is asking…
3. In Austenland, the main character spends a week in a large Victorian-era house designed for fans of Jane Austen. In what book’s setting would you love to spend a week immersed? Setting? The friggin Tardis….or Dracula’s castle…I mean not forever, but like a weekend
4. In The Heat, two main characters at first have great difficulty getting along personally, but they work unusually well together professionally. With whom have you had huge personal differences while still doing excellent work? Uh…. No idea, I do a lot of work alone
5. In We’re the Millers, a marijuana-dealer and a reluctant stripper pose as husband and wife in order to complete a job. If you had to do the same for an undetermined length of time, who could pose as your Platonic life partner? Well I don’t want a platonic life partner, I want my boo…But I guess my one of my geeky, spart and opinionated gay friends

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Harry Potter is Why My Child Summons the Dark Prince....NOT

Does your child read Harry Potter?

At night do they sometimes levitate from their beds? Or during the day do you find yourself giving into your child when you shouldn’t?
Well it is because Harry Potter is the DEVIL! And the spells in Harry Potter come from REAL witchcraft books!


Actually I am serious…. Wait…no…I am being a sarcastic bitch and making fun of three teenage exorcists and a HUGE Christian community that seriously believe reading Harry Potter is the gateway to Satanism.

Three girls, ages ranging from 18 to 21, sisters from Arizona Man that place is a cesspool claim to have been performing exorcisms since high school under supervision of their father who also claims to have performed exorcisms.
These girls have travelled to London to stop a major Satanism spree that all began with kids reading the Harry Potter books. They state that the spells in Harry Potter are real witchcraft and that even though Harry uses the magic for good; all magic comes from Satan so it is preaching evil.

”inviting Satan to possess them by reciting the spells in the Harry Potter books."

Since the Harry Potter novels were released there have been tons of people in churches telling their congregations not to read these novels. I had thought this kind of crap had died off in the last five to ten years, I mean Harry Potter just celebrated his 15th anniversary for goodness sakes.

I have read ALL the Harry Potter books and let me tell you from a Witch’s point of view there is NO real magic in these books. Did the author do her research on stones and herbs etc…etc…? Sure, but the incantations, they are MADE UP….I mean I WISH they were not, how cool would it be to fix your glasses with a wave of your wand, ride a broom or change your hair color without a trip to the salon? I mean man I wish I had half of Mrs. Weasley’s household spells alone!

People who buy into the whole Harry Potter is evil obviously haven’t read the books and obviously have no idea what they are talking about. I used to be a HUGE Marauders Era RPGer and Potter fanatic, though of late my fandom has changed to Doctor Who. This is simply a fun magically story about a little boy who grows up too fast, learns hard life lessons, makes friends, fights evil, goes to school and uses magic while he is doing all of it.

Last time I check J.K Rowling wasn’t even pagan. Oh and just so you know… REAL witches are not Christian, they do not believe in Satan, Satan is a Christian concept. Hard to invoke the devil when you don’t believe he exists, but that’s a religious tolerance rant for another day.

I honestly find girls like these and people who talk about Harry Potter like it is this horrible magical entrance to hell, full of shit and mainly looking for money, publicity, infamy and their time in the spot light. What a show they put on, almost makes you want to buy tickets to the ridiculousness.

Throughout the years many books and been linked with evil, magic and the devil, most, if not all, do not. It is just in the imaginations of overzealous religious fanatics. Which makes you wonder? Why do really religious people always have the devil and sex on their minds?

Want examples of other books that have been banned or challenged because of magic and witch craft?

Bony-Legs by Joanna Cole-
This is a children’s book, it is 48 pages long.
When a terrible witch vows to eat her for supper, a little girl escapes with the help of a mirror and comb given to her by the witch's cat and dog.

The Wizard of Oz- Frank L Baum

A Wrinkle in Time- Madeleine L'Engle

The Witches Roald Dahl

Bridge to Terabithia Katherine Paterson

My nine year old has read three (and the first four Harry Potter) of these and I haven’t found her summoning the dark prince, or spitting up pea soup. When will humans stop looking for hidden meanings and evil in everything and just enjoy books for the brilliant content and escape they provide?

Shame on you teen girl exorcists, stop worrying about the devil and go live normal lives.

Link to the story:

Monday, September 9, 2013

Re-Homing Awareness

Today I have come across something that it so disgusting that I just had to post it and bring awareness.


Now with “decent” people re-homing is simply finding a new home for your pet when you can no longer take care of them and don’t want to leave them at a shelter.
You can look at legitimate re-homing here:

A trend with children has recently been brought to light through investigative reporting.

People are adopting children from other countries and when they realize the match is not good or they cannot handle the child they are simply giving them away to other families. These parents have the new families sign notarized guardianship papers and just hand over their children. You can simply place and add in a re-homing group or forum and BAM place your adopted child in a new home.

Now maybe at this point you still are not quite as horrified. Well here it comes. The new families these children are being re-homed in are awful. They are abusive, dirty, low income, and the adults are usually mentally instable, mean, and in some cases have had their biological children taken from them. Sometimes these new families have other children in their care who have also been re-homed (you know like a dog). It is no wonder Russia has currently banned the USA from adopting their children.
If you can stomach it here are some articles about children who have been re-homed. I gotta say the punishments are sorely lacking for adults who do this to children they adopt."

What kind of asshole goes through all the trouble to adopt a child then abandons him or her to people they know NOTHING about, or honestly AT ALL.? Adoption is serious and before you adopt a child you need to really think about it. Wanting a child is not enough, you need to consider that the child might have physical and mental health issues you and your family will have to deal with. They are a human being not a cat.

Look, I can understand having issues with an adopted child. However there are so many options and services geared towards helping people who have adopted children. This includes the ability to abandon those children to social services and place them back up for adoption if need be. I can see where it might be hard to love a child who is difficult and integrate a child older than say three or four into your life. However, THIS is what you sign up for as an adoptive parent. Try therapy first! Ask other parents of adoptive kids for advice, join a support group, if you are religious talk to your priest/bishop/pastor…etc..etc… Do not just take your child on a two hour car ride, drop him or her off with strangers and wipe your hands off in good riddance.

I live in Utah…Here are some adoption support sites:

Additional Story on the horror of re-homing:

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back Dated Friday Five- You Too? and Let's Get Personal

Friday Five is a fun meme hosted by Last few weeks were busy for me, but I love the questions so even though it's Tuesday here goes!

(Based on U2 songs)

  1. Is it getting better, or do you feel the same? (from “One”) It is getting better
  2. Do you shiver when you dream? Is there a pounding in your heart? (from “You’re the Only One that’s Real”)
I do not think I shiver when I dream...Unless I am cold....Heart pounding though, thats a yes.
  3.  Is the sweetest melody the one we haven’t heard? Is it true that perfect love drives out all fear? (from “I’ll Go Crazy if I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight”) Ummmm... No and Yes? I guess.....

4. Do you feel anything at all? (from “Miracle Drug”) I feel WAY too much!

5. It’s gonna itch and burn and sting; do you want to see what the scratching brings? (from “Staring at the Sun”) well stretching with the wrong person can make you feel like that. Espeically if they have an STD lol

  1. What are you on? Well right now and chair....
  2. What are you hiding?   Many many thing...muuuaaahhhhaa,/i>
  3. Who gets it when you go? I guess that depends on what IT is...
  4. What’s in your wallet? Pictures of my kids, a silver dollar and my debit card.
  5. What do you waste? Tears and Time