Friday, May 24, 2013

Guess Who, my dear ones

Today I am going a little personal, I want to tell you about the people in my life that I love, that I would do anything for and whom make the days of my life just a tad brighter. I won’t be using any names, since that’s not how I role in this blog….Instead I am going to try and use my creativity. I will admit part of this post is purely selfish because I am hoping it will break through some writers block. This will be divided into two parts. Those That Are: are people currently in my life I either see or speak to on a regular basis. The Those That Were are people who are still important and special to me, but that I don’t get to be in contact with as much as I used to and as much as I would like to. It doesn’t make their presence in my life any less important.

Those That Are


My loyal companion, our lady of perpetual kindness. The world’s greatest Auntie, the water nymph who sometimes wishes she could roll in the grass or fly high above the clouds…the sometimes lazy and selfish Earth Child with the creative genius of a child and the soul of a rebellious old cat lady.

My savior, confidant and secure harbor when things suck. She is a stubborn earth sign, a passionate fire sign, with contagious laughter and sparkling eyes. She is mother earth, tending and growing, protecting and feeding; she is the fire goddess, blazing through everything, destruction in her wake.

He is like the earth, or possibly like the ocean, a titan biding time. Quiet and thoughtful one moment, loud and laughing the next. He is the king of half finished projects, the visionary surveying his kingdom and deciding to take the day off. He is the silent partner, provider, friend, ultimate grandfather wrapped around two tiny princess monsters.

My Wild and Crazy Death Girl
Blonde over blue, ink staining every surface, all with meaning, a steampunk princess with her coronet spread throughout her body. Always in the state of two, Gemini, self doubter, high praised, pride versus self loathing, wildness versus security, death versus life, crazy versus sane. Beautiful despair.


The mother, the singer, the caregiver, bringer of life, helper to the womb, mothers and babies one and all. Tall, dark and elegant on one side of her coin, hippie land witch on the other. She is a cross between 80’s and modern, wisdom with sarcastic humor glittering over thick skin.

Sexy Mama
The beautifier and animal lover. An Unseelie fairy princess hiding out in the Seelie court. Adorned with jewels, makeup and attitude, hiding a softer flesh and hidden secrets. A concealed past and an uncertain future, so many paths in front of her, so many behind her, an enticing wanderer, who women tend to hate and men tend to love.

My Sparkling Girl
The sprite, glittering sparkling, cheerful and full of warmth, love and good natured naughty humor. The strong princess, working, struggling, trying to dodge misfortune, Cinderella constantly battering her evil step mother, Sleeping Beauty, desperate to awaken from her curse, she is always going to make it, never is that in doubt.

Spicy Mama
Tangy and spicy, young yet growing up, so fast, almost too fast. A glowing lilac light amidst so much darkness, a lover of music and magic lifting towards the sky, dark curls resting on her forehead, working and playing a dozen hues of purple, swirling around with no beginning or end.

My pretty pink princess. Full of moods, gentleness, laughter and attitude. So little and yet already so grown up.

Monster Child
My evil darling, bossy, cute, deep doe eyes under brass copper curls, so like mommy, so like herself.

My brilliant boy, steady wonderful and good, the fairy tale prince with the low self esteem. The Doctor in need of the right companion, amusing, sweet and strange. A library with a million books full of knowledge and stories, it would take a life time to read them all…Which is what I am hoping to have.

Those That Were

My Boy

Green and gold, calm demeanor, always there, never forgotten. Summers full of long nights, laughter and friendship, love lost, love won. Softness, empathy, kindheartedness, winds in our hair, against our faces, my very first drama, my very first real best friend.

The Liberal Eclectic

Tall, thin, handsome, strange tastes and strong view points wrapped up in snarky paper and tied with a dry sense of humor not everyone understands. A Lord in his own rights, easily picking up the sword, but wishing he didn’t have to.

The Stone Lady
Like ten different colors of twine, twisting, fraying and churning together, each one a different path, a different choice, how can she choose which to follow? All hiding a stone heart beneath, with only a few chinks and cracks, so desperate to protect herself. Egg shells scatter before her feet, subjects must be careful how they tread.

The Ice Queen

Picture a meadow, frolicking lambs, maidens with corsets and heaving bosoms in the middle and dirty trysts, a river runs through the green grass, grass that is dotted with yellow and pink wild flowers. A castle stands in the back ground, majestic, but when you get up close to the castle it is surrounded by a sheet of see through ice. Inside sits a frozen queen, icy cold, uncaring and unaware of others.

My Fire Bird

She who always rises from the ashes, more amazing than before.

My Exotic Bird

Even when “caged” her splendor and personality is unique, one of a kind and awesome.

Country Girl

Mother, working woman, wife, daughter, friend and sister. Struggling through tough times, making happy memories, filled with the future, husband, children, new houses and with past, the past a glass teetering full of memory mojitos and other mind altering moments. County living smoothly blended with a red head’s passion makes the perfect drink.

I hope you enjoyed this, I enjoyed writing it. If you can guess who they are please respect their privacy and don’t post it on the blog unless they do first :)

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