Friday, March 15, 2013

Gay Rights, Tolerance and Coexsisting

First off AHEM Disclaimer I am not perfect I have faults. I try really hard to be a good person and I know I fail sometimes. If you don’t like what I write please move along and find someone else whose opinion you agree with.

In the news of late I have seen so much hate! So many people trying to tell me who I can and can’t marry what to do with my political and religious beliefs, what I can and cannot do with my vagina etc…etc...

I am sick of it. Who are you to tell me how to live my life? What God gave you the moral ground to try and tell me what I do is wrong? You know what is wrong, judging someone else and refusing to give them respect and basic rights and privileges because you don’t like…What? What they do in their own bedrooms?

Love is love ass holes. I don’t care if its m/m, m/f, f/f or transgendered, uni-sex, pansexual, queer, or any that I have left out. What two consenting adults choose to do together is their own damn business and it disgusts me when religious fanatics and conservatives (or anyone for that matter) try to create lame ass excuses for why it should be illegal or immoral. Especially when they use the Bible, you know a book written by man for “God” thousands of years ago. Now I do not care what you believe in, as long as your beliefs don’t try and trample any one’s rights as a human…. You know the pursuit of love and happiness and all that other crap?!

Are there people who probably shouldn’t get married? Sure; child molesters, rapists, murderers, people who fuck their animals possibly, brothers and sisters, first cousins, people under the age of 18… The list is long, you noticed I haven’t said: The gays (Shout out to Margaret Chow there, you heathens).

I have gay friends, I love them, and they are no different than anyone else I know. They have the same abilities when it comes marriage and child raising that straight people do. straight, not narrow In fact I know gay couples I would trust with my kids more than some straight ones. People are people, who they love or fuck does not change that.

I am bisexual, oh yeah I went there, and while I prefer men I would hope that if I brought a woman home to my parents they would treat it like they would any boy I brought home. My sister is…well…the last time we spoke she said pansexual, so hopefully that is still accurate…She is engaged to a great woman. I am saddened by the fact that legally, here in Utah they cannot get married. And why? Because bigoted religious law makers don’t think marriage should be defined outside the parameters of a man and woman? They don’t want “non-traditional” partners to have the same benefits as legally married men and women?! Puleease, I have been married; I didn’t see much of law difference between married and single, all that is, is a smoke screen for hiding the real fear: gays will take over America, god will smite us and babies will have to be born in test tubes (No seriously I have heard jerk offs say this…Yeah I though they were joking too.)

Okay let me break it down for you… LGBT is legal in the USA, unlike many countries like Botswana and Ethiopia. However, because the federal government cannot grow a pair, they have made other issues a state by state decision….Which basically puts us in league with some nasty bad places. (And some not so nasty,)BTW if you are gay, move to Canada, it’s ALL legal there and they think we are stupid.

Example Time

Same Sex marriage- Varies state by state, but not federally recognized…. Places who have similar laws or it is flat out illegal are: Sudan, Mexico and Egypt

Same Sex Adoptions- this varies state by state…. Places who have similar laws or it is flat out illegal are: Costa Rica, Ecuador, Germany

Anti Discrimination Laws- eh we have some, but we also have some that should be called acts-that-totally-discriminate. Places who are like some of our states and hate gay people: Cuba, Saudi Arabia.

Now here are some places who are awesome with some of their human rights laws in a gay rights kind of way.

Spain, Canada, South Africa, Brazil, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, The United Kingdom (there are some issues in Northern Ireland), France (having some legislation pending)…There are probably more, but these stuck out for me most.

Just because it is not your personal preference doesn’t make it wrong. Same thing with religion. I am not Mormon, but I live in a Mormon state. Do I believe and/or agree with their faith? Very much no, but I respect their rights to have faith and believe what they will….Until it begins to become a dark thing, which unfortunately happens with religion. Just because you have a faith you believe to be “right” and “true” does not mean that you can tell me I am wrong, that I am going to hell or that I am a horrible person for my beliefs. I will never understand people.

Let me fuck my girlfriend/boyfriend, worship the Goddess, have an abortion, adopt a child and live my own life please. Allow me the freedom to do the things I choose. If you are not hurting anyone (and I mean really hurting, not an angel dies when you commit “sodomy” kind of crap.) then it is not anyone else’s business.

Sure you can tell me “Are you not doing the same thing, telling those of us who think homosexuality is wrong that we cannot believe so?”

Uh…well maybe a little… However, I didn’t say you couldn’t “think” it is wrong. That’s your personal opinion. The problem comes when you start making laws, and signs, protests and doing actions that hurt other people and keep them from having what a straight, middle class, white, Christian male would have. The ability to love who you want, marry who you want and have kids with who you want…All the while believing what you want, in a hate free environment. Tolerance is a two way street after all.

So…no I am not actually trying to pick on anyone…. mostly

All the laws and people speaking out about how homosexuality destroys America and we all need to be Christian just proves that many grown ups are just gossipy busy bodies wanting to get in everyone’s business pants and have control over what everyone does. It doesn’t work that way. So please before you judge, before you spout off your high and mighty bull shit, really think about it. Is it THAT important? Don’t you have something better you could be doing with your life and time?

I am not perfect, but I gotta say I have 0 tolerances for ass holes.

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  1. Great post! I am Canadian and we have had same sex marriage for years, and you know what the result was....nothing, zip, nada, zilch! The world didn't end society didn't crumble it was pretty much a non-event. Being your next door neighbour but having a somewhat different culture, we are still inundated by American media and for me it's kind of weird what becomes hot issues for you guys.

  2. I love how you speak your mind. Most people do not. I'm absolutely for gay marriage. Why can't a person love whom they love to love? I cannot stand narrow-mindedness.

  3. I totally agree with everything you said. I love how you are and how you speak your mind. :)


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