Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Something Different...a Poem

Why Does it Still Hurt

by Me!

I havent written poetry in a while. Finding out my ex best friend and ex husband have gotten married and have a new baby hurt. They will probably get a kick out of knowing this and I don't care. I am allowed to feel hurt or any other emotions I want. I enjoy my life, my daughters, my friends, family and my Boo. Everything here is wonderful and good...But it still hurts once in a while.

Time passes; from angry words, frozen breath and distance

Time passes; with no thoughts, only dreams, rumors of life

Intense emotions; anger, hate, betrayal

Intense emotions, sadness, regret, confusion

Time spent; dolls, giggles, growing up

He doesn’t see; lost teeth, report cards, smiles

Time spent; laughing, eating, drinking

He doesn’t control; anything anymore

Time spent; falling in love again, learning to trust

He doesn’t care; and probably never did

Time passes; forget but not forgiven

Time passes; missing sunshine

Intense emotions of; happiness, peace, amazement

Intense emotions of; love, lust, wonder

Glimpses into; their life, wedded maybe bliss, new life

I am; happy, healthy, beautiful

But it… Hurts, angers me, nauseates, anxiety

Glimpses of; me moving on too

I am guilty because life is; precious and amazing

But it... Is not fair

Time passes with words like; don’t be bothered, let it go

Time passes; it’s my right to grieve, allow me to hurt!

I am hurt; why does it still hurt?

Glimpses of; black rimmed glasses, funny t-shirts

I am almost unbroken

Glimpses of; red and brown curls

It can stop hurting now

Intense emotions…. Time passing





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