Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I am Improving Birth Because.... I am a plus size woman planning a VBAC Home birth

Warning: This is a topic where I have very strong opinions and you may not like what I have to say. If you cannot handle that please find an article on childbirth that shares your view points.

I have been thinking a lot of late about child birth. Boo and I want to start having our third child (first one together) as soon as we are married.  I am excited and looking forward to it. However this is the issue, after the births of my daughter’s didn't go the way I wanted I am planning on having a home birth or a birthing center birth. However because I will be a plus size VBAC (vaginal birth after c section) patient I cannot have a Certified Nurse Midwife attend my birth outside of a hospital. I am also considered “high risk” which I find to be a load of crap since I was healthy through my pregnancies and delivered healthy perfect babies.

My best option to have a birth MY WAY is to go to a Direct Entry or Lay Midwife, which I am totally comfortable with. In fact I have already contacted several to make sure that my being plus size and VBAC will not be an issue.  I am already planning for the birth and it is years away, possibly. I just want to do things my way. I do not want unnecessary medical intervention; I do not want to be hooked up to an IV or other machines. I want the freedom to move around in any location I feel like and birth in whichever position my midwife and I feel is going to be best. I want to wear my own clothes, have the option of a water birth, I do not want people sticking their fingers and instruments up my cooch every hour to “check” my progress.  I want to be able to eat and drink.

With the birth of my first daughter I had my water broken without my permission and to this day I wish I had kicked that midwife in the face. With my second I had an unnecessary c-section. After the pitocin didn't work my doctor scared me into thinking my uterus was too tired to labor anymore and my pelvis wasn't wide enough for my daughter to get through….Utter BULLSHIT.

I am going to have one of my very best friends be my doula and make sure Boo is ready to lend me the support that I need so I can have a natural and good vaginal birth. I want my baby laid upon my chest instead of whisked off to the nursery. I want a faster recovery time then I had with my c section and someone who knows how to do perineal massage to keep me from tearing.

In 2010 the USA had 12.7 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births. We were ranked the 50th country in the world back in 2008, meaning 49 countries are better than we are at preventing maternal deaths…With as “good” as our health care system is this number is ridiculously high. In fact we rank right up there with countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran. You know what is scariest part? It is on the rise, which means IT IS NOT GETTING ANY BETTER. I refuse to be a statistic.

I get so angry when I hear about people having c-sections, most of the time they are not needed. I mean come on it is MAJOR abdominal surgery. Your body can birth your child vaginally. I don’t care where you have the baby or if you use medication or not…That’s not what this is about.  A woman’s body was made to give birth. Have we gotten that lazy? Or is it because so many women are uneducated? Your pelvis is NOT too small; your baby is NOT too big. Are there reasons to have c-sections? Sure, no one is asking for you or the child to die, that’s ridiculous, but I have found doctors push c-sections on you whenever they can. Maybe it’s easier for them, I sure as hell know they make more money off a surgery that a vaginal delivery.  I want women to understand their options, to enjoy their birthing experience and the miracle that is growing a life inside of you, one you want that is. Pro-Choice! Women should not have to be afraid or shamed into making decisions they do not want.

In the end it is YOUR body and YOUR decision, just make your birthing choices your way. You have so many options, do not let a doctor (or anyone) tell you what you can and cannot do. Research, read, listen and in the end it is all about informed consent and decisions.

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