Friday, February 8, 2013

Witches.... Not Just for Burning

I am a witch… There I said it, and pretty much it is common knowledge. I am pagan. I am not monotheist, which means I believe in more than one God. I am not Christian. Does this make me a bad person? HELL NO

I believe that everyone has the right to believe in whatever they want as long as it’s not, you know, killing children, humping dogs…that sort of nasty shit. Who am I to say whose religion is correct or not? Maybe there isn’t a correct religion. I am of the personal belief that all religions are correct.

The heavens are infinite, just like love, so who is to say they can’t all exist? There are so many different kids of people, race, religion, sexuality, gender, so why not? I respect you and I pray and hope for respect back.

I have a lot of strong view points and as long as what you believe in doesn’t stomp on mine I pretty much don’t care. I do draw the line at being told my religion is wrong or evil. Especially by people who don’t know what they are talking about. I also draw the line at being told I am going to hell or that witches worship Satan.

I know you might not want to here this but:

1) Pagans do not believe in Satan, Satan is a Christian deity. We have our own thank you

2) Pagans do not believe in the Christian version of hell, sorry

My religion is earth and magic based with lots of different Pantheons and beliefs mixed in. I worship a mixing bag of Gods, mostly Greek, some Sumerian a few Egyptian. I don’t sacrifice goats, virgins or children.

Now this blog is not about my beliefs so that’s all I am going into right now on this subject aside from: I am happy I live in a country where I have this sort of religious freedom because I have found a trend in the past few years that sickens me.

Everyone knows about the Salem Witch Trials and other historic events where women were accused of witchcraft and killed. These women are almost NEVER real witches and just are coming under scrutiny because a) they are midwives or simple healers b) they have something someone else covets c) lack of education of the accusers and d) women being hated.

I had thought the last time a woman had been hurt because people called her a witch was decades ago.

I was wrong, so fucking wrong I want to cry.

In December of 2012 two brothers accused a 75 year old woman living in Ghana of witchcraft. They proceeded to lynch her and are now facing criminal charges.

In February 2012 a 40 year old mother of two was burned alive in Nepal after being accused of witchcraft.

In March of 2012 a woman in Nigeria was buried alive after being accused of witchcraft.

In November of 2012 a woman in Nigeria was burned alive because an oracle told a man she had killed his father.

In May of 2011 a woman accused of witchcraft in India was blinded with scissors.

Between January and November of 2011 16 women were murdered after being accused of witchcraft in Mozambique.

In December of 2011 a women in Saudi Arabia was beheaded after finding items proving “sorcery” in her home.

In May 2012 four women had their throats slit for practicing witchcraft in Jharkhand.

In March of 2012 40 men and women were gathered together and tortured based on accusations of being witches and wizards in Tamle. Thankfully not all of them were killed

August 3rd 2012 a man was killed in Lohardaga after being accused of practicing Black Magic

December 2011 a teenage boy was drowned after being accused of witch craft in East London.

And finally just this past week a 20 year old mother was burned alive on top a trash heap in Papua New Guinea after being accused of using magic to kill a little boy.

All I can say is WHAT THE FUCK? Yeah I know these are pretty much all third world countries. However, in this day an age it is ridiculous that these type of witch hunts still occur. This needs to end; killing someone because you think they used a magical force you cannot see to do you some sort of harm is crazy talk. People die; it doesn’t mean someone used magic on them, especially in countries where modern medicine is scarce.

It is a sad turn of events where women (and sometimes men) in these places need to be afraid of pissing off the wrong person because it could very well end with them being slaughtered with the label of “witch”

For a little interesting tidbit of the morbid kind:

In June of 2012 two skeletons were found in Bulgaria that were dated back to medieval times with iron stakes still in their chests. These were bodies of people found to be evil or vampires. Bulgaria has found about 100 skeletons of this type in the past few years. Apparently this type of fear is still alive in villages throughout Eastern Europe. People still dig up bodies to place a stake through their hearts and garlic around the bodies.



  1. What I find interesting is the cross cultural aspect of witches. I mean I am used to thinking of witches in a Christian context but in reality accusing women of being witches is found in all cultures. I wonder why?

  2. I am a new follower, I found your blog because you also follow mine. (Accepted Wisdom,

    First off I want to say.. I admire your courage. Not many people are able to put themsevles all out in the open, awaiting judgement. I am not a Wiccan but I agree that people deserve the right to practice what they choose. I had no idea that countries all over the world persecute people who they believe are witches, that makes me sick!

    It is nice to see someone who feels the same way about many different political and health issues. I look forward to reading more of your posts!


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