Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Five!

Friday 5 For June:  Summer Rules

Friday 5 is a meme hosted by F.riday5. Let's get that brain working!

1.You are the boss of summer time! So what behaviors are not allowed until summer’s end?
School shopping, worrying about anything wintery like snow tires and such.

2.And what is everyone required to talk about until summer’s end?
Everyone must talk about fun things until the end of summer, first loves, best vacations, how they relax, the best kind of sun screen, sex, food, friends.

3.And what songs must be in regular rotation until summer’s end?
Summer Lovin- Grease
Cruel Summer- Banana Rama
Summer of 69- Bryan Adams
Summer Girls- LFO

4.And what must be eaten at least once per week until summer’s end?
Some sort of BBQ and fresh fruit and veggie. Oh and ICE TEA

5.And since you are also the poster child for summer time, what activity will the poster display you engaged in?
A family picnic, hot dogs and marshmellows on sticks over a fire pit, mom and dad snuggled up on a log, kids playing in the back ground,

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