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National Stalking Month and Violence Against Women

BTW January is National Stalking Awareness Month… Just so you all know.

So today I am inspired to discuss the Violence against Women Act. So for all you conservatives who didn’t want it to pass… The first thing I must say is FUCK YOU. And I hope one day you are put in a position where you WISH it HAD.

The Violence Against Women Act was a United States Federal law passed in 1994 that provided money toward the investigation and prosecution of violent crimes against women. It also re opened a department in the DOJ called: Office on Violence Against Women.

It was again passed (or continued) in 2000 and 2005. However because conservatives were against the fact that the law was going to protect same sex couples (Oh dear Goddess! Not the GAYS!), and allow battered illegal immigrants to have temporary visas and protect American Indians living on reservations this beloved bill has failed… You know after doing so much good for 18 years.

First off I wanna say I love Joe Biden and NO ONE is going to convince me he doesn’t respect women. Especially since this law is his fucking BABY! Even as a Senator he cared about the people and I am damn proud to have him as a Vice President.

The VAWA did so many great things and I am now paranoid it will all end. What you may ask did the VAWA do for the American Population? Well here we go:

1) Stronger laws for repeat sexual offenders and holding rapists more accountable for their actions.


2) Creating a “rape shield” which means that in court one cannot hold the victims past sexual history against them


3) Victims do not have to pay for their own rape exams


4) Victim’s safety is top priority no matter where they live.


5) Developed law enforcement agencies whose main priority are sexual crimes and domestic violence ( Man I wish they were all like LA: SVU)


6) Making sure that police, judges and all kinds of law enforcement personnel understand domestic violence. VAWA funds trained over 500,000 people every year.


7) Established the Domestic Violence Hot line- which answers over 22,000 calls a months


8) Protecting Native American and Native Alaskan women and battered immigrants


Since the VAWA was instated the amount of crimes has also diminished. (Gasp you mean this law actually WORKED?)

Between 1993 and 2010 the rate of crimes between intimate partners has gone down by 67%

Between 1993- 2007 the rate of women killed from intimate partner homicide dropped by 35% and male homicides by 46%.

The BIGGEST deal is that is made many states change their laws in regards to domestic violence crimes. Like:


a) spousal and date rape are now a more important crime


b) Stalking is a crime


c) You cannot make a rape victim take a lie detector test (Yes some places actually DID this)

In April of 2012 the senate passed a VAWA reauthorization act that included new laws to protect women on college campuses, protect women who lived on tribal reservations, nondiscrimination language for members of the LGBT and provided safety for immigrants who didn’t want to come forward for fear of deportation. After this was passed the House passed a bill that took away these new protections as well and other protections that already existed under VAWA. (Can we say utter bull shit?)

And now as of January 2013 VAWA was not reauthorized, which means funding to the groups and departments that help prevent domestic violence and create awareness will dwindle. The bill provided 600 million dollars alone for shelters, counseling and police training to assist victims.

Now it doesn’t mean that the good the law has done ends, it just means the programs that rely on it are now under stress to come up with funds to keep them going. It also means that certain tides can start to change, back to the way they were prior to 1994. 200,000 people will now lose the help they have been getting from VAWA.

Why would conservatives do this? The bill would have given protection to over 30 million additional women. Are women supposed to think that Republicans care about them after this type of action? Rape and domestic violence are real things. They are real things that need to be addressed and that need to have laws like VAWA there to help.

Women do not deserve to be raped. I don’t care how they act, how they dress, where they hang out or even if they like to be promiscuous. When a women says no, that’s no (unless you are doing some kinky role play…consensually). I don’t know if she is your spouse or girlfriend, no sex without consent, no touching without consent, no ANYTHING without consent. And if a woman does become a victim of sexual assault then she has earned the right to be treated with dignity and respect, not called and liar and asked, “How is this YOUR fault?”

The government needs to get their acts together and reauthorize this fucking bill before things get out of hand….

No war on women? Fuck you…All I see are women being told that they have no say in what happens to themselves, without a man’s say so. The End

And on another bitchy note:

Rush Limbaugh go fuck yourself. The following statement from you just makes me even surer your mother should have killed you in womb.

You know how to stop abortion? Require that each one occur with a gun.


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  1. Wow... just wow... So when are we moving to a place that actually respects women?


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