Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Five- At the Movies

Friday 5 is a meme hosted by

1. Where in the theater do you like to sit when you’re at the movies?

In the back, and an isle seat. Sometimes I have to pee and I hate interruppting other's experiences.

2. What characteristics does the ideal movie companion have?

They are quiet, and yet still don't mind me (or them) making the occasional funny comment.

3. What memory do you have of things not going quite as usual at the movies?

We went and saw Jurassic Park (for like the fifth time) and there was a HUGE storm and the power went out. We sat around for FOREVER. I can't remember if we actually got to finish the movie or not.

4. What are your feelings about commercials and movie previews playing before the film you’re there to see?

I hate commercials. I LOVELOVELOVE previews!

5. Who is an actor or director whose involvement in a film is enough to make you want to see it?

Tim Burton

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