Friday, July 12, 2013

Ranty Rant Rant

This is a rant. It is not nice, it has swear words and you might not like it. So…sorry…but not really.

I am beginning to HATE people, not all people, but a lot of them. If I am not seeing women forced into buying black market abortion pills and birth control because of ridiculous restrictions created by ass holes Flea Market Pills  then I suddenly see feminists telling me using a tampon is anti feminist because I shouldn’t be ashamed of menstrual blood. Tampons not Feminist? Which by the way is FUCKING stupid! Being on your period sucks, sure it means I can create life blah blah…It also means I bleed like a mutha for 3 to seven days, have cramps, awful mood swings and I don’t want to deal with a pad while all that shit goes on. Thanks. Fuck off.

Then I have to run into people thinking that motherhood isn’t a damn job… Well you know what? I may not get paid for it and I damn well should and I might have volunteered for it, but raising my kids is hard work. I don’t appreciate being told its easier then a job that you cannot possibly COMPARE child raising to, like coal mining. Being a Mom is Not a Job Its just called respect people. For ALL people.

Want some more horribleness? There is a little girl in Chile who is eleven; she is pregnant after being raped by her step dad. She cannot have an abortion because it is completely illegal in their country. People who are supposed to be protecting her are saying awfulness like the girl is showing “depth and maturity” and that since she has her period she is “ready” to have a baby. On top of that the mom is now saying the sex was consensual.
Eleven year old pregnant
Cross Chile off any list of places to visit…EVER

DOMA passed, that’s a bright spot…Seeing John Barrowman’s wedding pictures did make me smile and think “wow I am so lucky to be alive when these two hot guys can get married” fine I’m shallow deal lol ….I have to stop and ask “why is this such a big deal?” People should be able to marry who they want. There should be no difference between same sex couple and straight couples….Stop with the labels.

So I get a little happy, then I turn on the TV and see all the other bull shit people are deciding needs to be at the front of articles, legislation and talk shows. I don’t see us feeding the poor, providing health care to the sick; cleaning up the environment…I just see restrictions and jerks butting in where it’s not their business.

Thank the dark gods that I have my friends, family, children and my Boo. I might go crazy with all the constant douche baggery going on out in the world right now. Bright Blessings and have a wonderful weekend.

And because this was negative and I do want to end positive here is John with puppies.

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