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Wendy Davis, Goddess of Standing up for the Vagina

This week I want to give a HUGE shout out to my new found hero Wendy Davis. I know I have harped on women’s rights, especially in terms of what we do with our va jay-jays before….More than once probably…. But I keep coming back to this topic because conservatives keep trying to tell me what I can and cannot do with my body.

Last week Wendy Davis stood up for the rights of women all over Texas. She filibustered for over eleven hours, without food, without a potty break, without any sort of relief to make sure a bill, forbidding abortions after 20 weeks and that would basically close all but five of the 42 abortion clinics in Texas, would not pass.

For doing this awesome and heroic thing this great lady was then called out by Gov Dick Wad Perry that as a former teen mother she has not “learned from her mistakes.” What a douche bag, being a teen mom MADE her even more pro-choice. How tacky to even bring that statement up in response to another politician.

It is NONE of anyone’s business but the woman in question what she chooses to do with her uterus, abortion is an emotional decision that is personal for everyone woman and is not something done lightly.

What I can’t understand is why so many laws right now are anti-abortion…Don’t these people have anything better to do with their time? What about fighting poverty and hunger? How about trying to get rid of child hood obesity or cancer?

Conservatives want to force you to have the baby you don’t want and then don’t want to help you give it food, clothes or medical coverage once you DO have it. They may rant and rave over the delights of adoption, but they forget that the woman still has to carry the baby to term. What a traumatic experience it must be to have to be pregnant with a child you don’t want. Conservatives my also moan about the fact you shouldn’t be having sex to begin with. That is NOT realistic. People have sex outside of marriage, even republicans. People who are married and have “accurate” “god approved” sex sometimes don’t want a baby and have an abortion. The age old saying is the truest: Shit Happens.

Back in 2012 there were tons of anti-abortion laws thrown up, more anti-abortion laws than pretty much anything else, including laws to stop “the gays” from getting married ….Another ridiculous example of politicians wasting time and money btw

I was so hopefully after Obama was reelected that everyone could see how much more liberal our country was becoming that maybe anti-abortion laws would dwindled and die. Apparently I was wrong.

There is currently a law in Kansas that two doctors are trying to appeal, it takes effect this month and …..well read it yourself.

This time, Hodes and Nauser also are challenging provisions of this year's law spelling out what information doctors must provide to women before terminating their pregnancies, including a statement that abortion ends the life of a "whole, separate, unique, living human being." They also object to a ban on sex-selection abortions, arguing there's no proof any are performed in Kansas and that the provision is designed to "chill the performance of abortions."

In addition, the doctors argue in their litigation in Shawnee County District Court that the new law defines medical emergencies so narrowly that no woman could forgo the state's 24-hour waiting period, even with a life-threatening condition.

The new law also declares that life begins "at fertilization." Supporters argue that it's merely a broad statement of principle, not an attempt to regulate abortion, and Hodes and Nauser are asking for a ruling to that effect.

The new law would also require abortion providers to post a sign on their premises noting that it is illegal for anyone to coerce someone into having an abortion. The lawsuit said the notice is so lengthy that the sign will have to be at least 6 square feet.

In Ohio women have to have a transvaginal/abdominal ultra sound before having an abortion. Now I don’t know if you’ve ever had one but I have…They stick a cold gooey wand up your crotch, press down on your abdomen and spend like ten minutes poking and prodding you. This is usually only done if after a normal ultra sound the doctor cannot see the baby, or whatever else they are looking for. It is NOT something to have done just because you CAN or are being FORCED TO. Ohio also cut so much funding to clinics like Planned Parenthood many have been forced to close down.

Any abortion providers that manage to remain open under these restrictions are compelled to tell women "of the probable anatomical and physiological characteristics" of a fetus during various stages of its development. They must give women seeking abortions information on adoptions and alternative family planning options.

And if a woman is able to obtain an abortion in Ohio and develops some sort of medical issue during the procedure, clinics will no longer be allowed to transfer these patients to public hospitals for additional care. In the midst of a crisis, these patients must find a private hospital to help them.

In March of 2013 North Dakota passed legislation to restrict abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, which is horrible since a ton of women do not even know they ARE pregnant until 4 weeks, so now they can be told, “you have two weeks to decide if you wanna keep this baby or not.” And MAN! Republicans love the idea of sticking something into a vigina, don’t they? Oh, they also want to punish doctors too.

One of the newly passed North Dakota bills outlaws abortions when a fetal heartbeat is “detectable” using “standard medical practice.” Heartbeats are often detectable at about 6 weeks, using an intrusive transvaginal ultrasound, or at about 10 to 12 weeks when using abdominal ultrasounds.
But some experts said that doctors in North Dakota, which has only one clinic performing abortions, in Fargo, could face prosecution if they did not use the vaginal ultrasound when necessary to detect a heartbeat. Doctors who knowingly perform abortions in violation of the measure, if it is adopted, could be charged with a felony that carries a five-year prison sentence; the patients would not face criminal charges.

The law makes exceptions for abortion to save the life of the mother or for other severe medical emergencies, but not in cases of rape or incest.

Then you have Arkansas who in February adopted new abortions laws out lawing abortion past 20 weeks and trying to outlaw them past 12 weeks.

Arkansas is the 10th state to outlaw abortions after 20 weeks, in part based on the theory that fetuses can feel pain at that stage, a notion disputed by mainstream medical associations.

The 20-week limit also violates the legal threshold set by the Supreme Court, which has held that states cannot ban abortions before the fetus becomes viable. Such a limit has not yet been tested by the courts.

Doctors say viability, the ability to survive outside the womb, usually occurs after at least 24 weeks.

Not to mention assholes talking about how fetuses masturbate so they feel pleasure, that must mean they feel pain! OMG NO, not only is that sick and twisted but HELLO, have you ever seen or held a baby? They do not have the reflexes to do anything more than grip your finger, let alone masturbate.

Yes Virgina there are NO fapping fetuses

Or how about the dumb ass bitch who went on to say rape kits "clean you out," apparently you don’t need to actually take a health class to be voted into office. Rape kits simply test for semen and look for bruising and other indications of forcible, unwanted penetration.

Apparently Common Sense is Disease

These examples are just tips of the iceberg…Oh! Oh! If stupid laws/comments like these are not enough women seeking abortions or alternatives to abortion have to worry about Crisis Pregnancy Centers/Pregnancy Counseling Centers/Pregnancy Help Centers, which is basically code for coservatives trying to scare you out of your abortion and give you bad advice. They will give you incomplete and inaccurate information, may try to scare you, lie to you, delay you or discourage you, all in an attempt to keep you pregnant. Sometimes they do good things like provide you with free pregnancy tests and some give diapers and formula.However, more often then not experiences with these centers end badly. 
Please make sure the health center you are going to is actually a health center. Remember true health care providers will NOT try and influence your decision, good or bad, right or wrong. Research where you are going, before you make an appointment.

Here is a link to a video/article showing a woman giving inaccurate information to an under cover patient at one of these types of centers:

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

I am sick to death of this bull shit. Please politicians, leave our vagina’s alone. Please start looking into serious threats in the United States, not ones made up in your twisted, bigoted minds. Thank you again, Wendy Davis, for showing me that sometimes there is bright light at the end of a dark tunnel and that there are politicians literally standing up for women’s rights here in the USA. You are an inspiration.

Links you may want to read...Yeah I didn't make this shit up...I wish I did.

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