Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Bucket List

I have never really though of having a bucket list…. That is until my mom told me she and my uncle were probably going to put my grandma in an assisted living facility. Thinking about my grandma’s death doesn’t make me sad so much anymore as it scares the crap out of me. I do not want to get old a die…I don’t want to get wrinkles, grey hair, wear adult diapers, lose my memories, not be able to walk and become a burden on my family… It’s a horrible thought and I don’t like to dwell.

I mean it will be better for my grandmother to pass on at this point. Her quality of life sucks and she isn’t very happy and she is going to HATE living somewhere else…If she passes on she will go somewhere better where she gets to be young and healthy and watching over me. She has even told my mother she is ready to go now.

However it has got me thinking… What do I want to accomplish with my life before I die? What about you? What are some things you HAVE to do starting right now until the day you die? It’s a loaded and quite big question… Isn’t it?

So here it is…. My list of things to do before I die.

1) Get re married

2) Have another baby

3) Visit England

4) Buy a new house

5) Get a another car

6) Lose about 100 pounds

7) Visit a state I have never been to before

8) Go on a cruise

9) Have a book sold at Barnes n Noble

10) Own a chocolate diamond

11) Make at least 30 thousand dollars a year

12) Become fluent in ASL

13) Get at least two more tattoos

14) Own a Savannah cat

15) Visit Disneyland….again

There fifteen things to do before I die….. Hopefully I can accomplish them. Lets see if I can get at least five of them done before I turn 40 lol!


  1. I just recently knocked a long standing item off my living life list, snow skiing. The fact that I sucked so bad at it mattered little compared to the awesomeness of doing something you always wanted to. Good luck with your list...what is a chocolate diamond?

  2. That's Great! And a chocolate diamond is a diamond the color of chocolate they are super expensive, but so so pretty!


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